World of Warships: Puerto Rico – Absurd Grind

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Puerto Rico grind: IT’S A DISASTAH!
The grind is absurdly long. I like the dockyard build, but think that it should be permanent. People should be able to grind for her at their own pace.

World of Warships footage of the Puerto Rico’s Christmas building event.


  1. “As a token of our appreciation for the World of Warships community that stuck it out with our product since 2015, we hereby present to you our Christmas present.
    Have fun grinding till the next Ice Age.”

  2. Aerroon is good at math at 8:13:
    36,000,000 / 1,500,000 = ~40-50
    36 / 1.5 is actually 24.

    • You don’t have to be a math scientists … 1.4 million free XP in just 4 days. I have 1.4 mil free XP , took me a year to get it, or 6,000 battles.
      6,000 battles in 4 days. That’s roughly a battle won every minute.
      Well, yeah, seems absolutely legit.

    • @BigLBA1
      Assuming u r the best player always winning…and has all the best camos in tons…u can earn 20k fxp per game.
      Assuming the games take 15 mins, u will need 70 games at least…and this is assuming u use the best ones which i can only get a few dozen at best.
      Realistically u would earn 10k per game as u lose a lot too, so it will take 140 games at least…with all the best camos and flags…just for the fxp missions of the final directive lol

    • Well, since you’ll have to complete directive 7 to enter the competition in the hall of fame, we are able to witness how many ppl will actually archive that.
      I bet no one will 😀

    • PickelJars ForHillary

      Only way this would be feasible is if all the tasks were unlocked since day one and even then it would still be a massive crusade to complete.

    • @PickelJars ForHillary
      Yup…even 1 directive is harder than full previous events, let alone directive 7 which is harder than all events in the history of the game…combined lol

  3. How do you manage to stay so incredibly calm all the time?

  4. The grind is impossible. And 59000 dobloons = 194,08 €. No thanks, I’ll pass. I prefer 6 bottles of Barolo Riserva 2011. 😉

  5. I completely agree with you Aerroon, they need to make this a permanent event. The actual shipbuilding process was a brilliant idea and I wish they would do it with ships that you can rarely get in game or possible do an event (that’s done correctly) with new premium ships. Just imagine building a ship like IJN Akagi or possibly building a submarine as some examples.

    • dont you mean building an Amagi class battlecruiser and then an earthquake happens which damages the ship during the construction so you are forced to convert it into the Akagi?

    • @Davy Jones I would say more along the lines of the different phases she went through before the battle of Midway, so maybe you build up her hull to the Amagi class then you take parts of it off and build up her first stage as a three hanger CV with cruiser type guns, and her eventual retro fit to what she looked in the battle of midway.

    • Yes, I would also love the permanent event. Then they could keep the missions, as I would be fine to have grinded 3 T10 Ships and the get a Porto rico as a bonus on top. And for the People that would wait 200 days for it to complete, make it so you have to pay your workers weekly (login once a week) or they stop working. Maybe add the requirement of another T10 ship for the tech tree, as you don’t want a new Player making an account and then getting their first T10 for free a year later.

      This would be such an awesome feature, that would get me to actually grind to T10, instead of to ships I know, regardless of Tier.
      As for a way to save the current event, make directive 6/7 and maybe 5 available now so you can actually play the game at a healthy rate and start grinding the millions of credits. That still is a hard job, as you have to grind 3 T10 ships anyway (and adapt the mission, so you don’t have 3 times the same 20202020credits)

  6. Did you also notice that they removed The CV Enterprise and said in the forums they removed her for “battle fluctuations” and she will be worked on, then they loot boxed her. So much for year of the cv and there’s only 5 prem cvs, only 4 are available, and only 2 are actually half decent being Kaga and Saipan. The PR is the biggest rip off ever too.

  7. stefanos perivolaris

    The legend says we can grind it this year but only once

  8. It’s a PR disaster ahahahah get it, Puerto Rico. PR. Public Relations. aahahhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  9. The PR event would have made a great in-game campaign, I think. As is, it’s an insult the way it was “sold” leading up to 8.11

  10. Ανωνυμος Επισκεπτης

    This is a gift for them..they need money for their holidays..

  11. I like that WG put so much effort for these hardcore players.
    Make an entire event with directives, introduce a new NTC, just for 0,001% of the Playerbase.
    I think they really care about those.

    Oh nevermind, they just want our money

    • Nono you ae absolutely right, they want the 0,001%. however, they don’t give a crap about those pesky hardcore player scrubs, they can die in a fire.
      They care about another 0,001%. the whales. those willing to spend 300 bucks on this ship. those that buy the gorizia to complete the first 3 directives, then notice they fall behind, buy any amount of the 3 boosters for dubloons, notice they still fall behind and finally succumb and pay up to not miss the ship when this horrible event ends.
      oh and also to generally scam the entire playerbase and empty their pockets as much as possible.
      A so called sunk cost fallacy.
      I hope they get mass-sued over this in several countries because this is an actual, literal scam.

    • Arktos der böse Schneemann

      That 0,001% is just for hiding the fact that nobody can and will obtain it. Even hardcore players like Flamu or iChase said that they won´t able to grind ths thing via the holidays. It would be a big surprise if anyone finishes the PR without spending money.

    • what 0.0001%?
      even super grinders who play WOWS for 12h per day are saying they cant finish these.
      This is WG just making it impossible so people HAVE to pay.

  12. I think Flamu called it right: it’s inteded to bait a “sunk cost fallacy”:

    1) You have to put down money up front (at least the two first dubloon boosts) _before_ you know if you are able to and or can be bothered to grind the requisite amount of play. As far as I understand, the dubloon boosts are not retroactive, so you kinda need to do them early to make them count.
    2) You then have to put down a huge amount of time and get psychologically invested in the project.
    3) You are still unlikely to finish it… most people will have family commitments during holidays, you will have bad days and be unable to go on, etc et. Timetables slip (they always do)…

    ..and then….

    4) Looking at an “almost” finished ship at the end of the event, you are forced to either accept failure and loss of all your invested time and dubloons, _or_ fork over aditional cash to get the ship.

    (that being said, I really wonder about the values. Since it is so clearly impossible, many will be discouraged from the start and may not even try to complete it.)

  13. All they have to do is drop the timeline and let us finish it when we finish it. That would be a great reward for the player base that we can grind along when we can. People will still spend money on it but at least we have an option, and a chance, to finish it.

    • Even then it’s ridiculous. That’d take a player like me several years to complete. I don’t see myself earning several million free xp any time soon

    • @Arion Erron Considering you would only need to complete 2 of the free xp directives, it would at least be feasible.

  14. Remember the time when Missouri costed 750 000 freeXp?? Also who came up with those stupi names of directives such as “here comes the fun”…

  15. I work full-time and I don’t have a spare 11 hours a day.
    This ‘grind’ is impossible.

    This is a very clumsy way to suck money out of people.

  16. People who already bought Puerto Rico will face the menace of the rest of the players. So even hardcore players will not have the pleasure to play it. All people focus fire on Puerto Rico . Thats the funny part of the event . Sinking a ship that worths 200 ++euros gives an awesome almost orgasmic feeling. Suddenly wining or losing does not matter .

    • Aye. All focus PR.

    • I would feel bad sinking one if I knew someone actually did the free grind to get it. But then again that should statistically be 0.000% of them. Many of the directives will take several hundred games to do. And that’s just for a small portion of the overall steps needed. Just the free XP sections in dir 7 alone would require an expert player to win a game every 5 minutes even if they were playing 24 hours a day.

    • Darlorth df I always focus the thunderer in my conqueror and it’s usually very easy to burn it down

  17. i’ve solved the PR grind.. I’m playing Destiny 2 instead..

  18. Alaska is far better and lower tier. At least that is a relief..

  19. with those directives they should make it a whole year event…

  20. They made an “apology” that just made it worse

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