World of Warships – PSA Commander Retrain with Elite XP

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Public Service Announcement to help those retrain their commanders without wasting credits, doubloons, or time. I hope this is helpful and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Nation Class Ship Replay


  1. use the 200k credits anyways, they are “cheaper” than the elite XP

  2. Sooo…. Notser pulled a tactical thinking Notser…. Pretty sure 99.9999999% of players knew about this by reading the patch notes lol Poor Notser, just cant get away from pulling those Notsers.

  3. If only I actually had a 19pt captain to generate elite XP…

  4. short question im not sure but im consediring buying the friedrich but i dont want to make a new commander so if i use my bismarck commander can i move him back to bismarck without retraining if i want to use my bismarck again? because he learned the bismarck so he should be able to switch back anytime right?

  5. Thank you Notser, no idea I could do that!!!

  6. I’d love to see the numbers of non press accounts that actually have 19pt commanders.

  7. the problem with this is that it’s very hard to get to a 19points commander

    i play without premium so it’s very slow also must manage my flag and camo use as well

    all in all not paying money it’s gonna be slow and hard lol

  8. Thanks for the video and the information.
    Regarding the most important thing: “fun” really Notser, “fun”?
    What happened to “winning”? “Winning” is yuuge!

  9. 4:17 what you have premium ships Katori and Okhotnik?

  10. Step 1: Get a 19 pt Captain
    See you in 3 months

  11. Not many ppl know that, but you can retrain your comander for free or 50% and then put it in a premium ship that can accomodate him and he will have fully functional skills while in that ship. Play him on that ship untill he gets enough xp and woila! -you have retrained commander without using dubloon or free xp.
    Example: I have a skilled commander in my omaha. I retrain him for free to cleveland. So his skills are 50% effective or dissabled entirely. So I put him in an Atlanta. And in Atlanta his skills are 100% effective. Play a bit like that untill his xp gets 100% -and you have a nice cleveland commander. 🙂 Cheers

  12. yep totally relevant to the thousands of people who have 19 point captains and 100k s of elite xp….they surely not know about this…and the others wont ever get there anyway…:p

  13. 19point capt….. ughhh… this video is for hard core gamer

  14. bwray71, hey man thanks for the vids i did not know this either, thanks for the vids i learn a lot from you, 3 videos a day! lol later man

  15. Speaking of new Soviet destroyers, I saw how captains will be handled. Does anybody have a clue how premium camos will be handled ? Let’s say I have premium camo on the Ognevoi. The ship moves to tier 8 alternate line. What happens with the camo ? Does the Ognevoi keep it ? Tier 6 and tier 8 camos are different and cost differently. Will it be transferred to the new tier 6 ?

    In theory, best case I could get 2 premium camo ships for 1000d …

  16. notser what do you think of the addition of the tier 8 italian premium battleship Roma?

  17. what ever you do don’t waste your gold use credits if you must but i just play a few games of co op and retrain for free

  18. 1. What was the background music you had, Notser?
    2. Can I train halfway width 200k credits, then train the rest of the way with elite commander/free experience?

  19. 3歲就知道的舊消息, 無聊

  20. for high poin captains, like 9-10 points I use the 200k credits and then some of my Elite XP. turns it into like 45k

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