World of Warships- Prinz Eugen- Meh

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Puddin here with a in Prinz Euguen. This is one of my favorite CAs. Uniformity this is a game . It is also one of the problems with this ship is that it is Meh.

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  1. Good game Puddin, to bad you guys lost but you can’t win them all

  2. The sad thing about the Eugen/Hipper, is they have been power creeped into oblivion. The Eugen/Hipper used to out DPM the other T8 CA, now they’ve been affected heavily by the New Orleans buff, and the Charles Martel, as well as the faster guns on the Mogami. I’ve never had a quite exciting game in either, most of the time I end up getting blapped, but the problem is, the ship just isn’t that strong anymore.

  3. I’ve had the Prinz a while, finally got around to getting the Hipper. They’re both a ton of fun, and after practicing with Prinz my cruiser game play has improved a lot lol…so by the time I got Pensacola I was much better with it than I thought I’d be :O

  4. Ah good ol’ Prince Eugene, can’t carry a potato team and historically kits away from engagements.

  5. I’m at absolute AWE for that awesome result from a Hipper clone. I hated that ship so much I almost gave up the entire German cruiserline. Your result is something I can only dream of. IMO Hipper (= Eugen) is the absolute T8 joke, and a really bad one, in whole wow’s…. I considered having an epic match in which I did 20k dmg with 100 hits!

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