World of Warships- Puerto Rico Disaster: Another Apology

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Yup, it just wont stop and go away.

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  1. Wargaming just digging a bigger hole

  2. i hate the way the real problems with this event are completely getting missed by the grind and pr missteps. look at the psychology and manipulative methods used. from breaking down the cost, using fomo to get early adoption leveraging into sunk cost. the gorizia being bought to make the grind easier “because i get the money back” which of course they dont. this event is manipulative scummy and deliberate but they are getting a pass on all the bad stuff just because of the PR fluff

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    • @Drevain I see your point, but what about those things you didnt say? They are all corrupt. Not just one person or party, and we keep drinking it up because the other team is the bad team.

  3. NegotiatorGladiarius

    He was just trolling. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to have already completed the PR even with those boosters. And I know that first hand.

    I had actually bought the three boosters for dubloons right when 8.11 went live, before the crap hit the fan on YouTube. And I decided that meh, I’ll try to grind from there instead of asking for a refund. Some 80$ for a t10 AND the Gorizia didn’t sound TOO horrible, compared to the cost of a T8 in the shop. I completed the first directive of the grind before the building started, so basically you can’t get more full effect from that boost. I completed directives 2 and 3 within 3 days of their launching because I’m on vacation, sleep is for the weak, and, hey, Gorizia. So basically I’m as far ahead of the curve as physically possible. Stage 4 hadn’t launched when he made that post, so I’m not including it.

    The result? The ship hasn’t even finished stage 5 yet. It will complete IN TIME if I do the maths, with maybe one or two days to spare. But anyone saying they’ve ALREADY actually completed it is just flat out lying.

    • If you look at the twitter post, he doesn’t claim he has the ship, just that he has completed the grind and it will complete before the end of the event.

    • NegotiatorGladiarius

      @gram40 I must confess that I don’t follow the twitter and reddit stuff. Honestly, it’s a game company employer not a superstar :p

    • @NegotiatorGladiarius Ya i had to do a google twitter search and ya the guy is just into stage 6 right about where I am with it. Mine should be done about 4 days before the end.

    • It’s not a bad deal when u consider the steel, coal and camouflage you get as well. I’d wish they would run some of their public relations stuff thru Kami or Fem or some of the CC’s before they put it out there.

    • I completed the grind with two paid boosters and the Gorizia yesterday and will get the ship in 5 days w/o anymore work. I also got the value of that ship in doubloons . The game is free to play but still costs money to operative., The way they hypes the “free” PR was badly handled, but nobody has do the grind to play the game.

  4. The financial logic behind WG actions is actually quite simple: Grind = $$$. The company will never admit it or be transparent about it, but it is quite obvious to anyone who has played the game for a a while and has a bit of sense. The grind is where the players spend the most Doubloons converting elite to free XP and re distributing captain skills. It is no surprise then that everything the company does has a grind at its base. It just seems that in the last year they took it to absurd levels, calculating that their mostly casual player base will correspondingly spend more money. It started with the NTC where the Grind=$$$ reasoning is blatant as a punch to the face and the PR is just a natural evolution of that line of predatory thinking. The only way for casual players to respond is to speak the only language WG really understands. That is to show restraint and spend less to no money on those features or leave the game altogether!

    • Quite true. I was a complete whale, but the way WG have been treating their customers means I have now become a completely FTP player for the last few months, and I’m enjoyng the game more because of it.

  5. All they had to do is when they announced the event is say that we don’t expect the average player to be able to complete the event for free maybe the top 1% and if you buy the boosters the top 10% just something like that to give people an idea of how difficult it would be and then if someone decided to go for it anyways it’s on them seems simple to me.

  6. Wait how can he have it completed for free?? There are still locked directives. Also if i spent the 100$ i would also have it unlocked by now… what a jerk!

    At this point, they should just give the ship to everyone as a REAL apology, and even then i would probably sell it.

    • I agree.. Give the to ship everyone. Or allow every player to select 1 free premium ship of their choice from the premium shop as an Actual apology.

    • Yeah they’re never gonna do that because then they’d have to refund everyone who bought the ship

    • Actually no, if they could choose another ship… or ships for 240$ ?

    • Lol they are never given this ship out for free to anyone and I wouldn’t want them to we have enough players at tier 10 that dont belong there or have no idea.

    • I would be fine with putting the ship in the armory for coal and promising to never do this shit again. No T10s for $$$. Keep that shit at T9 and below.

  7. wg employee : “hey i completed PR girnd for FREE”
    the vid he included: all premium booster bought

    me : ……………

  8. Christopher Jonasson

    Played a load of battles and havent even completed stage 2

  9. Actually at this point ANY apology doesen’t really matter. If WG wants to sort this out there should be some kind of really easy event with some really good T8/T7 premium to obtain and A LOAD of other stuff (during British heavy cruisers arc, for example).

    • I’d agree with that. I’d be happy for a t7 or t8 ship honestly. Or maybe give those daily gifts with a high amount of gold in each days claim of like 5,000 dubloons or something for a couple weeks. At least its something and plus those will be surely used so why not.

  10. HandsomeKrazyGamer 500

    Looks like I gotta wait a month(or a year again) before everything dies down, Empire at War here I come

  11. You can always play Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts ?

  12. HE had 101k doubloons in the vid wasn’t free doubloons well maybe for him from his daddy at WG for being a good sheep herder

  13. I mean…people have been spending big money on gamble crates and gotten nothing this year (Not I but many clan members) so money for nothing. We have a clan member who bought several of the boosters and has had a personal tradgedy. He has been gone for a week and not likely to be back for at least another week. I’m not even sure if he knows he can’t finish the grind. Wasted money. WG is just preying on its loyal players, people that have been here since the beginning and they know they can get away with this shit. They know their players will pay $250 for a ship, or buy $100 worth of boosters and a $50 gorizia just to complete the ship because they have conditioned this player base to think that way. People are even calling themselves “collectors” just to justify spending this kind of money on NOTHING!!! These things will have NO VALUE 20,30,40 years in the future like say a collecter of cars will have. This is digital ships on a game that will be out dated in 5-6 years if the company does not run the ship aground first. Don’t even try that “I’m supporting the company and helping the game” crap line either. Blizzard did so much more with so much less ($15 a month). Hell, I was “supporting this company” with close to $30 a month on average and they are not doing half the shit that Bliz was with $15. This company has conditioned it player base to just open its wallet and throw everything at it to feel “unicome” “Collector” “Ship Expert” or just to feel accepted because they are terrible at the game but have friends in it.

  14. Wow, one bad move after another. First the PR debacle, then the latest submarine iteration and now this. I feel bad for the 3D artists who put so much effort into the dockyard only for it to be associated with money grabbing tactics. WG really needs to reduce or even eliminate the event deadlines and let continue through 2020.

  15. Puerto Rico, the disaster that keeps on giving.

  16. iEarl …..The WG Gimp…………..back into the box with you……

  17. Wait, did they lowered the requirements? The xp and free xp missions are somewhat lowered, dont they?

  18. at what point do we stop saying if they stop doing these muck ups enough is enough

  19. If he’s not fired for trolling the customers of the company that employs him then the president is set for that company. Any employees that behave this way in the future will point to this example and say that it’s okay.

  20. If I get the PR, i’ll take it but I’m doing the grind purely for the resources.

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