World of Warships – Profit Motive

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In which the USS Annapolis scores a quarter of a million damage with a 40% credit booster and a premium account… and turns a profit! What dark sorcery is this?

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  1. I see profit motive and instantly know it’s an American ship

    • My profit ship for creds is my Jean Bart lol

    • @tempestofruin I love my JB. haven’t played in months though. been playing other things. However. I have the base reload down to 22.7 seconds. which, also affects the reload booster speed. hit that and she’s scary. I take her in to smoke screens to hunt DD’s *grin*

  2. nothing like a jingles vid to get on with the day

  3. Yamagiri is a Shimakaze (with 6 torps per rack) that can switch torps mid-match and also has burst fire on its guns.

  4. Just to add to your commentary: If you have blue or red credit boosters on and do at least a 2k bxp game you can easily make 500k profit (with premium account of course). Meaning if you PAY for your redboosters or grind out / buy the blue ones, then you are sorted.

  5. Yes 5177 credits profit without a premium account, pls don’t ever change. Love your videos

  6. Actually, Jingles: that 5177 is the experience earned, not profit. The actual amount was just shy of 74k.

  7. Jingles: “full tier 10 game”
    Tier 9s on both teams: exist
    Never change Jingles, never change

  8. Jingles, I can tell you from personal experience, the DM AA cannot hold a candle to that of Annapolis. Not even close.

  9. Jingles, remember that 311.9k “profit” in credits is indirectly used to refund the signals used on the ship. And if he was just running the fire chance signals with the detonation one, the game would still be a net loss of credits by a couple of hundred thousands.

  10. Not only are the super ships in the t11 slot on the tech tree, but when you use the survivability expert captain skill, you get 11 stacks of the hp boost

  11. Wow. That double strike was one of the most impressive things I’ve seen so far in this game. 100k dmg and two kills in 26 seconds.

  12. I like watching Jingles vids they remind me everytime why i stopped playing this game

  13. ugh…Annapolis is probably the single most overpowered mone-cv-ship in the entire game. If they had kept her at the longer base reload with the tripple burst, it had at the start, it would be “somewhat” allright. But having the same reload as Desmo, while getting this utterly redicolous armor layout (spaced armor and a citadel that is basically impossible to hit through the nose), one turret more and this hillariously broken concealment, make it – from my point of view – unacceptable.
    So even though i suspect our Gnome Overlord might use this as basis for a rant against superships and wargaming in general, i do the little protest thing i can do and will not watch this video.

  14. Despite all the barriers to get these ships, the number of very bad players in Superships is very scary at this moment. These ships in hands of competent players really make a difference, but in the hands of potatoes they are just XP pinatas to help the enemy team. The number of blow out matches went up a lot since these things are in the game (90% of T10 games has 5 of them each side…). Match making decides more than ever the outcome of a game at the start and that is very bad.

  15. I had 4 x T11 in my last two games, and one of them was a CV.

  16. It seems that the Annapolis’s front turrets are easier to disable and destroy with enemy fire as compared with my Des Moines front turret. Annapolis gets a “Beast Fire” mode.

  17. Not just that MM treats them as T11, you can’t div a T9 with a Supership because to quote MM “div ships can’t be more than one Tier apart”
    The biggest weakness is the same the Buffalo has, you get tempted a lot harder to bring those rear turrets into play when you really shouldn’t.

  18. It’s amazing how servers not named ASIA have these kinds of gameplays where the team’s BBs and cruisers actually push together allowing for fun gameplay and not just staying at 8-10 line and “kiting” (incorrectly).

  19. Ironically, Annapolis is the only T11 I possess. And use sparingly!!

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