World of Warships: Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico doing some work. Angling is still helpful!

of Warships of the tier 10 US cruiser Puerto Rico.


  1. Oh yes daddy give me more videos

  2. You should change camera angle, so you can get broadside during drive by

  3. Nguyễn Hoàng Hà

    should I take range mod or reload mod? (for my tier 9 Pay2 Rico)

  4. “Small battleship”, just call it Battlecruiser, even though an US called it “Large cruiser”

  5. Aerroon : im gonna citadel the kremlin
    kremlin armor : nope you cant

  6. great video Aerroon. thanks! its really cool that you explain your reasoning throughout the battle. helps me learn )

  7. As soon as you said: at this range my shells should be able to punch through the armor and citadel the Kremlin, I just said: “No you wont! 500mm belt too stronk for puny capitalist shells!”

    Kremlin very balans xaxaxaxaxaxaxa

  8. that kremlins belt armor was like, GTFO aerroon

  9. How about playing PrinzEugen next time

  10. Hate playing vs this ship its citadel is missing and the AP is disgusting

    • Here on NA, I’ve seen a grand total of 2 Puerto Ricos since they were released. I guess the EU whales play more than the NA whales?

  11. Great vid as always, fun that i saw you in Slava recently. But when you tried to pen Bismarck in this vid you can pen it with easy, but you need to aim higher, aim at upper armerbelt. 👍

  12. Wtf was the Richrleu thinking when he shot u for 8k? Does he not know that shells cant fly through friendly ships (yet)?

  13. The first half was very satisfying and good and the second half… well the second half felt like a triple cv game and you are a destroyer. But nonetheless great video

  14. You should play with GZ more often 😀

  15. First time I’ve actually liked seeing this ship. Thanks Aerroon

  16. I really want this ship and am kinda sad I missed it when it came out, I hope it comes back at some point without the terrible grind or the 200 buck price tag though.

  17. Slipping into the cap at the start like a boss! Good job Aerroon👍

  18. “once you sunk, its difficult to deal dmg”

    CV laughing from the air, spotting for 2 minutes and then dropping fighters

  19. u didn’t citadel the kremlin cuz kermlin main belt is kind of angled like this “>” u hit the down part which shatter even yama guns at close range next time try hitting the upper part

  20. The Puerto Rico is the most broken ship in clan battles. Even a Venezia can be citadeled by a Des Moines.

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