World of Warships – Pushing Your Luck

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The Mikhail Kutuzov, so good they had to stop selling it. Now it’s impossible to get one. Well… almost impossible…

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Early video today jingles

  2. Jingles Keep up the Great Work in the Salt Mines. Love your vids. Been here since 2015! I have gained so much skill in WoT and WoW. You are making the community a better place. I’m A Battleship player and I don’t sail broadside on cause of you. You even inspired me to join the navy when I’m out of school. Thank you Jingles!

  3. dammit, jingles I already a had a few pages of PH loaded up. chill

  4. Already one dislike.

  5. First CANADIAN!!!

  6. 4 People claiming first and im here watching a jingles vid when im ment to be getting ready for college…

  7. Jingles you donkey! Ive scrolled through your entire channel and not a single video on the soviet churchill mk 3!Take this thing out or i’ll be forced to execute order xaxaxa)))

    • 5uperMar1ne well i recall a video somewhere after tankfest last year.

    • Joseph Stalin hurm, from what ive witnessed it was just the one of a jingles 5 years younger than now?

    • Joseph Stalin ah yes I found the video you were referencing, unfortunately it was just a montage of churchill clips that happened to start with the mark 3. I still stand by my original offer of a dedicated video to this underestimated machine-gun of a tank.

    • 5uperMar1ne the turret front is terrible.

    • Joseph Stalin true, 88mm of unangled steel is a bit bad and unfortunately that is a common weak spot among the churchill series…Gotta love that 174mm front hull plate at tier 5 though >:)

  8. Jingles? This early? You must be out of town 😉

  9. Jemarc Quash Boxhill

    AHahahaha good morning jingles this is long time subscriber from back in time it’s 2:30 here the salt mines are at 62%

    • 62% isn’t good enough, increase salt mine production to 90% or else you’re going to be put further down into the mines were it’s hard to breath and extra hot. – From: Jingles second in command.

    • Jemarc Quash Boxhill i was sure i was on shift in the mines alone

    • LivingTheFate – You must of been in the deepest part of the mines then, i’ll be sure to add another worker down there with you.

  10. never go on sale again? like the e25 in WoT? that kind of “never go on sale again”?

  11. Nr 100 awesome. What a day


    It’s 1:33 in the morning and i have ap tests tomorrow. But its a new jingles video 🙂

  13. Hang on… Princess Anne thinks that tanks are more important than a Wedding? At last, reason comes to the royal court.

    • jappie2 maybe my comment was original comment was a bit too insensitive. Let’s not turn this into a game of throwing salt at each other. All I’m trying to say is I don’t see the point of the royal hype… If you think otherwise, then OK. You have an opinion, I have one too.

    • Adam Redmayne Damn are you an American with lots of guns?

    • Far from it actually haha, Unarmed Australian.

    • Meh i agree with you on both the hype and opinions, some people are just a bit prickly, There are 7 billion of us everyone’s different and this is the Internet, it happens lmao.

    • Branko Milicevic

      @Jericho Viray KILL A COMMIE FOR MOMMY!

  14. Jekub Fimbulwing

    Ships so good that they will NEVER be sold again
    Mikael Kutuzov
    Both Russian, coincidence?

    • dont forget HMS Belfast at least she is not Russian 😉 oh and the Imperal Nikoli … ( I hope I spelled it right .. it’s early and I am not awake … yet lol )

    • Koenig Albert (the tier III tier IV) German BB was one too I think.

  15. Insert name here -

    Nah jingles is entertaining

  16. “This is the Soviet premium tier 8 all gun cruiser.” An all gun cruiser with torpedoes? Wonders never cease…

  17. woah who are you and what have you done with jingles?

  18. James Henderson

    Stupid PTW ship.

    But well played at the end. Admirable.

  19. E25 of world of warships confirmed, not being sold because it’s too good XD

  20. Sometimes being a bad cop pays off. Yesterday at the start of the match I said in chat that I was going to torp any and every camping BB and that I dont care if I get banned.
    ALL battleships joined the frontline (even a Fuso), cruisers were a second line and it was brilliant.
    We won and I dont remember if we even lost a single ship.

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