World of Warships- Pure British Bias

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Hey guys! Today we have KingTiger in his St. Vincent! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. LOVE this line! I think my favorite ship right now is the Rooke. It is fast, very fast, the guns are VERY consistent and hit crazy hard, and match making is really good at T7.

  2. As a British fan I approve of this.

  3. I felt like the British battlecruiser line are just better version of the BB line.

    • Thats the German BC Line!

    • The normal British BB line seems unnecessary these days. Sure HE spam will never get powercrept, but vincent line also has great HE spam and much better and consistent AP. They are faster, more fun to play with the speed boost and Vincent gets that troll citadel for some reason. Grind is also much better. Hawke and Duncan vs Monarch and Lion isn’t even a competition.
      Imo the british BC line is a bit too strong.
      There isn’t any reason these days to play the old British BB line.

  4. I prefer the mad lad build, its just more fun. The skill that gives you boost to your reload time when you’re set on fire is called furious.
    Fearless brawler is a dd skill that gives you reload boost when you are detected and is unavailable to bbs.
    Close quarters combat is a skill that gives you 10% boost when you are in secondary range but putting is on St. Vincent is pointless because you whould have to invest into secondaries.

    • Even going madlad, I just can’t see sacrificing detection range or healing in favor of close quarter combat, you shouldn’t be getting this close to other ships often enough for it to be worth it.

  5. Alonso Ovando Chico

    “Three hundred and twelve thousand damage”. Where are you getting this number, Sea Lord? XD

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      In his email to me he mis-labeled it as a 312K game on the heading, so when I pulled up the end game screen, that was on the subject line and I swapped the numbers out in my head for some reason lol

    • Yeah I might have gotten confused myself because the wowsreplay file says 312k for some reason

  6. 4:55 depth strike planes don’t spot anything or damage anything other than subs, now if the dd had AA on which is highly unlikely you could see the AA tracers, but you’d have to be looking.

  7. The other St Vincent did use their funny torpedo, just before you mentioned the “war crime” ;~)

  8. I love the Edinburgh…. With passion! In pvp and pve

  9. I’ve always been “meh” about the mainline Brit BBs, but love the BC line. All of them are great. My second highest Dmg, ever, is in the Duncan (just played it a lot more than the Vince). Great vid.

  10. When I saw that Ohio shells coming in, I was like “use that superheal before the shell lands”. That definitely saved me a few times, you can heal one cit worth of damage between the time you see shells coming and them actually hitting you.

  11. Thats was a GREAT game!! Im not a BB main but that makes me want to!!

  12. Professional AntiChrist Hater

    Love St. Vincent, got my damage record it it.

  13. 4:24 – A lot of players use air dropped depth charges as a way of scouting. Unless enemy players have their AA turned off/disabled. The ships get spotted when their AA starts going off to take the planes down.

    — Im inclined to believe that KingTiger was using it this way as you can see where both enemy subs were on the map and i doubt they would have made it to where he was dropping the depth charges in time.

  14. Moon Cricket Stinks

    Enemy st Vincent did use their funny torp. 9:53 far left. He torped the massa.

  15. WoW, 323K damage by single ship not a shame for whole battle group.
    Well done.

  16. Arizona Anime-Fan

    i just had a recent game in the thunderer where i got “just” 214k damage and i realized at the end of the battle “that was a terrible match”. it was at that moment i remember just how busted the thunderer was.

  17. Vincent is one of my favorite BBs, tied with bourg and schlieffen

    Fantastic guns with great consistency, awesome AP, great HE, plus shes got the ridiculous speed, great conceal, the funni torps, the acceleration, and the super heal

    Just a really fun ship, I just love fast BBs, and having such great guns on platform this mobile is fantastic

    She is pretty overtuned tho, being pretty hard to citadel broadside with its french like armor, spaced armor and turtleback on her waterline citadel, ive eaten more citadels in her from the bow than I have being broadside by a substantial margin

  18. Good game King Tiger! Great video! o7 SLM!

  19. The other ST V did use it torp at about the 9:50 mark just as focus shifted from Stalingrad back to ST V you can see it. You just were not paying attention.

  20. What’s IFA?

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