World of Warships – Quack quack quacken

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If it’s about this ship, you know it has to have some weird sounds involved. It’s one and only Benham. One of the most fun to play torp ships in the entire game. This thing spits more torps during 1 match then entire navy would have in its possession.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Yugumo needs TRB the other slot

  2. Рангел Кочаров

    Quackin Quacken!! Ahahahahahah

  3. honestly, what is the other USN DD line good for anymore after this?

  4. Flambass’ presence just makes the enemy team completely stoopid…

  5. “You get a torp. And you get a torp. Everyone gets torps!”

  6. Damn carier it was hunting on me all the game wtf.

  7. I think you were playing against bots. They were just lining up and doing nothing to counter. When I play a dd in a carrier game the CV is all over me, the enemy ships don’t sail in a straight line and the radar ships actually know how to use it. Every so often you get a game where the enemy just ignores you.

  8. QuaQuaQua Quacken! -Flambass 2019

  9. Welease the Quacken!

  10. 124 Torps, one every 6 seconds xD

  11. Flambass is OP, make him wear Mittens…………lol
    The man has God Tier skills.

    • he doesnt have anything that anyone else playing the same amount of games he’s played has.. god skills lmao pigs ass, he’s good but GOD hell no.

  12. renting out my Buildt into my hand Aimbot for 200 Euros an hour (pm me) :’)

  13. Why waste your money on an aim bot when you can get the new PVE AI they pulled back to grind your account for you?

  14. make not dun of Gretha… you bad bad bad “How dare you”….

  15. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming swimming (in a straight line) ?

  16. love your vids man. and ty for the lessons about decision making when in a destroyer. watching you play DD has taught me a lot for use in my own game play. hopefully I will one day instill the fear on the enemy team that you do. lol.

  17. “Georgia are You serious?’?

  18. It pains me to see how broken Benham is, when they nerf both the gun and torp reload on the Chung Mu 🙁

  19. when Flambass launches torpedoes on a ship, it goes staight ahead without slowing down or speeding up : it never turns me on ! Are they paralysed when they discover the name FLAMBASS ?

  20. I remember that old ‘Aim bot’ WG even said for a while it was alright to use, got curious used it and saw my performance decrease 😀

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