World of Warships – PTS 7.10 Halloween 2018

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Tested the new Halloween 2018 Operation on the 7.10 PTS, we get to control submarines for the first time in World of Warships. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time! – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. Wonder if there will be a premium with mines

  2. a lot of people want them but are afraid wg can’t balance them. I love what they have done with CV’s but subs are a lot more complex. Props to Wg for making this event

    • ABCSMURF Submarine combat in Battlestations pacific is great. I think World of warships is abit too fast paced for submarines(if they are doing a historically accurate thing).

    • Yeah ww2 uboats went like 8 knots underwater or something. They were essentially surface boats that could go under water if they needed to. It wouldn’t be too bad if diving was like smoke on a DD though I think.

    • Balance is easy , in real life subs in the WW1 and 2 era , were actually pretty delicate when it came to taking a hit , not to mention , being spotted by air was a constant problem . Good stealth , bad HP , slow under water , limited time under water . A U Boat captain had to be very , very , very careful if he wanted to make it home . Greatest losses of subs in WW2 , by far , were from air attack . Just like in real life , being good at a sub, will take a special kind of player .

    • Divebombers could be stupidly lethal to somebody running on the surface if they get caught out. I think if these make it to the main game (which I hope they do), I think we’ll see a dive bomber squadron that can equip depth bombs to combat submarines. The cruisers will also have far more incentive to take hydroacoustic search to detect enemy submarines, but i’m not sure if it will sway the USN CL/CAs of their defensive AA fire or radar. Some US cruisers also look like they have depth charges on the back of them.

    • Something like 2/3 of Uboat sailors died at sea. Once they developed aircraft with radar that could spot subs it was pretty much game over.

  3. Arpeggio Mod’s Intensifies

  4. What happens if you surface under a ship? Or hit the propellers? Or jam yourself between the propellers and the rudders? I have too many questions…

    If subs do come out for random battles, the first thing I’ll do is to ram a Bismarck’s rudder.

  5. I think for the AI at least the depth charges should go off at or near the depth the sub was at when they were launched. For the PVP ASW maybe have a manual and auto option? Also normal torpedoes should be able to hit subs on the surface and maybe at periscope depth (specialty for deep water torps?).

  6. did even anyone noticed that these subs are based on the hulls of the real subs? same as the halloween ships are based on the techtree ships but just have that festive facelift…i think that may indicate something

  7. Even if it doesn’t make it into the main game i’m still very much looking forward to playing these for Halloween.

  8. If we get another space game mode I hope they add space submarines something like the UX-01 dimensional submarine from space battleship yamato

  9. The turrets should fall off when those battleships are sinking

  10. Notser
    I am trying not to read too much into this but how long before submarines are incorporated into normal game play? Come on, how long? I can see me having every sub in the German line. I’m not so into the crazy camouflage and stuff but how awesome would traditional WW II subs be incorporated into random play. I am having difficulty containing my excitement. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

    • I believe it was mentioned that IF the subs left a positive impact on the community and everything else went right, then it’d take from the end of this year, to sometime next year.

    • Quin USS Requin
      Cool. Where did you hear that? There is just no way that submarines won’t have a positive impact.

  11. Ra ra Rasputin…

  12. love ya Notser but I got to poke fun at you for this: Zipper is very manuveralbe in water” So we don’t want to take our subs up on the islands, just keep them in the water… got it!

  13. It was funny when i played with you (Jelsontriniti) and then you wanted to take a closer look to the catapult and beached yourself ahahah trying to figure out how to destroy these catapults hahaha

  14. 1:14 U571 dive and 1:45

  15. Love the highlights. That highlights is much more fun than the other YouTuber.

  16. Color me unimpressed. IMHO it’s unlikely to include subs in the game. Think about all the changes they would have to make.
    But then, think of CV redesign. They have to change all CVs, obviously, but also totally rework everything AA related. So they are not afraid of big changes. Who know.
    I would love to see subs in the game, but I just don’t see how they could do them right. This Halloween version looks like fun, but it’s very much exactly how I don’t want the subs to end up in the game.

    • Emphasis on Halloween event, they are to be tested and improved and made balanced if WG wants, just know that either way we will see something come out of the submarines whether that’s a new class or a new feature(s)

      P.S. WG can see the monetary value of American, German, Soviet, and Japanese Premium Subs (and even French) so these have a slightly higher value

  17. I know your a stickler for pronunciation so Ill tell you that Seelowe is German and is pronounced like Zee-Low-uh. Its literal translation is Sea Lion.

  18. freezing torps not only knock out steering and engine… they incapacitate everything, armorment too…

  19. Hmmm didnt became clear to me weather Notser did or didnt like the new submarine gameplay… 😉

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