World of Warships: Puerto Rico Gameplay

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Some Puerto Rico gameplay, she’s not that good. Alaska’s better.
Alaska vs Puerto Rico comparison:,4174/

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 US cruiser Puerto Rico on the map Mountain Range.


  1. They’re fortunate, because they’re rich.
    Maybe the Puerto Rico should’ve come with a fully golden camo?

  2. I love the way you say Puerto Rico hahaha greetings from Argentina 😀

  3. Why buy this when you can buy a Missouri on the charity stream

    There’s also a 1000 USD package of every removed ship that was OP in some way (ultimate P2W pack)

  4. here in Brazil we are using the acronym PR as “Para Ricos” Which means someone rich

  5. Amagi spotted; Like, incoming!

  6. Imagine the Puerto Rico being really good or even op – the subreddit would probably explode
    Thanks for the video!

  7. So let me get this straight… it is slightly worse in every way than the Alaska. WG spent a huge amount of time compiling the directives, the port animations, made it so that everyone in the game accumulates points towards it, designed a special camo JUST for it, went so far as to model the sailors when in port and released it all at xmas. But even with ALL that effort and the fact they weren’t happy it wasn’t massively hyped beforehand, they say it’s only for 0.1% of the global player base?!

    Guess I shouldn’t believe my lying eyes or use what would appear to be a clear case of logic huh.

    It is also NOT lost on me that there is huge irony with the Puerto Rico being by far the most expensive ship to date, while IRL, Puerto Rico Has been shafted financially for a long time.

  8. Aerroon be like: YOU CANT SEE ME BUT I CAN SEE YOU

    Also Aerroon: precisely kills everyone and is invisible while doing it

  9. I loved it when playing in chat it was called “Pay to Rico” was a perfect name.

  10. I like how almost the very first thing Aeroon says is this is a press account, I don’t actually own it.

    • And hes on the Russian server. I’m surprised there weren’t like 5 of them per team since thats the only server these turds are going to be selling on with any frequency.

  11. To be fair, doesn’t the Alaska have the capacity to overmatch 19mm? Which makes it able to sneeze on T7 cruisers entirely? You also get that benefit by buying the Alaska instead.

  12. Ah, nice … a BuyToRico… LOL

  13. I’ll admit, I bought the boosters. ONLY the boosters. I have full intention to complete the first 3 objectives within the time frame that was told you’d have to do to get PR.
    Directive 1 completed within 7 days
    Directive 2 completed within 7 days
    Directive 3 completed within 14 days.
    That’s what was stated you needed (provided you purchased all 3 doubloon boosters) to get PR by the end of the event.
    I will probably have some buyer’s remorse, but it’s too late to cry over the milk on the floor. Thank you for the review/gameplay.

    • Tell us, if you can get it. I wouldnt believe WG anymore without proof from someone that did it.

    • I feel sorry for your holliday season….

    • i bought the first booster on day 1 and have buyer remorse already, my new goal is to clear directive 3 get Gorizia and enjoy my holiday

    • @davis long I see it being a grind equivalent to Duke of York plus the Arctic camo for her and Scharnhorst. I barely made it in time for all 3 of those things.

    • I also have bought the 3 boosters right away and yes you can obtain her after completing the 3rd directive and they are not so hard to do. In this situation I think that is a fair price tho , 24 k doub for the puerto rico plus all the rewards for completing stages like perm camos and coal or steel (Alaska is like 19k ) . Imo this is the best way to go with this PR shitty thing .Don’t forget , you will have to log in every day for the daily shipments they said that as well .

  14. Christian Krakhofer

    spending the upcoming holidays with family and loved one vs grinding the latest whale bait

  15. As a collector i would like to have the PR, but i would rather sail without camo than to look at “this”.

  16. Danijel Šeparović

    0:19 There is semen on the PR !

  17. I like the idea of building ships in a ship game, it makes sense but where it falls apart is when the developers don’t do their research and find out what kind of ship most would like say in a poll or better still adjust the directives to something achievable. When some of your biggest players, streamers and you tubers, arc up about the same thing in the game maybe it’s time to re evaluate your decisions wargaming. The idea is great, the execution of how you build the ship aka directives is appauling. If there looking to make this a regular thing in this game its started crap if you ask me

  18. 0:45 woooah look at that speed, now i know why this ship it cost so much!

  19. They are standing like that due to tradition. When visiting a friendly port. the crew stands like that to show that the guns are unmanned.

  20. I wish we could get the Pay-to Rico’s special camo as a premium camo for Montana and/or the other Tier 10 American ships. That way we could admire the camo without paying a ridiculous amount of cash

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