World of Warships Puerto Rico: Grind like a Slave or GIVE US MONEY

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Just what in the actual **** is this grind to get Puerto Rico??????????????????? Who needs to spend time with family and loved ones this holiday season anyways…


  1. This actually makes it incredibly easy to leave this game gaining dust over the holidays. Thanks WG for allowing me to spend time with family and friends.
    Happy holiday season everyone!

    • @TheStone 4 days what? You buy crates? It took like almost 1 month if you pure f2p grinding the benham.

    • Dont spend money on bits things!!! Spending 200 dollars for some bir pixel !!! Save it and do something better!!

    • @tejo adi Yeah I think it was four days with about 10 hours a day played

    • absolutely , now I can enjoy the holidays without the feeling missing out on something. Btw, if you do the quick math, it’ll need around 80k games ( 80,000 games ) to get the last two tabs done. So no, you can’t get the PR for free. If you want it, just buy it (it’s the single most expensive ship in the game btw)

    • Well.guys with that money buy an airplane ticket and enjoy the christmas in some spa or in resort place. That should be put in the book 1001 ways of wasting money and make you broke

  2. I think wargamming intended for me to play a huge amount this Christmas. Instead I don’t want to play at all.

    • @Randomguy Hear hear! I took a long break after the new CVs got introduced, as I find the game a lot more work, but eventually got back into it in late August, early September. Now, just over 3 months later, I might not even make it to Gorizia, as I am just fatigued. I got the Genova and the Mutsuki in these months, but I am just tired of constantly having to go out in my high-tier ships to achieve this, that, and the other thing, when I just want to kick back and chill.

    • Yep, exactly. I’m not playing a single day between 24th and the 1st or 2nd of January. Fuck this grind so much.

    • @Yeahsure What exactly do you think events in games are *for* if not to get people to play the game more?
      I am worried about what happens in wows because I *like* wows. I hate seeing them add all these impossible grinds, all these high tier premiums, op crap like Colbert and Smolensk and so on.

    • @Silamon Getting people to play more and getting people to return to the game are two different things. Also, if you hate all that other stuff then why care about the PR?

  3. They should give the option to launch Puerto Ricos unfinished hull early and just let the wreck that this is slide right onto the bottom of the harbor.

  4. It seems someone really need to see a pshycologist to check their sanity

    Like seriously this isn’t grind anymore this is a scam

  5. Such an obscene amount of grinding – this ship is not “free.”

  6. WG: The spreadsheet says you are experiencing fun and engaging gameplay…
    ME: But I would like to also do other stuff besides playing WOWS?

  7. 2019 has been one bad decision after another. I kind of hoped the Christmas event would end the year on a positive note. But nope crap yet again. I don’t know who is at the helm of WoWs but they need to be fired.

  8. I was gonna come back after 6 months of being mia. I can see now that this was a mistake

  9. Funny how the test server made it look reasonable and got ppl hyped about it.

  10. Whenever I start feeling a bit nostalgic for this game, I see WG doing something like this…

  11. Chase swearing at the end is the most satisfying thing I have heard in a LONG time

    • Hard disagree! It’s a terrible thing! He’s such a nice guy, you really have to chap his ass to get him this mad!

    • Andrew Schembri Hard what? Dude, I’m mad too, that’s why I’m glad he is showing he is mad. Makes it all the more real.

    • @The_Pegasus_Box Chase being mad is a bad thing! I don’t know how to put it in simpler terms!

    • Maybe in some kind of snowball’s chance in hell, war gaming will see his rage(along with every other community contributor) and redo this grind

  12. Crap like this is why i only play warships casually now, like once every 2 months

  13. Mission: Earn 12 000 000 credits
    Reward: 10 000 credits
    Oh sir, you don’t have to be this generous.

  14. World of warships became a much happier experience for me when I finally got closure on the idea that I didn’t have to do everything and get everything that they put out

    • WoWs became a happier experience for me when I stopped playing the game and played something else.

    • @Hanson Tan This was my answer as well. I really enjoyed Wows, but the monetization has been REALLY bad for years. This sort of stuff is nothing new. I would never play another one of their games again.

      The design of this event is 100% by design to get you to pay a ton. I don’t mind paying regularly for an online game, but they are WAY too heavy handed.

    • I have been playing on and off since the beta ended, and still don’t have a tier X ship. I don’t really care. However with the more powerful premiums coming out, the game is edging closer to pay to win.

  15. They should do a live stream where they prove that this is doable

  16. I found out it’s easier to obtain the actual island, Puerto Rico.

  17. All those scenarios like 50 matches to do this, 75 matches to do that assume that you have a premium account, full flags and camos, you win all the matches at top of the score board (also must have a good match, not one where the enemy team collapses in 3 minutes and you do 40k damage if you’re lucky). There’s 0 chance of a f2p average player to complete this. even playing 20h a day I don’t think I could do it fast enough.

  18. they want to be historically accurated: Puerto Rico will never be finished

  19. you can actually feel the disapointment in his voice

  20. “Simply”
    You keep using that word… I don’t think it means what you think it means.

    • My name is Inigo Montoya you killed my fun, prepare to… Oh, forget it, If I have to grind that hard, I’ll just go back to playing EVE Online…

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