World of Warships – PTS Talks – Public Test Patch 0.5.7

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PTS Talks on patch 0.5.7. There has been some major changes to the upgrade modifications/modules and I go over these changes and how they might affect your gameplay. There are also some other things that have changed and I talk about those as well. If you got questions, leave them in the comments section below. Enjoy!


  1. Hello Chase,

    I’ve been thinking about the Warspite… Currently mine uses for the second
    slot the secondaries buff (+20% range -20% disspersion) which with AFT
    gives here a rather nice +7.0 km on secondaries. For the first stages of
    ranked I find this really good as there are no super long range
    torpedoes… hence if the DD is spotted, I can start harassing it.

    But with the upcoming patch you suggest for the Warspite to use the “aiming
    system modification”. Really??? The Warspite’s secondaries are being
    seriously nerfed as she looses this module (imho the whole secondaries are
    not receiving any love from WG at all excpet for Izumo and Yamato… I
    think this is a big mistake, just check that horrible T5 skill if it was
    applied on a Warspite, she’d loose a whole half of her secondaries in case
    she’d engage enemies to both sides just to have a +15% buff on accuracy for
    the remaining half firing…)

    On the other hand, and due to the drop on the secondary module, now the
    upcoming Main battery modification 2 is, imo, really usefull for the
    Warspite because she is going to loose the edge on the close quarters (or
    at least worsen the performance at 5-7 km +/-, loosing a lot of range and
    accuracy on the secondaries) and will need to put a few more main battery
    shells on target to compensate…

    So, the question is: Will I have to sell the soon-to-be “aiming system
    modification” (in replacement for the secondary battery mod 2) to buy the
    Main battery modification 2 loosing 250000 credits in the process?? (and
    not to be forgotten, sadly seing how the rather decent secondaries on the
    Warspite become useless loosing the accuracy buff, btw, on a ship whcih
    really makes good use of the secondaries as she can easily outpace her
    turret’s traverse speed when making a hard turn…)

  2. So the Warspite gets it’s 6km secondary battery build reduced ?.

  3. Hm, so no more 7.6km secondaries with tightened dispersion on my Nagato?

  4. so far i like the new upgrade, my biggest problem in my fletcher and atago
    is when one of their torpedo got blown by random enemy shell.

  5. See question on Atlanta below. Atlanta and several destroyers have duel
    purpose guns. Some ships have duel purpose secondaries (US CA and BB with
    5″ turrets). If the bonus applies to AA does that affect these guns? If
    applied to Primary does it affect these guns. If applied to secondaries
    does it apply to Atlanta’s guns and to the US secondary and British 5.5″
    secondaries? Germans have primary, secondary, and AA guns. Atlanta has
    primary/AA duel purpose and AA (40-20mm) guns. I am as confused as I sound.

  6. Please help petition no changes to be made to the map ice islands. What WG
    is doing to it is detrimental not only to game play but the game as a naval
    game in itself.

  7. i know why there are no sailors in the game…i wouldnt want to look what
    happens when the hindenburgs main batteries will fire direct front

  8. What worries me is that, despite all of the secondary buffs present, the
    Myogi is still exempt from all of them. Does WG want that ship to be bad or

  9. Playmobil piraten

  10. They have redone the Island of Ice map. I do like the layout.

  11. Post-traumatic stress talk? Is the new patch that bad?

  12. Indirect nerf to CVs and DDs with all the AA and secondaries buffs.

  13. did cv receive any changes

  14. all my magazines explode last week multible times on every ship i was
    playing with,no matter what ship i was playing with all magazines explode
    after few hits on my ships also no matter where i was hit,minekaze
    shimakaze cleveland tirpitz many many times ect.. ,on tirpitz magazin
    explodes 3 times at full hp,1 torp at my nose and ship explode,2 torps on
    my front left sides baam ship explodes again what the hell is going on with
    tirpitz & wg!!!!!
    is wg trashing wows or what!

  15. Giorgos Chatziioannou (LezantasGR34T)

    hey chase, had stopped wows for some time so did not watch your videos
    either. now that i am back i notice something different in your voice, did
    you get a new mic?

  16. They have also added an option to have your Torp reload always on screen
    above your gun reloads. A minor thing but one that I personally love.
    Hate having to switch to torps just to see which ones are reloaded and
    which are not. And as always, Thx for the vids Chase!

  17. Leatherneck_2531

    “Don’t really have that, so can’t really talk about that”…on the public
    test, where everything is easily obtained. GG

  18. I’m a super huge nerd and play about 4-8 hours per day, so my statistics
    may not be comparable. But I get detonated atleast twice daily ^^

  19. seems like the presence of Atlanta will equals the term dark zone pretty
    soon for planes… and easy ship hunt since not much is done for the
    already matches-box like moving coffin.

  20. Sounds like making high tier IJN DD’s have a tougher time

  21. MAgazine modification is 100% useless untill they remove the detonation

  22. I see that iChase is using Vigilance pretty often. I haven’t chosen my
    Tier3 captain skill for my Nürnberg/Yorck yet, do you recommend it?

  23. You’re too fixated on high tier ships. The -70% magazine detonation module
    will be a viable option on some of the more vulnerable mid tier cruisers
    like Kirov, Furutaka, German ships up to the Yorck, all Omaha class
    variants and maybe even the Pensacola. In ranked or team battles people
    will be more likely to use Juliet Charlie signal flags than sacrifice a
    slot for this.

  24. Montana and iowa got aa and accuracy buff. While their counterparts Yamato
    and Izumo got nothing. Thanks WG

  25. I don’t know man. WG hates IJN and CV line so much. If I remember
    correctly. They said this year gonna be awesome for CV players ? Good luck
    with that

  26. iChase, I don’t agree with you about Cyclops. I do agree that they are
    interesting and should stay in game , but the duration must be rapidly
    reduced. I played on the test server and a Cyclone came around timer at 11
    minuets left, it stayed almost until the end of the game (around the 3
    minuet mark). I don’t know ware they still testing or that is the way is
    going to be but it was idiotic in a couple of ways. Its a new giant nerf
    for CVs. For balance reasons planes in this game have a very short
    detection range and CVs mostly rely on friendly spotting big targets like
    BBs and CLs. However in storm , you only have plane detection (witch is
    pathetic). I had a terrible experience in CV with storm. I was trying to
    hit a Yamato, however I couldn’t see him , but his AA was shooting me. I
    was loosing planes whiteout been able to see the target – WTF
    ????????!!!!?????? WG have you heard about the sinking of Musashi? – The
    pilots drooped on the biggest target they could see…. Cyclone are also
    nerf to BBs ,whiteout someone spotting , you become worthless and a sitting

    Cyclone calls for team play and that doesn’t exist in random battle.

  27. One thing that is rather unfair about the Cyclones, is that it is literally
    makes it impossible for carriers to see ships until they’re 2.2km away,
    which means that the carrier could loose their whole strike, simply because
    they didn’t see the ship; and from the ship side, your AA fires even if you
    can’t see the aircraft, which as an American cruiser player, I find to be
    unfair for the carriers.
    To fix this, personally, they should make it that AA damage is severely
    One other thing, does anyone have any knowledge of how big this update is
    going to be? Thanks.

  28. will this Patch kill my 100% secondary build on my tirpitz?

  29. Chase, I think the mag mod 1 would maybe helpful for DDs. This is because I
    see DDs get detonated almost every 2nd game. so I guess that it might be a
    quality of life mod for DDs

  30. The addition of reload timers for each set of torp tubes is also very
    welcome! :)

  31. Always good info Keep them coming.

  32. Isn’t the plotting room now limited to tiers 9 and 10 now? I heard somebody
    say that.

  33. Hope that Wargaming will add true night battle (ships are more difficult to
    be detected) in game.

  34. If you put the Auxiliary Armament Mod 1 on the Atlanta – will it make your
    main battery immune? Atlanta’s main guns are dual purpose so… will it?
    Guess same goes for higher tier American destroyers.

  35. I hate cyclone/storm. If only benefit cruiser player with radar. It is
    going to make an already good ship class in high tier to even stronger.
    they need to tell us what is the perhaps of storm. Radar shooting is
    possible but without the vision check it is still difficult to pull this
    off in WW2. I think it is be more fair if the radar can detect enemy ships
    on the minimap, but do not show them on the screen. Because you physically
    cannot see a shit in storm. As soon as you can see enemy ships on the
    screen with radar, it defeat the whole purpose of storm at the first place.
    Unless this is the way they want everyone to play. everyone to use a

  36. again thx a lot for the video chase!
    just one small question…is there any change to the CV modules?
    cause CVs have quite different usage of modules comparing to other kinda
    Although CVs are barely playable these days (rip CVs…), I’m still curious
    about them~
    appreciated it!!

  37. Tirpitz needs buff

  38. Well if you see torp bombers from a Zuihou (T5), Ryuujou (T6), or Hiryuu
    (T7) the aircraft change isn’t necessary because they’re all the exact same
    T5 bomber.

  39. *One MAJOR change which rustles my jimmies*
    The +20% range to secondary battery module has been shifted from being a
    tier 5+ module to a tier 9+ module.
    As far as I heard, the only exception to this change is the Warspite.

  40. Detonation and turret destruction are those things that the game would be
    better without. They are just not fun game mechanics.

  41. A moment of silence for CV players.

  42. Magazine mod 1 is overshadowing changes to come. Hood is coming, and with
    it the curse of detonations

    You have all be warned, and heard 1st by mee!!

  43. Why is there 2 YouTubers called Ichase

  44. Soooo no changes to the carrier upgrade mods?

  45. Hey Chase, nice video there. But there are some things that I disagree with
    though and I’ll outline them there.

    Magazine anti-detonation is still a good module to have, particularly if
    you are going into ranked matches. Sure, there are flags but as WG had
    noted, the chances is still not mitigated to the point of nothing as some
    people believe. And nothing sets off a jerk on the team when he/she is
    detonated in the first salvo.

    The 3rd slot is probably be more dependant on play style and the ship being
    used. For me on the Tirpitz, I think the Gun Fire Control 2 is probably
    needed as I’ll be fighting ships that can out-range the standard 21km
    distance (e.g. North Carolinas, Amagis and potentially all T9-10 BBs) and
    my fighter plane takes over the spotting plane due to the Tirpitz bad AA.
    For other ships, it is still good to have the Gun Fire Control (i.e. fire
    spewing Zaos/MKs) to pretty much annoy with fires. Main Battery
    modification 3 is probably more useful for DDs or fast firing CAs. They
    need to farm those fires! 😀

    In the 4th slot, you’d recommend the Increased Propulsion module for all
    ships. For me, I think that’s kind of correct. I mean, it would be very
    useful for T5-7 US BBs that take roughly 10-12s to accelerate and having
    this module is great for that. However, for other ship lines, I’d be more
    inclined to still take Increased Rudder module for ships that CAN
    accelerate rather fast (i.e. IJN ships, most of the KM CA and the Tirpitz,
    most USN CAs, Soviet CAs). Speed is only one part of the equation but
    getting those turns faster is still important though especially the Tirpitz
    as it feels like a brick sometimes.

  46. Post traumatic stress talks…? Oh wait…shit.

  47. George Washington

    You didnt focus on the exclusive modificationa of ijn premium low tier
    cruisers and of the high tier US bbs(iowa and montana)….

  48. Chase, it was posted on the NA forums that the Warspite is getting special
    dispensation – they quoted Mr Conway on the EU server as saying that the
    Warspite would get to retain it’s old Secondary Battery Mod 2 module – so
    that she could retain her 7.2 km secondary battery – IMO, one reason being
    that she’s a premium that just recently went on sale again on the NA server
    – and second, that a maxed out secondary build is actually one of the more
    used configurations for this ship – in short, as with the AFT nerf and the
    Kutuzov, WG was loathe to antagonize paying customers.

  49. and time to drop the price by losing 1 and 2 zeros on the price. what a
    joke to price them more than an entire match if you lose. forget it. much

  50. interesting changes , cheers for the heads-up

  51. Warner Moczulski

    NO CV mod changes I take it.

    My issue with RADAR is its too effective, modern radar gets thrown off by
    lands masses so a ship if its behind or next to an island should appear as
    part of the island (on radar), so a Ship should be able to hide from

    Smoke shouldn’t stop it. Rain should maybe reduce range since its a strong
    proponent of radar clutter (now imagine a monsoon), that said I don’t know
    how well they were able to clear clutter in WWII I know its possible on
    modern Warships since we have to check them every watch rotation (minimum).

    Lastly in the monsoon if they don’t want to get rid of it, maybe reduce it
    to an outline or just a name and ship type…

    Also does radar help detect aircraft (in game)…

    As for the modifications they seem fine/good, gonna see how much of an
    effective some of them have such as propulsion vs turning but I’ll leave
    that up to the likes of you chase ;)

  52. I’ve heard that WG is going to add the USS Arizona to the game, hope it
    will come to the game after a few patches

  53. Question, do the dual purpose secondaries benefit in the reload rate from
    the upgrades to output more damage to the AA as well?

  54. To quote from the patchnotes straight from the forum:
    “Reworked Upgrades:Propulsion Modification 2 (-20% to time for reaching
    full power) the bonus has
    been increased to -50% to time for reaching full power. Moreover, with
    this upgrade the engine is automatically boosted by 50% while the ship
    accelerates from 0 to 6 knots (in both ahead and astern directions)
    Doesn’t this mean that this Upgrade only work at a range from 0-6kts? So
    its pretty useless if you go fullspeed isn’t it?

  55. Nagato loses the 20% increase in secondaries range then. That’s so bad 🙁

    WG y u do dis.

  56. ah chase you forgot the other big change in DD armor models

  57. I love how you handled that division invite just kept on talking while
    clicking it away

  58. So in other words, the IJN line of DD’s is dead. if this is the case, then
    I have to start over as my main ships are Japaneses Destroyers.

  59. They better refund us.

  60. wait, so mid tier ships like nagato cant get the 20% extra range on
    secondaries anymore?

  61. Any idea when the patch goes live? I love that they are combining a lot of
    the perks. But that secondaries mod, 100% chance of survivability is way
    too strong.

  62. christopher tucker

    as always thanks Ichase

  63. 11:05 SWEET! Propulsion Mod 2 was already the BEST FRIEND of my Kutuzov,
    add in over DOUBLE the performance??? THANK YOU WG!!!! Now I shall be able
    to stop in a cloud of smoke whenever my heart desires, and once that smoke
    thins out, I can GTFO that much more quickly as well!

    Because, seriously, why even use Rudder shift mod when stock shift time is
    only 6.5 seconds anyway, and you have that nice smoke for offensive use!

  64. Press “F” to pay respects to CV players.

  65. 8:30 But… but it clearly shows a DECREASE in turret traverse speed. Am I
    seeing this wrong, or what ?

  66. Are those new upgrades also for the mid and lower tier?

  67. They added the 20% secondary battery range module back in for the Warspite
    on the latest PTS.

  68. As a CV player: can we stop getting nerfed because people don’t stick
    together or know how to use WASD hacks?
    Still a pretty good patch though. I really like the more streamlined mods.

  69. So how long until Wargaming just removes CVs entirely?

  70. Well so much for the 40% range increase to secondaries due to the mod and
    cap skill. No more 10km Yamato secondaries.

  71. Nice. This upgrades just reproduce a lot of BB camping at the back while
    peasants like DD and CA push. And ijn ca faggot like me which the lowest HP
    cant do anything.. If we die pushing to cap and stuff. BB be like “Cyka
    bylat team. Noob team”.

    Unless that BB is a good sniper. Which 5% i see in high tier. Rest is all
    in water shots.

  72. The Warships will retain access to the secondary battery modification as a
    number of people are using the secondary battery mod +20% range

  73. Interesting, i think the cyclones will help tone down high tier sniping
    battleship contest in large open map, did you say 50 percent propulsion
    mod? Wont it make already fast ship a bit op in term of acceleration? Like
    destroyers literally dodging shells by stopping or accelerating?

  74. I like to boost my secondary’s on all battleships 20% on the captain skill
    and 20% on the module. With this new patch I can only go 20% and 5% on the
    module. Only tier 9 and 10 can go long range. So my warspite got nerved 1km
    on the secondary’s. Stupid change to the game in favor of DD’s.

  75. US Bias :V

  76. I can see why chase hates being on fire so much now.

  77. Excellent video iChase, my friends and I really appreciate the heads up of
    the up coming changes. One of these days we would love to team up with you
    – Team CANADA FTW!

  78. really hope they do a full refund on modules..

  79. Andhika nur Aulia

    I’ve always been using Propulsion mod on USN & IJN DDs and it feels great.
    We’ll see if this buff will make it better

  80. why can’t ships like the Colorado, that clearly have radar use it? there is
    really no logic to that

  81. 11% reduction of dispersion? Oh, sweet mama…I want the Iowa. Badly. 80k
    exp until the N.Carolina…

  82. iChase, did you read the changes to the 6th detection module, 25% more
    torpedo detection increase. Have you tested if it stacks with vigilance? My
    thinking is some BB’s have such horrid detection range, that stacking the
    vigilance skill, propulsion module, and the 6th slot detection skill may
    become very useful.

  83. 3:48 Just run the Juliet Charlie flag on your ship for 3 reasons.
    1. -100% chance to detonation.
    2. save 125k currency.
    3. Opens a slot for the armaments modification.
    I don’t find that very use full. I have my game open and I have 90 Juliet
    Charlie flags. NOT WORTH IT!!!!

  84. hey Chase yesterday was fun bro thank u much man

  85. Magazine modification is basically useless?

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