World of Warships – PTS 6.15 Operation Narai

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Tried out the Operation on the PTS, it ended up being pretty cool for a . I discuss Narai, Hamburg port, and ship horns. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VII Destroyer Maass Replay


  1. It’s Nagai not Narai

  2. 0:47 – Ship porns

  3. So an operation where you casually commit war crimes? I mean, shooting at unarmed, fleeing transport ships is pretty dark.

    • DysphoricSmile Well, iirc some of them are asset from the Dunkirk Scenario. So yes, WG just reuse them whitout tweaking. 😉

    • if you note the “Civil” marked ships, none of them have guns. however if they are carrying war supplies they are fair game

    • vexonica 02 these particular ships are classed as civil vessels. You can see they are unarmed and painted differently. Of course we can’t tell their cargo but they are unarmed civil vessels fleeing combat and you are told to gun them down. Can you say War crime?

    • Shooting at hospital ships and Liners is considered war crimes. Shooting transports carrying munitions and supplies for the troops completely warranted.

    • Look up the “Victory” class transport and tell me how many 127s it had…

  4. So are we going to get novelty horns like “La Cucaracha” and “Dixie”? I want an olde tyme car horn: A-OOGA!

  5. 10:38 That looks more like Japanese to me. Can’t read the first character, but the second says ‘fune’ for ship and the last two together are ‘sekai’ meaning world. So, we all can guess what’s written there.

    • Nah. It’s simplified (Mainland) Chinese for Battleship World. The two characters at the end are the same in both Pinyin and Simplified Chinese and in Japanese for world. But the first two characters for battleship are Simplified Chinese ones.

    • Indy TLR Well, that would explain why I didn’t find the translation for the 1st character. 😉

  6. Can we have pan paka pan horn?

  7. yeah … at least a new t7 scenario for my atlanta 😀

  8. it makes me happy that they’re putting in effort to introduce stuff for those of us who hate PvP. it’s the only reason I’ve stuck around with WoWs since the closed beta. I don’t have to deal with as much of the toxic community. People still get mad in Co-op and scenarios, true, but I’ve found people are more receptive to having fun on that side of the game.

    • I play a lot of both coop and pvp. And I have to say that it’s rather obnoxious of you to claim that people who play pvp aren’t interested in having fun. What I’ve found is that the people who proclaim that they “only play for fun” are really saying that they just want an excuse to say they play to do stupid shit and selfishly ruin the competitive experience for everyone else. And BTW, people who enjoy competing are not anti-fun. It’s just that their definition of fun in a competitive game is playing to compete because competing is what they find fun.

    • you know how to get better at something? challenge yourself and learn to overcome. 7k+ games worth should do it

    • crucisnh i didn’t say they weren’t interested, I said less receptive. But thank you for being a perfect example of the toxicity of the community.

    • silent555 where did I say I wasn’t interested in getting better? I said I don’t find PvP fun. That’s it. 3.5K matches under my belt so far.

  9. A customizable horn would be nice. I would be rocking the Homer Simpson ‘Doh!’

  10. Bartolome Gutierritos

    I need a POI horn.

  11. Use of the horn should increase your detection range for a few seconds, perhaps by 50% or so. That could help prevent spamming annoyances.

  12. fuck the ports I want more new maps

  13. Ship horns are available for all ships when 6.15 drops. Each will sound a little different. Only on the test server do you get Santa HoHoHoing.

    • Bill Walker yeah I thought that was pretty obvious but Notser just wants to over complicate things as always and blame it on WG

  14. Fun fact about the horns, they’re for the most part not horns, but whistles. Also new signaling options

  15. Inb4 ship horns become the WoWS equivalent of hats in TF2…

  16. ships have whistles not horns WG lol

  17. Remember the CANT!!!

  18. How do we find/do operations I’m new to the game

  19. Look like the whole red green balance has changed the red on the map is much sharper too not just the torps.

  20. Ship horns while in combat is pretty stupid.

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