World of Warships – Prolonging the Inevitable

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Find myself in a losing game and I try my best to bring any success to the team that remains. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier IX Replay


  1. Notser, that’s most of my game experience in wows

  2. Should’ve done the Asia server meta, BB push caps when others don’t

    At least I do and it works rather well

    • they are either camping at the very back of fighting over poi poi poi

    • BBs on Asia are crazy, I just have a game on Fault Line where 5 mins in 2 of the enemy BBs pushed through the middle of the map and went for our CV in our spawn.

  3. evenly match ship type doesn’t matter, whice side have more radar&gunboat higher chance to win

    • That and which side has the better DDs and BBs. If DDs don’t know how to deal with radar = loss due to no capping. If BBs camp at the back and/or don’t know how to tank/position = loss due to cruisers not being effective.

      Honestly, just a few DD/cruiser/BB players having a vague concept of how the game works can turn a game around. Far too often, I find myself pushing caps in a cruiser to help DDs, because BBs don’t. Similarly, I often find myself fighting a CV and enemy DDs alone in a DD… I recently unlucked the Shimakaze (fucking hated playing the jap DDs) , my first 2 matches, I ended up solo gunning down gearings and German DDs, because friendlies refused to follow… I’m a good player, but even I can’t turn a turd into a frosted cake.

  4. Is it me or every new line always have slightly better stat on paper ?

    • How do you mean? French BB line has obvious strengths (speed, guns, AA) and obvious weaknesses (covered in 32mm armor, raised citadel, poor dispersion) on paper, which are very apparent ingame.

    • Teguh Fajar yeah Frenchies the the crap exploited out of them. Not seeing what you’re saying. Gascogne is the premium and most reviewers say it’s not worth it.
      Reviews on Republique are 3/5 negative or so. And even the best of the line: Alsace, has massive shortcomings. It’s squishy, poor range, secondaries are fast and reach but can’t hurt most high tier ships, maneuverability is decent, but bad accuracy and doesn’t have the punch to overcome heavy armor (good pen for diameter, but low diameter). They’re murder on DDs and decent on cruisers, but cruisers eat you alive. Against BBs it’s decent. I’ve not played 1 French ship so far that felt overpowered. Only the Lyon gets those moments from what I’ve seen, but the Scharnhorst and KGV are more steady performers.

      I still want to try Republique abd an working on it. I’ll probably earn Kurfurst, Republique and Conqueror around the same time and then I’ll have a better comparison to run off of, but so far Republique seems to be the squishiest and it doesn’t have a super heal or anything to make up for that except steady DPS.

    • Same with richelieu, was looking forward to the ship, but hadn’t really looked into it. It has decent secondary range, but too few secondaries to actually matter. Shell velocity makes the thing overpen almost everything but flat broadside BBs. AA is great, but honestly, NC is better overall… shell velocity also makes the guns all but useless against bow-on BBs, unlike NC which lobs shells into the superstructure. And as said, 203mm HE eats it alive.

    • DaKillerChipmunk yes, this. The Richelieu was the lusty rockstar I wanted desperately… then I played it… probably worst t8 anything in the game. Pathetic DPS from everything, horrible accuracy.

      Yes, it’s a great nose tanker, but like you said it over pens SO much, if you ever even hit it, it’s range is pure gambling as it can shoot as far as a yamato, but is HORRIBLY inaccurate.
      I’ve actually over penned a BB with the Richelieu despite the fact it can’t nose-pen anything not below it, while cruisers will eat you for breakfast.

      To me, the only way to make this ship worth it is to speed up reload or improve accuracy, or both a little.
      It’s one of the most gorgeous ships in the game, but I regret to admit I sold it to outfit my alsace.

    • To be fair, I only play BBs to grind through a tech tree or need it for missions, but the Richelieu is almost as frustrating to play as the Friedrich was.

      It needs an accuracy buff. Not reload, let the Germans fire faster, that’s fine. The ridiculous range is also completely unnecessary, nerf it to 20km and improve its accuracy.

  5. You can’t get the cap when enemy running radar on you. At least you recognized that and attack the radar ship for your DD. Cruiser support is essential. If you have week cruiser players then it’s hard to do anything.

  6. I Dont know what it is at the moment , whether it is just the mission/campaign system or something else but the over all quality of games ive been getting recently ( since about Christmas ) has been awe full . o have 1000’s of hours in the game and most line i have gone all the way up but just recently its so bad i just cant find the motivation to play the game any more

  7. “Destroyè Pulverisè!” (…or something) Never gets tired of hearing it 🙂

  8. Mike Kraner-Henthorn

    that is most of my games, i’m backing up the DDs with a cruiser and all the BBs are hiding behind a rock where they cant fire.

    only i don’t have your skills at this game so we just lose badly. lol

  9. Sometimes there just isn’t anything (legal) you can do to carry the team.

  10. Lots of comments blaming BBs. Sorry but if DDs refuse to at least contest caps you arnt going to win.

    • wow do have DDs set up for scouting and shooting, that build doesnt lend itself to cap pushing, makes it hard, but face it if you see a gun boat DD he shouldnt cap but instead scout and spot

    • Its shit because cancer radar and high tier hydro and bb/cruiser planes makes playing dd in front of fleet next to impossible and you can forget capping if cancer ships in enemy fleet.

    • Your not wrong radar has become so cancer. The worst part is the salt u get for playing it smart and not suicide capping(especially from spawn camping BBabies) lol. The only DD i feel comfortable capping in is germans, even then rushing a cap in the first 2 min of a game is just not smart anymore most of the time unless u have competent support(good luck with that haha)

    • i play the Russians and can still scout out in front of the fleet very well, im always spotted so radar, hydro, planes dont matter at all, i play a very run and gun offence. but as such being a DD without any stealth upgrades i am a late game capper

    • @ivan buncic the russians dont use CE at all, doesnt help enough to be worth the points, its all rudder shift and AFT/BFT/DE

  11. Good game, some loss are more “enjoyable” that some meh victories

  12. This is pretty much every high tier match I see these days, which is a major problem with this game and has been for a while. If you think this is bad wait until the Asashio drops into the store

  13. Fun and engaging

  14. oddball 76 Gaming

    Hi Notser. I have just got my North Carolina and I’m finding it so hard to get used to her guns and where i need to aim and go and all I get is shouted out in chat and told I’m crap! I used to play the game a lot but I have been on it now and then now but I am scared to go out in my new ship because I get so much crap!! I always try to help my team mates out and I fire and miss a lot so I have been going in closer and trying to get hits on them but the commuity is not been very helpful to me and thats a shame. I don’t know what all the ships have on them but I do go for DDs and Cruiser ship first as I know there top of the kill list!
    We are all trying to learn and have fun on a game we all love so please remember we are not all gods on the sea like you guys are. It would be good to get some better players to try and give some helpful tips as the game is going on. Then I might do better in the next game. Thanks for the awsome content. I watch you so I might get better at the game!!

    • oddball 76 Gaming

      William Hanson Thanks for saying so. o7

    • Don’t let those who care only about their win rate get you down, as long as you are trying to get better you have nothing to be ashamed of. I’m experienced at the game and I also just got the NC and it is tough to get the hang of. She is best at mid range. Don’t give broadside to any BB or you will get deleted. She has poor rudder shift and her secondaries are nothing to write home about so she really isn’t a brawler. You have to give a bit more lead than you think, and your excellent dispersion allows you to exploit broadsides. Try to stay close to your team as being alone is really asking to die. Hope that is helpful stick in there.

    • oddball 76 Gaming

      Nicolas Ledo Thanks and it is very helpful to me. I have been trying her out tonght a bit and picked up teamkiller status lol but I will keep playing her and I can’t wait to get use to her and the new maps I find myself on to :). Have a good day and keep being awsome to others! o7.

    • Ignore the haters as much as you can, if you support the team’s effort to take a objective or assist with a 2v1 or 1v1 then you are doing a good job. I’m sorry players are being rude to you, it is not how I want this community to communicate

    • oddball 76 Gaming

      Thanks for the reply Notser. I will keep playing. I just wanted to stick up for the players who are trying to learn the game as a higher tier because its a lot different in tier 8 and the maps are too. Going agaist tier 10 ships is scary where one wrong turn can end you :). I play better most of the time in the lower tier ship so I have learned some good basic of playing but I don’t just play this game. It’s not my main game. I hope you can remind other top tier players that us bad players as we are named don’t do it to upset or make you lose. We are just trying to have fun and learn. I love to win games too. Keep up the great work!

  15. Hey @Notser , do karma numbers dictate who you see in battle? The only reason i ask, when i was in the high 30s, i was seeing you, fem, zoup and others. Now that im in the low 10s, im seeing side strafe, jingles.

  16. Tired to see DDS flanking caps and try to farm huge damage, does’nt matter if win or lose the game. this is stupid.

  17. usuall stuff avg teamate dies before you spot first enemy 😀 😀 and you are like… how? how?

  18. 2:59 – *PPAP*


  20. AntlanticStrawberry


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