World of warships – Protect Jingles

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  1. Awesome 🙂

  2. Finally, the WoWS dream team has arrived!!

  3. Wow Jingles survived!. do you know how rare that is? gj Jingles, see your not always crap 😛

  4. Hanz und Mingles should play one random game !

  5. There is a rumour that you are actually Jingles’ love child from a visit he made to Split whilst serving in the Royal Navy. :-p

    • Hell if he is in Split he could be my love child from one of the three times we pulled in there! Loved Split by the way.

  6. I see Flambass. I see Jingles. I click.

  7. Another hilarious vid thumbsup

  8. John Chucky Tomlinson

    Wow, my first time watching WOW, it was a jingles re-play.. and, guest who the replay was!! u got it!! Flambass.. My two favorites together, CAN’T ASK FOR ANYTHING MORE!!!🚢

  9. Flambass what server are you

  10. Nice 🙂 Jingles old sailor .. 🙂

  11. PlainStupidThings

    Would love more collab videos with u and Jingles!

  12. No jingles-landing? Im surprised. Still fun 🙂

  13. That was ridiculous fun!!!!!

  14. I just subbed because while you are AWESOME Flambass, Jingles is my Mighty Gnome Overlord . . . That was fun to watch. I might even become good enough to run with you guys . . . probably not but love the game anyways 🙂 Good times “and as always, I’ll catch ya later”

  15. As i said before.. jingles sent me.. so i gotta see this sh*t 😀

  16. So many sexual innuendos in one video. Lol

  17. So the Gnome finally submerged from subnautica? Hope you looked after him well, you know how fragile old aged Gnomes are……..

  18. Have you ever tried to do mode where in one team you had 12 low tier DD (T3-T4) and in the other team they had 2-3 T10 BBs and well… chaos await because up till now idk how to balance it lol

  19. im not sure what is going on, but its pretty funny.

  20. “The Smith’s reload is like 20 seconds” No Jingles… Its 10…

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