World of Warships- Puddin Rant- Watcher Beware

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If I was Sneaky I would not watch. Everyone else enjoy me being pissed about something rant about it.

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  1. I ‘ll blame Sneak Snake 🐍🐍🐍😉😉😉😍😍😍

  2. Can someone tell me what all that was about Sneaky? What video do i go see or what?

  3. Puddin your way to nice, you need to quit holding back and tell us how you really feel. Let it out, free yourself. Oh and Sneaky, well he is a snake and he is sneaky. Oh did I mention he is a sneakysnake and Puddin your to soft on him.

  4. I like listening to the thought process and strategy behind your play.

  5. Finally!!! Someone who tells it like it is in Wows.

  6. I played against you when you were in a British DD. Said hi, then got streamrolled. You said hi back. You didn’t kill me, which my sad. Lol

  7. Terry Hollenbaugh

    Lol, I have no issue with the way you play Puddin

  8. OMG puddin i love your rants i think this one is better then the one you did about the conqueror

  9. You have to break some eggs to make an omelette?

  10. This reminds me of the first day as a mechanic assistant if they are telling you something they’re telling from experience. Is it me or is he saying butter? If he isn’t talking about butter I will be a sad wolf

  11. lolol I loved the rant, we all have to do it sometimes

  12. You be you man

  13. OOOooo a Puddin Rant Video. Grabs popcorn, a cold drink and straps in. Lost it at 16:58 Cleveland rocks you butter cups.

  14. I am all in if you’ve got a rant.

  15. i like your vids man… keep them coming… also love to play against you or with you at times.

  16. YouTube rants are tight.

  17. Good video! Clevelands are OP in the right hands. Some ships are high skill ships and those that complain may need more time in the game or the ship to learn. Not every vessel plays as a BB. Keep up the content!

  18. awesome video puddin dont change be yourself your awesome, more puddin rants. more snowflakes hurt. love it

  19. LOL, lightin up at 11:30 in between curses. Love it!

  20. On the following items I’d like to comment or see feedback on from this channel a bit more often.

    10:47 “Risk and Reward”. I actually have a video on Risk Aversion, I have not completed the series, luckily Catharsis seems to have taken over, but in terms of design, the Big Three overlook Risk Aversion as a significant reason any player makes decisions.

    13:00 “There’s a story” For the Big Three CCs, it’s that Battleships and Casuals do not belong in the game (more or less). I have no issue with your attitude at all. To be fair, I’ve technically been offended by professionals in the past. I guess I have more issues with arrogant stuff or misinformation (formerly an educator).

    15;40 “Debate on stats” Double edged sword. For me up until recently, I insisted they don’t matter since the game by design leaves far too much up to random chance even in point blank range fights. Once Flamu bashed me directly as a “stat padding seal clubber” which made no sense since I was borderline Blue stats at the time, I went through great lengths to improve them to be taken seriously. At the end of the day sadly, it at least covers one base where someone can’t nail you on “Oh you only complain at the CCs because you’re bad”. So I see both sides of it; even though I’m firmly in the Stats Don’t Matter camp still.

    17:00 Common complaint by proxy of the Big Three CCs by proxy (Non-Battleships unable to damage battleships lie) I’d like to see more references calling out this myth that Battleships are too strong.

    Post 18:00 I feel here especially could have benefited from being more specific, if not names, then concepts or myths in particular. One that I have struggled to overcome and disprove (almost a year ago with the NA/EU stats video) is the Battleship domination myth that they were too numerous or too strong.

    Anyway, sorry to write an essay, have a great day.

    • This will take my brain a while to come with answer.. Hell I might just make a video for this comment cause it very deep.

    • Well each one of those timestamps can be a video by itself. I wouldn’t make a whole video for this, it would take ages.

      Thank you for your thought though. Have a great day.

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