World of Warships – ProTips in 3 – Minimap and Waypoint Usage as Carriers

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Welcome to Episode 3 of ProTips in 3 minutes, this episode provides some tips minimap and waypoint usage as a carrier. Watch as I use the minimap and waypoints to keep a destroyer spotted, while engaged in bombing of a Tirpitz. Hope this tip helps! Enjoy 🙂

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  1. Hey iChase, Catastr0phic here.. Was glad I got to play in a match with ya.
    Epic player!

  2. Hey Chase, I love the idea of these short tip videos. Can you do one on
    scout planes and what the difference is between a fighter scout and a
    regular scout? I know scouts extend shooting range, but could you comment
    on if they increase spotting distance? Do fighter scouts spot ships as well
    as shoot down planes? And when is the best time to launch a scout? I see so
    many people popping them off at the beginning of the battle. They might not
    know how to use them properly. Thanks!

  3. It would be so nice if more CV players learned that their returning
    aircraft are not useless

  4. jared angel nolasco angeles

    Ichase cual elijo los portaaviones americanos o los caponeses

  5. I never know if I’m glad you are teaching this or that I hate you for it.
    I’ll give you a like purely on the fainest of hopes that my CV players will
    be something other than completely useless.

  6. more more more

  7. So are carriers like the most hated class? Like arty in WoT OP and everyone
    hates em?

  8. So is it better to manual drop with bombers or auto drop? What’s more
    reliable, I know manual is more accurate but because of that its really
    easy to miss also. For torpedoes I think manual is the only way to go
    unless sinking.

    Yeah keeping ships spotted for your team especially DDs just lets cruisers
    liquefy them

  9. very informative. thanks

  10. I love being able to order planes around on the minimap. Very useful for
    doing what you pretty much just did.

    Also, do you have any idea what happened to the Saipan? I get the March
    technically isn’t over… but there is now only two days (excluding today)

  11. I play Japanese cv and it becomes hard to keep track of squadrons on the
    minimap. I have to constantly cycle through squadrons to find where they
    are. Is there a mod to help identify which squadron is which on the

  12. As a Shim driver, I ask you something..
    PLEASE delete this video. NO ONE should know how to do this… STAY AWAY !

  13. Yeah I feel like everybody should micro their ass off while playing CV
    otherwise you’ll end up being useless and get flamed by team. I really
    stepped my game up in my Ranger recently and now I get 80k dmgs and annoy
    dds to death :)

  14. Dont think the whole criss cross waypoints are even needed, its not like
    you need to be on top of it to spot it, its useful only if the dd uses
    smoke, otherwise it ll be spotted.Anyway the cv captains know they need to
    spot, its not like we dont tell em every time, they just ignore us ;p But
    its ok, I spot when in a cv.;)

  15. Find it annoying that a dd can’t really do much about a squadron flying
    above. Had one squad flying above me for half the game shot down 2 planes.
    Maybe the AA could have some buff overtime. Longer they are under fire the
    more accurate fire gets so more damage done. This to give some destroyers a
    change. After minute aa power goes up.

  16. hehe pretty clever ichase ;-)

  17. just hope all CV players no matter playing air superiority or 0XX config
    know to scout ….

    offtopic: haven’t expected that even those annoying white boxes in the chat
    also appear in NA server….

  18. The only way to warp your camera around is by using your squadrons and
    ship, right? You can’t just go to a spot on the map like you can with arty
    in WoT.

  19. All my years of playing StarCraft paid off. XD.

  20. hi ichasegaming is the midway worth getting or is the Hakuryu better I have
    both tier 8 carriers at the moment but not sure which tier 10 is best to go

  21. just made 150 k damage with a bogue….21 trop hit 6 kills…

  22. christopher tucker

    this seems so intuitive and yet carriers captains don’t do it :(

  23. Question: What the Tirpitz could do to avoid some of you torpedoes. He turn
    away from you yet you readjust and hit will all torps. Does he mess up?
    Could he stop turning and turn on his starboard? Or it’s to be expect from
    a pro CV player.

    And yes I realize that I comment out of topic of the video again lol.

  24. No more Warships for me for 6 weeks. I done fucked up bad; I broke my right
    Humerus in 3 spots. Probably gonna require surgery. So.. You all need to
    kick some butt for me.

  25. o.O

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