World of Warships – Prinz Eugen Review – Versatile German Cruiser

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The Prinz Eugen was recently buffed and I definitely like her now, sheR;s a good, versatile German cruiser. Think if you’re looking a T8 premium cruiser, this one should definitely be on your list.


  1. Nice ship now imo

  2. aha finally

  3. TheDoubleace191

    At last! Good to see ur version of review of Prinz Eugen with heal packs! I bought her after the buff and boy what a treat!

    BTW Chase, do u think the buffs to the Hipper-Prinz sisters gave them the difference notable enough to differentiate each other?? IMO WG did a nice job with the sisters.

    • Yeah, I think they did pretty good there. Still like Eugen more because of the heal

    • TheDoubleace191

      iChaseGaming Yeah definitely agree on that. Too bad Hipper couldn’t get the heal packs being a regular T8 CA other than the Edinburgh. I really enjoyed Hipper even be4 the buffs but nowdays she’s left alone by her younger sister… 🙁

    • Dude the 11.5 seconds make her a completely new ship. I feel very nice playing her now

  4. airplanemaster1

    Jesus, Chase… It’s 10 to 2AM, what time is it where You’re at?!

    • almost 5am….X_x power went out for 10-11 hours today…had to catch up…

    • iChaseGaming that’s the reason why I have a uninterrupted power supply on the most important parts of my home IT devices ?

  5. Lovely as ever! ?????

  6. Ataga also needs Buff in Reload

    • Lucas Emanuel nope. Atago is perfectly strong VIII CA. She packs a lot more punch with each salvo, in comparison to Prinz Eugen and shouldnt have the same DPM as Mogami, which has no heal

    • the Atago has 9.1 km concealment, you can stealth fire torps with it if you want and the alpha of the guns is high. it is a quite strong cruiser, it is just that most people don’t know how to play it. but that doesn’t mean it needs a buff.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      10, 203mm guns… The burst dmg is monstrous – you have the biggest broadside. Considering typical unrivalled Japanese dispersion – you can nuke any broadsided cruiser up to 12km.

  7. Versatile: not very good at anything.

    • depends on what you mean with “not very good”. if you mean bad then you’re wrong. If you mean it doesn’t excel at anything then you totally right. German high tier cruisers are jacks of all trades and that makes them so fun to play in my opinion. you can basically deal with any situation.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Versatile: Jack of all Trades Master of none ~ is the correct description here. This is why Hindenburg is considered one of the greatest cruisers in the game, as it is so versatile.

    • Versatile means you can adapt to all kinds of situations. Less hard counters to your playstyle than other ships.

  8. *cough* power creep *cough* More proof this is WG new business model, if you do not pay to play, you will never get enough rewards without a premium ships, premium flags, premium skins, and premium time. They need to just come out and say it we are Pay 2 Win now, we left F2P a long time ago.

    • mulletbaby01 i find a steady aim will smoke most enemy ships regardless of how little or much they pay

    • “if you do not pay to play, you will never get enough rewards without a premium ships” yeah ummm duke of york? hello?

    • mulletbaby01 read your post. Correct it and the delete it. Your the person that the world does not need. Your rude and disgusting for no reason.

    • You can still win with out premium bro what!!? If you have zero patience you pay

    • Jt117 without ptrm time or ships in ranked its hard to break even much less make money.
      Thas prob what he was talking about.

  9. Thanks for the work you do.

  10. You can get it for free on EU if u didnt play the game for 1 month, then u come back and win 5x ranked battle. Active players must pay for it…do u really want to buy PE?

  11. Canada, a third world country?

    • Really? Are you serious or just joking?

      Its not one by the UN class system ( But I hate the class system because of its origin) Is is a First world country. Why are you asking?

    • none of your business

      But it is third rate. Not third world though.

  12. Prinz eugen or Atago?

    • I would vote Prinz Eugen, but I have a bit of a bias towards KM and RN ships.

    • Atago is beast. That 9.1 surface detection with a 10pt captain is awesome. One of the only cruisers that can realistically stealth-torpedo targets. (10km torpedo range.) It also has a heavy alpha-strike broadside and VERY good HE damage and fire chance, like all IJN cruisers.

      But Prinz Eugen has better HE pen, and is generally much tankier due to superior armor schemes, plus noticeably better AA even if you completely ignore all AA mods and skills. IJN AA is a bit anemic compared to other nations’ at similar tiers. German Hydroacoustic Search is amazing, and should not be ignored.

    • Think of Atago like a fat DD. Think of Eugen like a baby battleship. They play quite differently so I find so it’s not great to compare.

      – Eugen: Start with long range shelling and wait until you can find a good hole to poke through and brawl. Don’t worry about being visible as you can angle against battleship shells without much difficulty. Focus on AP use if you can.

      – Atago: Use your ridiculously good concealment to support your DDs. Use ambush tactics to utterly waste everything with your amazing torpedoes. Those same torpedoes that can actually be fired from concealment! Focus on HE use overall as it’s so damn strong. Be careful not to get focused by battleships and they can and will wreck you as your citadel is reeeally easy to hit.

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      It really is up to the tree you go for The Atago is a lot like a great HE spammer DD with slow loading CA guns The Eugen is like a mini Hindy I would go for Atago as It has better HE alpha and the AP isnt bad plus concealment The Eugen is quite difficult if you cant handle the “okaish” guns

  13. A Prinz Eugen charging and torpedoing a Bismarck… that just seems wrong.

  14. Andreas Müller

    You prnounced Eugen right … WUHU much german cheers.

  15. So I am retrying the hipper and have question. Broadside bb and cl at 14-15k range at the begging of the game. Fired 3 salvos of ap all shatters.
    What range is Hipper AP usable.

    • At any range, but you don’t want to aim at the waterline with her AP on battleships. Aim at the super structure instead. For CL I think it is more likely you were getting overpens than shatters.

    • sephirothdawn2 while I dont remember the exact numbers bur in my 3 salvos I had about 3 over pens the rest were shatters. I will try aiming hire.
      I want to enjoy the germans at hire tiers. The t5 and 6 I have alot of fun in.

  16. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Pudding!!!! Pudding for the German Reich!!!

  17. Strong recommendation: While you definitely want to keep CE on your captain, forego the concealment upgrade mod on this ship. Instead, equip Propulsion 2 and Stearing 3. Turns a normally sluggish cruiser into a very responsive one that turns quickly and accelerates quickly. The way I see it, you’ll spend the start of the battle at long range well outside your concealment range. And once you push in to brawl, you’ll be pretty much lit up continuously unless masked by island over. This ship doesn’t really do concealment that well when you compare to, say, the Atago.

    For my captain build, shared with Hindy:
    1) PT, PM, EL
    2) AR
    3) SI, DE
    4) CE, AFT

  18. I had her before the buff and she was good then. Now she’s amazing.

  19. You can also citadel slightly angled cruisers. I had multiple citadel volleys on a Graf Spee that was angled about 20 degrees or so at around 10km.

  20. Fancy a Bev Mate?

    Atago is way way better in every sense. This still needs love, worse he, worse torps, worse camo, worse ship handling, worse dpm etc etc.

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