World of Warships – Pulling an MVP amongst the best players

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Final game between RAIN and ENUF. They both took 1 match in this Bo3 and whoever wins this one will go to semi-finals.

It is in THIS match where one of the best and most coordinated plays in entire KotS XI has happened (at least from games I watched).

If it wasn’t for this play, I’m pretty sure we would have different winner at the end.

Enjoy and have fun watching and let me know what you think.

There’s been few more awesome plays that I’m considering to share 😉

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  1. I think Flambass got the teams ships the wrong way round, I think haha, definitely a jingles moment

  2. mikxgaming254 kimmikx

    Am going to do what’s called a pro gamer play…😲👏👏 That play destroying the turrets and the DD play was killer

  3. Wow, awesome!

  4. I’ve seen this live, one of the best moves of all this day’s matches.

  5. Interesting ship choices. Really highlights the game state ‘balans’

    • It’s pretty much just is EU tho. EU is wild with their crutch Russian super cruisers. NA meta is way more even with tons of DM/Salem, Venezia, shima etc. teams that bring too much Petro or Stalin get rolled by the dpm of more aggressive line ups. Honestly EU meta is pretty boring since all the Russian BCs are super defensive

    • @Andrew Duan Wasn’t the EU meta exactly what you just described before Petro was released? Pretty sure Venezias/DMs/Somers/some Salems/EU-dds and a variety of battleships (mostly still Kremlin though) were the meta some time ago.

    • Marisare yeah, but it seems EU has taken an extreme liking to Petro. Some NA teams have tried super heavy Petro/Stalin line ups with 4 or more Petros in the team, but this tends to lead to super slow and defensive games that surrender the ability to make decisive plays and output damage or create openings. The line up worked in NA against a few teams which made bad mistakes and sailed into crossfires, but generally was countered pretty easily by DDs and DMs. So it is much less common in NA. EU however seems to have developed a completely different system/meta and I would love to see the Kots NA vs Kots EU match to see which comes out on top.

  6. That was the best game of the entire tournament imo

  7. Guess I need to start watching these they actually are pretty interesting.

  8. ENUF‘s kleber is absolutely wonderful

  9. The EU meta and the NA meta is so different. Even with shop bans in NA, EU loved Russian Cruisers whereas NA and Asia love to bring more DPM, Yamato. Petro and Stalin is pretty popular, but teams that lean on it tend to get ruined by DMs and somers.

  10. It`s called a “Mexican stand-off” due to the movie: “The good, the Bad and the Ugly”

  11. We did it…most intense game I had the last years…and I like the pick by flambass…game of the tournament

  12. weegee: Petro is fine

    *6 petros per game*

    • actually, petro itself is pretty weak. it is only strong in numbers. limiting the number of allowed ships per name would pretty much erase petros tbh

  13. I like this Stalingrad Player 😀

  14. Sometimes I almost forget that Flambass isn’t American and then he says something like “a barrel of powder” haha. (powder keg)

  15. Romper Stomper 4Life

    At some point one of these teams will say “enough is not enough” and then things will get hairy

  16. This one poor real ship does not fit to this picture. WTF has become to this “WW2 historical naval game”?

  17. The preponderance of fantasy Russian units speaks volumes about the dramatic downturn in World of Warships.

  18. >Double Goliath

    What in the everliving hell?

  19. King Of The Camps. I don’t like this meta.

  20. Damn I’ve never been on edge watching a replay

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