World of warships – Prinz Eugen OP

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  1. Love ur vids keep it up 🙂

  2. I never watch streams but every night I do watch your Youtube vids. Congrats on 6000subs

  3. No Adler Camo? Disapointed! =)

  4. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Eugen is Hans worst nightmare And I’m sad I can’t get her any more cause reasons I need Prinz

    • I never play this ship cause I don’t think it brings that much to the table or cause there are simply more fun/better ships out there but it can get nasty. I got it for historical value tho

    • Fun fact: That Bismarck couldn’t even overmatch your bow, you could’ve straight up charged him and torped from point blank range.

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      Flambass same here Want it for history but I don’t have enough money…but now that is not in the shop, at least in EU I’m sad

  5. You should play more “underpowered” ships to show that in capable hands all ships have their strengths. Just don’t let Hans take the helm!

    • Well I said those exact words plenty of times 😉

    • streamers have to play op ships to make her look strong & good.
      thats the reason you will never see a streamer/youtuber play with useless trash ships,because this will result in subs loose and this will result on a lot of money!

  6. Katori, the most OP ship in the game lmao

  7. german cruiser AP is insane, i almost always use only AP. u can do like 2k dmg PER PEN on BBs too.

  8. Eugen/Hipper is a good deal better and more enjoyable than most people give it credit for. That being said, it does need a 1 or 2 second reload buff to put it in line with the other T8 cruisers that can way out-DPM this ship. But otherwise, it’s tanky, has a good deal of HP for a T8 cruiser, has great torp firing angles, and better AA than any other cruiser it’s tier except for, I believe, Kutuzov.

  9. Rather than saying ships are OP, maybe we should say that if Flambass took HMS Victory into a random battle, he’d have a better than even chance of winning!

  10. Keep hearing how that ship is complete turd but you as always make it look easy to play. Great job man

  11. Xavier Nabet Contini

    Flambass, would you mind publishing your music playlist? The riffs around minute 13 are amazing.

  12. Try Emerald and Aoba

  13. i also got the Prinz and I kinda like playing it. maybe because you only face 2 kinds of enemies:
    1) those that ignore you completely because they think “meh, just an Eugen” (which they regret after a couple of 8k AP salvos) or
    2) “oh look an Eugen, free damage O-O!” so they ignore all the other threats and just focus on you.
    anyways, it is not good, but not as shit as people say it is.

  14. The hipper/Eugen have the same Guns as they Hindy, just different turrets.

  15. Speaking of potatoes, the new thing is for 4 – 6 ships to all group up as a small herd of scared rabbits behind everything totally away from the action and caps.

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