World of Warships – Q&A – Ask Me Anything!

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Gameplay today on this computer:

Core -4790K CPU
Playing at 2560 x 1440



  1. Will you play Fallout on stream sometime?

  2. Hey man! I really love your vids, but these streams are timed to badly for
    me 🙁 It’s always past 1 AM when you start streaming so I can’t watch it :(

  3. “my lovely wife, there she is. She’s a hand” – Tech Deals, 2016

  4. Thanks for watching everyone!

  5. *NOTE* Current plan is to stream Star Wars: The Old Republic tomorrow night
    (Friday, the 16th) with my son (we’ll group up and do stuff together). It
    will be a “lets play” video more than a Q&A, to celebrate Star Wars: Rogue
    One’s launch…

  6. If Zen does perform to spec and they do cost significantly less with
    intel’s prices drop dramatically? Or?

  7. now that’s a deal

  8. RickyBobby BobbyRicky

    Is you wife native to the USA?

  9. Do you play csgo or h1z1

  10. i missd the stream???

  11. nice go bro 🙂 i got my pc like 7 years 🙂 ( case , psu , mobo , ram , cpu)
    gpu change 2x 🙂 by the time i brough it :)

  12. which is the better budget card, gtx 1050 or rx 470?

  13. MethanolMan aka JWitt301

    How do you put your face in your videos ? What program do you use ?

  14. Quick (unrelated) question: What test were you running in AIDA64 on the
    $4000 PC to get the 58.8ºC? I’m asking because I have the same CPU and
    cooler and I’m getting high temps at 4.2GHz (with the same fan

  15. Are we going to have an opinion video about the new AMD processor? Love
    your videos and the effort you are putting in the channel :]

  16. how many ship you have ……a lot 🙂 nice stream man go foward lol

  17. wesker dude, seriously start use your sunglasses already

  18. Often we appreciate the person in front of the camera. Therefore let me
    just take a second and thank your wife for all the support that she
    provided to help you help us. Enjoying the video of the stream along with
    the discussion. Thanks…. :)

  19. i’m installing Warships now via your link, I currently only have an i5-2320
    with 16gb ram and 6870 GPU. It’s probably not worth upgrading my GPU at
    this point without doing my CPU too right?

  20. Oh please do a series of history of pc components

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