World of Warships- Puerto Rico Is Back! IJN Light Cruisers Coming Soon, & New Maps!

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Hey guys, today we have some very special news coming out of the new Road Map for Summer and Fall of this year, enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

0:00 Channel Intro
0:11 Thank You For 35K Subs!
1:34 Puerto Rico Returning
8:16 Return of Operations
9:34 IJN Light Cruisers
11:03 New Maps
11:30 Closing Thoughts


  1. WG redemption arc, indeed. Let’s see if they can follow through with these very promising developments – one can hope!

  2. This IJN Light Cruisers branch may be what WG uses to reintroduce Kitakami. The mention of how the new line would make significant use of torpedoes makes me suspect the possibility.

    • The kitakami has 140mm guns, while the new line was announced to have 150mm dual purpose guns.
      But i wouldn’t be surprised to see it released as a premium at the same time.

    • The silhouette of the lower of the two ships blocked by the Japanese flag on the roadmap image has a very peculiar stern, one that looks like Kitakami’s.
      Oh shit, the rounded rudder is a dead giveaway.

    • @An idiot Yeah, I didn’t think that Kitakami would be on the main line, but as a premium to help sell the line.

  3. Stefano Crosazzo

    Puerto Rico dockyard seems interesting, the grind won’t obviously be THAT insane but of course harder than your typical T9 dockyard, I reckon. I’m expecting some substantially good rewards along the way, including mid tier ships.
    Seriously, I love 155 Mogami so much. The only thing she misses is a heal, and hopefully we will get that at T9-10.

    • T7 155, t8-10 are 150s, so probably no Mogami. You could just keep the 155s on the Mogami though, and imo they are the better choice, provided you spec IFHE. Tbh I would be more willing to get a premium 155 Mogami.

    • @Josh D The image in the roadmap shows 8 ships coming in the update, which we can believe to be accurate from the the last roadmap showing the silhouettes of the yet unrevealed French large cruisers. With 8 ships they can be broken down into the 6 tier 5-10 ships, one premium, and one odd man out. I see this as Mogami being moved to tier 7 and being replaced by Takao. Also of the silhouettes shown, the middle two on the right side to be Takao (above) and Mogami (below).

    • Casper Reininga

      @Josh D I’d actually guess that, since the only ship in the new line with 155mm guns is the tier 7, that Mogami will probably lose her 155mm guns while a Mogami class cruiser with 155’s will be added in the new line on tier 7.

    • Stephen Marshall

      On console we actually have the IJN Suzuya (Mogami class with 155) as a tier 7 so Im assuming you guys will get that in your tech line split

  4. As a testament to your content.. I was subscribed since just as you hit 2.5k subs. Congrats man.. you are one of the better WoWs content creators.

  5. WG is doing some really nice and interesting things, the compensation and the new line are really promising, but i still desperately wanted they fix some of the current problems.The 3 big elephants in the room: Unbalance class, unbalance MM and really bad economy system, they’re introducing the new system but i’m in doubt

    • Fall-short bug, too.

    • uninstalling feels great

    • How is the economy system bad?

    • The overpowered United States and Conde…being in a tier9 bb and dieing to the US cv in under 5 minutes, subs moving faster than British dd’s and practically needing 4 depth charger drops to kill one…the gap between a good Sub player and bad one is massive compared than surface ships. The ability for a 400 game player to play a tier x sub. The list just grows

  6. Marcus Jones Stinks

    WG wisdom says: let no created ship created by wg go to waste.

    Meaning every ship they ever made will come circle into the game at some point. I expect Kitakami to make a return to t10.

    There will never be a ship created by wg that will not recycle back in.

    • Antoine Chauvet

      Could be a supership instead.

    • @Marcus Jones Stinks @Antoine Chauvet Kitakami’s return was announced about a year ago, as a T10 and we’ve not heard anything since. The biggest change other than being moved up to T10 was the addition of a heal.

  7. Riccardo Locatelli

    The puerto rico wasn’t even that good of a ship, medium armor, terrible terrible guns (shotgun), the radar presence was nice but apart for that she was a not worth the money in any case nor it is now….

  8. Jacob Lounsbury

    The British battlecruisers sound like they’re going to be Brawlers from what I understood watching the waterline episode they’re also releasing the Saint Lawrence I believe as a special ship

  9. Malgus Kerensky

    Hope they do a re-run on Odin dockyard at some point, really missed out on that ship. Rest seems interesting but think some big priorities were missed in the roadmap..

  10. I was playing when the PR dumpster fire for Puerto Rico happened. Alot of people protested that disaster. I myself protested that debacle the first time around even though I have puerto rico in my port (after spending, hours and dubloons). Only ONE PERSON during the first iteration with Puerto Rico managed to successfully complete the ship without ANY assistance (i.e. Dubloons). and that was confirmed via the website and other content creators (some which are no longer CC’ or with WG). so compensation is a great way to get a new ship…Hmm. Cant wait for me to get the Ragnar.

  11. As the tier 7 japanese CL is supposed to have 155mm guns there a chance its Oyodo wich would be nice to have a real ship, but at the same time i have some doubts about a CL with only 6 155s at T7 so its more likely its a paper ship…

  12. I know they don’t go super early in the split tech tree ships, but I hope to see IJN Nagara as one of those light cruisers. I’ve wanted to see her in game since the beginning.

  13. It is going to be interesting to see the concealment of these cruisers since the ijn line is stealthy

  14. Credit where it is due, WG did learn their lesson with the Dockyard and the PR Disaster (They kind of had to, sounds familiar…) but since then the Dockyard has been pretty fair all round; you can whale it if you want the new-shiny or you can grind away with a small Dub outlay for a decent bargain, and generally all the Dockyard ships have something to offer. Sure they can be expensive to whale but overall, I think the Dockyard is balanced. I really like Odin especially.
    And the compensation for owners of the PR is a nice touch, more evidence of the new WG attitude, something that is still very much under an intense spotlight for me.

    I really like the Operations, they’re a really great way to take a breather from Ranked and Randoms (Narai is great fun) and Cherry Blossom was hella fun.

    There seem to be lots of positive news, things like the training missions for new players stuck out to me. General happy thumbs up there from me, have a cookie from me as well WG.

  15. As a Puerto Rican, I can not express how important this ship is to a collection.

  16. You have earned the following by the good content you put out. You are the primary presenter I go to for information and reviews. In general WG is trying to be a better version of what and who they are.

  17. Overall those IJN ships in that image are actually in the game already, I can make out the shape of the B65 which we have two variants in the game, I also see a sort of Agano Class, Myoko, Takao, and Aoba. I do see some others there that seem more like ships like the Oyodo-class and the Ioshima class but I don’t know, the image isn’t exactly detailed for me to identify anything.

  18. Half a decade following you, always pulled me through dark times thank you I really owe you my life

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