World of Warships – PSA Minimap Ship Listing

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Public Service Announcement to get people to consider using ship names on their minimap. 0.6.2 added a baseline option to display ship names, the game just gives the information freely without requiring visual confirmation. I think this means it is a required setting you need to turn on for competition. Hope this is helpful and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Replay


  1. AirsoftSniper 023


  2. ChessieSystem CSX

    This useful tip has been provided by Notser Industries, a subsidiary or Wargaming. Lol, srry

  3. Hi Notser! I wanted to add my $0.02. This is probably because of the way the game renders ships. Each ship is rather large texture file to render in game, which the game doesn’t do at the start, BUT ONLY when it travels inside of your render range. However, to render a ship on the minimap is a tiny amount of rendering.

    This has happened (the ship rendering on the minimap before in game) for a long time. Besides hard spotting someone, even using radar, you can lose 2-3 seconds simply because the game hasn’t rendered the ship yet. Perhaps knowing what the ship is a couple seconds before you see it is broken, that’s a matter of opinion I feel. I just wanted to add a clarification. Keep up the good work notser!

  4. Broken ass feature. Thanks Wargaming.

    This explains why I had been getting spotted, a second or two earlier by enemies, when sneaking around islands in the past. Mods + Wargaming fail.

  5. Wargaming is quickly taking away my reasons for running any mods. I really like knowing what ship is what, so I’m using two mods that help me. I have a mod that shows the name of the ship along with the silhouette . I can only identify a few classes from their profile. Having the name of the ship is nice. I also have ship names enabled in chat. Now, when someone types something like “scouting A,” I know what’s heading out to do the scouting without having to look up above to see exactly what ship is heading out.

    The only other mod I use is iChase’s fault, because he showed it off. I like the navigator. The one thing I still struggle with while playing the game is when a ship is nearly, but not quite, broadside to me. It’s hard for me to distinguish if the ship is angled in slightly or angled away. That slight difference in angle makes a big difference when you’re shooting 10–15 km away. If I get it right, it can be one or more citadels. If I get it wrong, nothing but splashes. I’ll just blame my old eyes for it, but that small perspective shift is hard for me to distinguish. I guess that’s why they put the young guys up in the crow’s nest to be the spotter.

  6. I like this – many a time I know there’s a DD ahead, just out of sight, and the other enemy DD is spotted at the other end of the map (outside render range). It’s a chore to get a good answer if you try to ask which DD has been spotted – and I’d really like to know if I’m going into a gun fight against a Fletcher or Kagero!!!

  7. The name doesn’t add anything new. The symbols on the map always appeared a second or two before you could see the ship through the sights, mod or not. Even the target lock works before you can see the ship. I turn my guns as soon as a ship appears on the map and not when it appears on screen.

  8. The only problem with the ship names is that the ship names are abbreviated….which isn’t so pretty really.

  9. TheGuardianofAzarath

    Honestly i don’t really see the point here, I mean, if you have any brains, you’re gonna have the alt interface on anyway, and that tells you what ships are in your detection range, as it has their names over them. This is just cluttering up the minimap, and when ships are close together, it’s impossible to make out the names anyway.

  10. i find having it turned on all the time clutters the mini map but you can pop it on and off when you want to see what ship is where

  11. soviet DD citadel my hipper with HE shell

  12. I am looking for good american CA, DD, BB build. Any suggestions?

  13. Thank you Notser, I completely forgot this was in the patch notes! I don’t like how cluttered the minimap is becoming, sometimes I feel it actually makes it a bit harder to parse, like at the start when most of the ships were all cluttered up some of the ones in the middle of the icon and text mess were a bit obscured by everything. Maybe they should work on the visibility of everything? Better lay out the text so they don’t overlap, use a different color for text so it doesn’t mix up with the ship icons, make it a bit more transparent even so you can actually tell what class of ship is in there without having to read the name below, assuming you can at that time?

  14. Really enjoy the videos and great tip about adding ship details to mini map. One thing I haven’t worked out yet is how to make the mini map bigger. I just can’t seem to make the plus and minus symbols in game do anything!!

  15. when you say listing, i thought that they added completelly different thing

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