World of Warships – Public Test 0.7.9 – The Queen, God Bless Her!

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The Public Test Server is currently experiencing large doses tea, Union Jacks and digestive biscuits that don’t look like much but are in fact strangely tasty. I hear the song my people, I came as fast as I could.

All music licensed from and


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Jingles. War stories when

  2. Its that bloody boat game again … again.

  3. Meh, screw the WoT players. They’re games shit 😜

    Now let’s see who can’t take a joke 😝

  4. Your World Of Warships videos are much better than WoT anyway. More World Of Warships!

  5. theres a lot seamen videos in this week

  6. I for one am happy for the constant Warship coverage. I’ve been a very bad boy and I need my paddlin’.

  7. That Elizabeth dodged Torpedos from you maybe a minute befor you killed her 10:30 so he mostlikely thought that your Torpedos are on cooldown. So don’t act so smug about that kill!

    • +Shinigamiusmc even so, his point still stands, he could have seen the torps and assumed they were on CD

    • +Shinigamiusmc

      That dosn’t change the fact that Elizabeth saw the first set of torpedos and all the rest of what I said.
      So what do you want to tell us or is it just a “must post something”?

    • AdmiralKaiser, anyone who knows torpedo armed Crusiers from any Nation have at least two launchers, if only x amount missed there is still x amount unaccounted for, the fact that he said the QE dodged the first salvo is false, Jingles guessed on trajectory for that first salvo the QE just had dumb luck that they missed. I will say the QE was most likely target fixated on the ships behind Jingles and most likely didn’t even realize the first set of torpedoes in the first place and that the QE probably didn’t know which side the torps came from

    • AnEvilJoke, doubtful the QE saw those torps seeing as the QE turned after the torps were behind her, most likely target fixated on ships behind Jingles and once Jingles got spotted again focused on him, even if the QE saw the torps she should have known there would be a second salvo from the other side of the ship. Anyone who has been playing WoWS know torpedo armed Crusiers have at least two launchers and any captain would know if x amount miss x amount are still out there, I will say the QE most likely didn’t realize which side of the Fiji the torps came from.

    • +Shinigamiusmc

      As close as they are on 10:30 ? Really? Then he must be as blind as you’re “stubborn”.

  8. Considering they profit from people correcting their mistakes, that’s surprisingly not sleazy for a change.

  9. 11:43 “meow”

  10. Jingles when you play RN CLs and you are up against a battleship you always aim at the superstructure ,the armor is thinest there so you will do the most amount of damege ,unless the battleship is showing perfect broadside ,same goes for cruiser BUT ONLY if they are angled ,if they are not you shoot at the least agle part of his ship .
    Great video , i am absolutely enjoying these days ,World of warships video every day ,horay!

  11. OMG that CAMO is a must….. All hands of the warfare dept muster on the flight deck, buffer has the paint.

  12. I don’t mind. I don’t play world of Gold ammo anymore

    • It’s sad what they did to World of Warplanes. I loved it before the update. Suuuure, it had it’s problems, (chief of which were the lack of players) but once they did the big update last September-ish, it became a more simple game to play, and harder to level up and work with. I was so disappointed, because I really liked it pre-update (I had 4 T10s and was the 149th highest ranking player on the NA server) but I finally got fed up and uninstalled it two months ago.

      It wasn’t great before the update, but it was unique and fun.
      Now it’s neither.
      RIP WoWP. 🙁

    • ^ that, exactly that.

    • yup seems so only crazy’s like me still playing

    • I also stopped play WoGA

    • +Dead Baron yeah, they probably realized the game was still failing after they tried to salvage it, and then just slapped the gold mechanics in to try and recoup their expenses before the whole thing died again.

  13. Eeehmm, jingles, peanuts are not nuts

    • Yeah peanuts aren’t nuts, bananas are a herb, shark has become a vegetable and tomato is technically a fish. Whatever.

      What he was getting at is the “may contain traces of nuts” which is put on for allergies, by far the most common of which is a peanut allergy, colloquially referred to as a “Nut allergy” in the UK. Because everything is packaged by machines these days all food stuffs must now carry “may contain nuts” because the lubricating oil used has to be “edible” in case any gets in the food, they use peanut oil, so now everything contains traces of nuts, as part of the nut allergy terminology.

    • British Ball If your gonna scoff at someone at least be right. Nuts and peanuts are 2 different allergens and peanuts are not nuts. Also “may contain traces” actually means it’s not an ingredient but the producer thinks it could have been in contact with the allergen…

      The more you know…

    • Wipe the smug grin off your face and re read my comment.

      Done that?

      Nowhere did I say a peanut allergy and a nut allergy are the same, I said that in the UK they are colloquially referred to in the same way, funnily enough, Jingles being from the UK also says “Nut allergy” hell the phrase is found on packaging over here I could probably grab a dozen things in my kitchen with “not suitable for those with a nut allergy written on”, some of those won’t list nuts in the ingredients but rather have _as I said_ used peanut oil in factory lubrication. *The more you know…*

      So if you’ve quite finished thinking you are such hot shit kindly fuck off and shut the door behind you.

      Better luck next time.

    • British Ball I’m not being smug since both my kids are actually allergic to nuts and eggs and it shapes our lives significantly. People never actually understand how allergies work or that there are differences in allergens. Your first sentence implies that you don’t think peanuts and nuts are different and you reference nut allergies while talking about peanut oil.

      To me you just told us what its like in England and that indicated to me you might actually believe that stuff. Still learning i guess

    • My first sentence is a reference to a John Finnemore sketch about the people who constantly trot out the “avocado is a fruit” nonsense, yes technically it has seeds on the inside but you wouldn’t put it in a fucking crumble so it ain’t really a fruit.

      The rest is me explaining why over here in the UK, thanks to packaging and companies not wanting to be sued, basically everything claims to have trace anything that could cause allergies. Except some of the rarest allergies, although all ingredients are listed so I suppose you could consider that another allergy warning.

  14. Just tell the WoT players to “press the 2 key” and dry their tears as they get stuck as a useless bottom tier once again. It’s time to watch a superior game. This is what peak Russian bias looks like.

  15. Weeeell… Technically peanuts are not actually nuts…

  16. *smartass* The reason for the warning “May contain traces of nuts” is that, contrary to popular believe, peanuts aren’t nuts but legumes. Those and nuts are two seperate allergens so the warning is absolutely correct and important for people allergic to nuts, who in turn are able to eat peanuts. */smartass*

  17. Screw the WoT players! MORE WAR THUNDER

  18. Hoping Jingles reads the comments: After watching the stream from Gamescom (sw it yesterday) I’d have to say you stream more often. Even if it were only once a month or so . I was very entertained and it has to be observed it was still entertaining even when you couldn’t play.

  19. WoWS is 100x better than WoT because it doesn’t punish you. You get heaps of rewards for playing, you don’t even need premium!

  20. Like if you think that Union Jack camo is adorably ridiculous

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