World of Warships: Puerto Rico in Clan Battles – [TSUN] vs [KAP]

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TSUN vs KAP. This match happened today. Things went really poorly for us at the start. Please don’t mind my poor aim.

0:00 Intro
0:27 Game Voice comms
15:17 End Screen
15:31 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 US large cruisers / super cruiser Puerto Rico.


  1. 6,152th!

    And you’re still my favourite Scottish WOWS YouTuber, Aerroon.

  2. Why no radar on your PR in this game?

    • It’s very rare that I would be able to radar a ship in CBs in a way that matters. I get much more use out of the scout plane, especially when it’s a match where I need to do a lot of shots across the map.

  3. go KAP go 🙂 🙂 good video

  4. ahh yes, the pay2rico.

  5. The Return of the King

  6. That point saving kill tho… best gameplay ever can I join your clan??

  7. If the enemy CV had done its job your flank would have been overrun 😀 but he didn’t lol, we are close to storm to league now, maybe we’ll face each other before you make it to hurricane /cheers!

  8. KAP is my clan, I wasn’t in this game though. GG from Germany!

  9. puerto rico is not that good for this clan battles, get easilly citadel by richofen and goliath thats startes become the counter for the petro’s is really favouring it since it burns like bb and has long cd so…yeah p2rico is not

  10. Your aim was a lot of bad RNG. I will say the chat sort of indicated no clear leader, no clear plan and some of the comments were “oof” when listening. You did well tho, Aerroon.

  11. Nice match. But imo the mistake wasn’t so much your long range accuracy as your choice of ammo. Way too much AP on angled targets. So many bounces.

  12. A Google User anonymous

    PR is so gorgeous in that camo … another treat I will never experience in my lifetime sadly.

  13. red lining in clan wars, should be named and shamed

  14. Good save there Aerroon, gotta say not sure who was calling the shots I can see you guys are good players but personally I would like some clearer comms, but still good win GG

  15. I consider using mods like that angle indicator to be sanctioned cheating…

  16. Julius Caesar Amora

    Whewww!! Thought you gonna go down there!

  17. 11:38 the crucial moment. Full HP cruiser comes around the corner and gets blapped. He would have won the game for them otherwise. Why, oh why, didn’t he put the rudder hard over to nose into you?

  18. Man! I love the PR awesome ship, but I love the Super Cruisers (CB) most, Azuma is my current favorite A floating citadel yes, but the Guns and HE rounds are amazing. GG on the clan battle o7

  19. Wow this is the first time I’ve seen a Puerto Rico with range mod and a spotter plane consumable!

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