World of Warships – Puerto Rico Tier 10 Premium USN Cruiser Overview

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Well, this is awkward…


  1. Heavy Cruiser design CA2-D.
    I always hoped this ship would make it in the game.

    The US made scores of preliminary Super Cruiser designs.
    One design that I hope to see one day was to be armed with 6 x 12 inch guns in twin turrets.

  2. Đức Việt Nguyễn

    At 5:10 when you shoot the Mino, that seems like the dispersion bug people have been talking about, not limited to just PR. I sometimes get that bug too and it’s pretty annoying.

  3. Its over all a decent ship, the problem is that Alaska is Literally better and is a tier lower making it Even better.

  4. Now apply everything you have learned about your experience with this ship , and see how it relates to WOWS overall development, tactics, and execution of priority number one.
    Then u c that its all on purpose. No such thing as bad publicity! D. J. Trump is merely a big score in the game of “Longest Game”! It doesn’t matter how long it takes to play the game, but as long as you win. If you choose the dark side , & are totally comfortable with that. Then being evil is just your point of view… Just ask Hitler or Stalin … $ = max XP! Get that & then upgrade and of course spend a little $ on th way. … Got us all talking about them don’t they…?

  5. There is talk of a bug going around, but keep in mind that with 12 shells, at least 11 of them will fall short 13 out of every 4096 salvos (~1/315). 1/4096 of salvos _all_ of them will fall short. If zero is exactly at the waterline and you don’t have a long fuse, it’s not outside the realm of possibility to get seriously trolled by RNG once every 10 games or so.

  6. Great vid dude

  7. I might give the double rudder shift a go. The concealment is so bad, I don’t think the module is worth it.

  8. I knew you would hate it considering it was going to be hard to beat your experience in the Alaska. In that video, a viewer can tell how much you enjoy playing it especially when you got in close. I too tested PR and thought it needed more as well. What I’ve noticed is they don’t listen to the testers/players but rely to heavily on their ‘data’

  9. So basically you want to know the numbers of Payto Ricos and Playto Ricos ingame 🙂 You’re not the only one …

  10. When you look back at B6’s commentary for Alaska which made me buy that ship in the first place, it truly is a stark contrast on the opinion for this thing. Not surprising honestly.

  11. I try not to look at Puerto Rico as Alaska 2.0, but more like Montana 0.5
    Not being a fan of the range I decided to go with range mod instead of reload mod. I know I’m weird, but I can hit over 20km now.

    • I was going to make that comparison in the video but I think it works even less that way.

      I’ve tried the range mod as well but got bit a few too many times by the reload in closer engagements.

  12. Tbh I really like mine – sadly I now have to grind all my legendary modules so I cannot play the ships I like for a while lol
    She’s a great brawler against ships without torps 😛 That’s her niche. A great ship? Probably not…but in the right situation a ton of fun.
    And the occasional long range blap is also nice.

  13. “This ship leaves a bad taste in my mouth.”
    Unlike the delicious taste of Toblerone! #sponsor

  14. I’m getting sick and tired of these guys complaining their OP ship is not OP enough. Come on, the ship has some HUGE advantages but all you do is complain it’s not OP enough?
    The PR is a super maneuverable BB with Hydro & Radar, it is (unlike the Stalingrad) impossible for cruisers to citadel and can happily sail close to BBs without being afraid of getting citadelled through the front. If it had perfect dispersion it would have been a T12 ship.

  15. This is the most honest review for this ship 🙂

  16. True, nice 3D modeling – When do we 1st person tour the decks of these models while in port? How did you get the PR? Sell you soul?

    • That’s a really cool idea…

      As for how I got the PR I have a press account and my main account. On the main account I did a few if the directives and had a bunch of gold lying around so why not. Nothing else to do with it

  17. The dockyard is just a nicely designed way of obscuring costs, laying sunk cost fallacy traps AND heavy time gating at the very same time! Praising this – even if it might be graphically pleasing – is beyond me. This “feature” is an attempt to sell sugar coated dog shit as chocolate.

  18. It was the bullshit that put the final nail in WG’s coffin for me. Great video review as always Business!

  19. you only got 9 of 12 shells that landed because the first 9 took out the ship……….if you hit a ship with 16 torps but the first 4 take them out you only see four torp hits….just sayin

    • That’s not true at all, lol. He’s literally sitting there with a touch of health because I didn’t kill him. Watch it again

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