World of Warships – Prinz Rupprecht Brutal Rank Flank

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Played some Silver Rank on NA and had this wonderful game in Prinz Rupprecht. Everything we do well was on display this game and discuss what I was looking for to unlock our success. Hope you enjoyed the video and have a wonderful day!

Tier 9 German Battlecruiser Prinz Rupprecht Replay


  1. One of my favourite ships, i have so much success with this ship and less with the schlieffen. but i run mine fullsecondaries, in most matches my secondaries are like.. half my damage output and i easily post 100k + per game in it.

  2. Dang! That’s a GG mate!

  3. Fast Pommern tier9 with 9km torps fun ship for brawl is here!!!! We needed!!! GG Notser!!!

  4. Stefaan Lambrecht

    EU server ranked I stick to DD play you have more control over the outcome of the battle. When I am in a BB sometimes the round is lost before firing my first salvo.

  5. “27 THOUSAND base XP”.
    Impressive indeed.

  6. I would trade aiming mod 1 with secondary aiming mod

  7. Well played, Notser!

  8. You get more fires with IFHE than with HE because you get so many more penetrations. No pens no fires and the thickness of armour increases rapidly with the angle.

    • Fires can definitely occur as a result of a non-penetrating hit, although I’m uncertain if it affects the likelyhood of a fire occurring.

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