World of Warships- Prinz Rupprecht First Impressions

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Hey guys! Today we have the new Tier IX German Battlecruiser Prinz Rupprecht in port to review! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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0:00 Channel Intro
0:05 Ship Intro
3:27 Ships Stats and Armor
8:20 Consumables
8:39 Captain and Module Build
12:13 Gameplay and Review
22:57 Closing Thoughts


  1. Looking at all other german Ships with torps, I have to ask: Where did they find these longrange torps?

  2. Honey Springs Homestead

    Looking like it will be a good line to run once it’s out. Thank you for the video, now I get to go to work with a smile.

  3. you need ifhe and replace close quarter with concealement.concealement is the best diffence if they can t see you they will not fire in your direction

  4. Old Guy Gaming Network

    LOL All I can think about is the movie Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and Prince Rupprecht hilariously played by Steve Martin.

  5. Wow. This is really hopeful and definitely the right direction to be going in! WG deserves some credit for getting this patch right.

  6. Sriram Bharadhwaj

    Im racing through the minsk to get khaba before wargaming axes it from the tech tree so that i can have a free tier 10 premium

  7. Honestly, I’d take out the -10% reload when in sec range and rather use CE or FP. Former should actually reduce detection distance enough that whatever detects you already is pretty much in secondary range, latter is useful with the reduced repairs and fast damecon, you really want fewer fires. 10% reduced reload at short range is cool, but you dumped already so much in secondaries, the main battery won’t become much better without other investment.

  8. Good video! Feel like updating your description of skill names would be better for newer players. I mean, how many years has it been since Grease the gears was called ‘MLG Turrets’

  9. I hope we get a review of the whole line I’M SO EXCITED!

  10. Definitely the right direction here with this line by WG. Both the ships and the way to obtain them. Player base should give positive feedback here, even WG could use some positive reinforcement when they make good choices.

  11. Cool video. But did anybody realized that now we have 2 early access events going on side by side? I was saving up free xp for the Nakhimov, and I am bit disappointed that I have to wait to mid to late november to get her. I know it was written on the WoWs news site, but I was not expecting this since I never tought that they would run two early access events at one time.

  12. You know the game is weird when you have “german” and “inaccurate” in the same sentence, while along with the british they were the most accurate ships on the sea lol, along with some impressive world record shots.

  13. Dispersion looks good, why no range module?

  14. This ship sounds like Agir basically. That just so happens to be my favorite ship so I’m gonna consider this one.

    • Only that it has waaaaaay better secondarys, main battery, armor and more useful torps 😀 I already got it, too, really fun to play^^

  15. If you take concealment the detectability range is around 500 M give or take from secondary

  16. “very, very, very much nice…”. Don’t you just love it?

  17. Now just give siegfried these secondary’s.

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