World of Warships – Prophet of the middle

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I had this map 3 times in 1 day and while 1st 2 attempts went pretty bad for me personally I think we won all of them. However, I could not let it go, I had to have a good one on my own damn map.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. This’ll be interesting
    Edit: looks like he got some good guesses in this game

  2. Booyaah, right up the guts

  3. The way he bobs his head around reminds me of a pidgeon!

  4. 4:30 “we got to be vewwy vewwy quiet…” 😀

  5. Alright let me get my popcorn… I’m betting the are some really SpEsHUl moments coming up

  6. Am I the only one that got deja-vu in the middle of the game, when he was chased by that Jean Bart? It was in speshul clickbait compilation, wasn´t it? 😀

  7. 12:19 Buffalo corpes took a torpedo, not while he was alive.

  8. I can’t even hate you for being that cocky cuz you’re really that damn good lol

  9. 2 brothers…. The anus of WOW.

  10. @flambass I really like your vids, but you gotta fix that transparency 🙂

  11. “It’s a good day to die” Chief Dan George, in Outlaw Jossie Wales [Or however it’s spelled]

  12. You’ve always loved the middle of things.

  13. Some mothertruckers are always trying to ice skate uphill.

  14. “It’s a good day to die” might sound like the Goliath voice because that was voiced by Michael Dorn – the guy who played Worf in ST:TNG.

  15. Saw a gif of a Klingon who i’m sure if i think hard i remember his name saying Qapla. I believe it’s General Martok. Then you see Today is a good day today, which is a Klingon quote. And Flambass: that sounds like SC1 😂

  16. “Its a good day to die”is a Klingon Phrase(but historicaly Japanese)

  17. Amazing how that skinny little body can hold up such a big head .

  18. “Today is a good day to die” is an old sentence currently very associated with the movie “Flatliners”. That movie is kind of crazy.

  19. “warning shots!”

  20. Warf says “Today IS a good day to Die!” Star Trek

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