World of Warships – PTS 7.10 Tease Ships Updated Stats

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Sharing my thoughts on the 5 ships that were Teased on 7.10 PTS, Wargaming updated them to the version that should be tested when 7.10 goes live. Tell me which one you are interested in seeing first and hope you have a wonderful day! – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. I want to see how the Vanguard plays first. The gun performance needs to be on point to overlook that massive citadel. (The 11.1km conceal is…spicy)

  2. Notser WG also reduced AP fuse time on Vanguard to 0.0015. How do you think about that???

  3. Vanguard! Only thing I wish wows would give her normal AP AND HE.

  4. Vanguard’s citadel is ridiculous, they’ve purposely added part of her casemate to her citadel to increase its height. The green submerged bit is the actual citadel.

  5. I thought dreadnought was like 22 knots fast

    • richie thach That’s so goofy. There’s literally no purpose in reducing her speed those 3 knots. I hadn’t recalled that the Dreadnaught had few secondaries to speak of.. except whatever those little guns on the main turrets.

    • Underbird [former X8X8]

      Wargaming historal accuracy: One of the most, if not the most important battleship of all times is made slower, neglecting one of her historical advantages.
      Meanwhile, the Soviet – and other – paper navies are introduced for reasons.

    • 21 knots, yes. Why it is 19 knots in game has a perfectly rational and logic rea… oh wait. No it doesn’t.

    • richie thach — 18 knots.. because the old British Empire was huge, and the Brits interfered with some Russian stuff almost a century ago, most likely. Revenge is a dish best served cold, and old, and for centuries.. of pettiness. ?

    • The speed flag will bring it up to 20kn so… almost historical?

  6. Thats not torpedo bulge on vanguard. Thats actual armor. You can see that on all battleships and cruisers but on other ships it not part of the citadel.

  7. After all the upcoming ships are finished with reviews, you should re-review old ships that no one has really talked about in current game performance, ships like the Sims for example. Videos on this ship go back to the ye olde days of stealth fire.

  8. The only time such massive citadels should be viable on battleships is if it’s balanced by other overpowering features. Nelson’s citadel is fine as it has some very potent guns for her tier, they all swing forward, and she has a super heal … at tier 7. Yamato citadel is fine since it’s guns can citadel other battleships through the nose, lol. On the other hand, that massive citadel on Roma makes her a garbage ship (in my opinion) as her guns are wildly inaccurate and her AA non existent. On Vanguard, that citadel is simply a hard stop. 8 15″ guns firing every 28 seconds at a tier 8 is not stellar … although it would normally be balanced by her generous health and amazing AA. But if her citadel is this massive, then she can’t tank for shit. So mediocre firepower + horrible protection = money I can save to buy up other ships, lol.

    • Actually, Monarch and the soon to come Vanguard both have better. But it’s not a huge difference. Definitely agree with the turret statement, though. Roma’s turrets are proper greased up for sure. She’s a comfortable ship to play. She just has a glaring vulnerability that can be exploited. If they fix that by either dropping the citadel or making it flush against the belt, then I’m sure she’d be more reliable.

    • monarch has the best concealment for t8

    • Karl Barbosa citadel is a must have to punish stuff unless they have massive weaknesses like german line (shit horizontal protection, torp magnet, inaccurate)

    • covered in 32mm, low armour everywhere else….the citadel is just kicking it when its down. why do you think it has 71k hp. it has more than the lion

    • Many battleships have waterline citadels that can be hit without much difficulty. And that’s fine. But huge above the water citadels on battleships is not sound design given they are not cruisers and can’t simply dodge in quick, especially at high tiers with poor rudder shift times. The only time a BB should have a very exposed citadel is as a balancing element for very strong features. Yamato and Nelson would be very overpowered if it weren’t for that huge citadel. Vanguard clearly does not look like it has any of the advantages found on those ships. And apparently really poor turret angles to protect it. This ship is unsellable currently with a citadel that is clearly bigger than any other ship in the game.


  10. “AA Guns are..okay.”
    Let’s be real, WV 41’s AA suite is barely better than *Mutsu’s*, which is garbage.

  11. I frankly am more excited about the ship they are holding back: the Prinz Eitel Friedrich. Because unlike these four ships, which are undoubtedly worth buying (except the WV) the Prinz Eitel Friedrich, is a ship that I do intend to use very often.

  12. This is the most serious problem of WOWS, in reality you have to use your ship belt armour to eat incoming shells, otherwise any gun can blow your head into pieces. But in WOWS, you cannot show your belt armour.

  13. I repeat myself… EVERY older/ original ship needs to be rebalanced to the new meta. Cost, armour, concealment, consumables, all of it. It’s almost like you’re playing two different games, depending on the age of the ship you’re using. Thoughts?

    • Yup, when a game like this keeps adding new stuff, a quality of life update is required for the older assets. Instead we get another nerf on Black Swan???

    • And hoping wg would rebalance bb and retexture the old ships, some of the ships has horrible graphics or texture, while new ships has more noticeable higher quality textures.

    • Just a random Horse.

      Take my shinonome for example : A ship that’s been a reward for so long right now it makes absolutely no sense. 30 knot turn speed, it takes YEARS to turn around due to big turning circle, 9 second reload on slow traversing guns, with the only beneficial factor being torps : 1 minute and a few seconds , 9 torps. BUT. 8 km range. Where it fails horribly. It makes no sense in every single way. It can’t torp boat, it can’t gun boat. It can’t contest. It can’t do anything really, unless you get perfect tier 6 mm with no carriers and get the benefit of no radars. And with the current +2 mm, it’s close to impossible for even a I consider myself above average player to make it work *most of the time*. Rare occasions you get to do something. But ships like these need a rework badly.

    • +Just a random Horse. Yeah, I have the hardest time with this ship

  14. They need to stop this concealment power creep, BB’s and heavy cruisers with dominant values, I know they will nerf these numbers but still they are all going to be close to best in class. The Vanguard is just a joke, also just for info she was the last BB launched anywhere in the world nice to bookend with the Dreadnought.

    • It won’t take long until they launch BBs with better concealment than DDs and cruisers with triple the fire chance of BBs

  15. Alaska, Wichita, WV… I hope they at least give the WV the same paint scheme as she had at Pearl Harbor as they did for Arizona.

  16. I see that the brits decided to loan the Americans their cloaking devices

  17. Confused Blue Dragon

    To be fair, I’d probably be interested in getting West Virginia if WG had renamed it as Maryland instead of West Virginia ’41, Wichita and Dreadnought are a definite yes, Vanguard is a maybe (a full-blown yes if they get rid of that huge-ass pancake of an external citadel deck), and I think I’ll pass on the Charleston for the time being…

    I’m pretty optimistic about Vanguard’s reload and turret traverse; I was previously okay with the 30-sec reload but that new 28-sec reload makes it pretty competitive…

  18. Still upset about the name. Should have just gone with Maryland.

  19. I have to wonder if the WV concealment is a bug; if you notice, it is 12.3km in smoke. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a ship that was MORE visible firing in smoke vs open water. Vanguard looks like a steaming pile with that citadel; looking at the model it looks like the gun arcs will be awful as well forcing a captain to show a lot of side to get all 8 guns in play. Wichita looks like a nice bote, for captain training purposes if nothing else, though 8.7 conceal is amazing. Don’t really care about the St. Louis clone, Dreadnought I will wait and see how she plays.

  20. @notser HMS vanguard was THE last battleship built, (but Jean Bart was the last commissioned) not just for the RN, but for anyone I believe.

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