World of Warships – Queen Elizabeth – Majestic Damage

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A replay from Elessar_warrior playing the , highest QE damage in NA and also some good lessons to learn from the battle.

Music by: Give No Quarter by shan5481#1538 on my Discord 🙂


  1. Can you do a a video where you talk about your opinion of patch 0.7.0?

  2. Alright iChase, if Disney took over wargaming and said “you can only keep one battleship line,” which one would you keep?

    I just used Disney because they have a way with ruining things I enjoy.

  3. There are legitimate reasons to think many IJN DDs are in a rough place compared with their same tier counterparts, but the number who seem to think “I am an IJN DD and thus cannot ever use these strange gun things on my ship” doubtless adds to their problems. Just shows a complete lack of understanding of mechanics (QE’s, as with other tier 6 BBs generally, burn like their decks are covered in fuel-soaked rags) and how to assess a situation (in this case, QE is firing on our QE and thus can’t rotate guns on me so I’m free to shoot with HE, plus can’t turn to get majority of secondaries on me either).
    Nice play by Elessar, bad levels of fail from certain enemies.

    • Steeltrap Well tbh the “no gun on IJN DD” is actually from the OBT, when their gun was worse than present day. 😉

    • I played from Alpha to release, so I know what you’re saying. Even then it was more a case of their torps were so good there was no need to give yourself away with guns. But a BB on 5k health that can’t shoot back? That’s just stupid, lol.

    • Steeltrap True indeed. XD

  4. Enemy team are a bunch of glue eaters lul

  5. That salvo in the NM was a replay bug, and in the citadel on the fuso i actually was aiming at the QE and overshot, hitting the fuso 😀

  6. IMHO if by T6 a player has not learned angling and the WASD Hack odds are high they never will.

  7. The one and only ship I have completely free xp’d through.

    • Same here. I’ve thinking it’s one of this ships which are supposed to be skiped. I’m surprised it have 3D model and stuff and she is playable. Well, it is probably because it’s not that hard to slightly remodel warspite… ctrl+c ctrl+v

    • I played this a bit and skipped because it got too frustrating

    • the ship is great and i never considered skipping it.
      Iron Duke on the other hand…was just ok…barely

  8. When 80% of the teammates are like this, that’s why you go platoon, yet ppl still call us seal clubbing. I am not even joking, you see noobs like this in tier 10s and they just can’t stop feeding.

  9. Flamu had a solution on that “shift thing”

  10. *sips on tea*

  11. Hey chase I have a low tier game but I clubbed a bunch of seals 😀 is it too filthy to be shown 😛

  12. No offense but I miss your old introduction to your videos, Thanks!

  13. Excellent breakdown of the play. Thanks, iChase!

  14. that “replay bug” happends to me when i have bad connection…. probably choppy connection

  15. WG’s fault for not really implementing a proper training program to teach players how to take advantage of gameplay mechanics? Really?! More like their fault for introducing naval combat mechanics that aren’t real!

    • ‘Realistic’ WWII naval combat mechanics would be quite different yes. Can you imagine trying to get a disparate group of folks with random levels of useful knowledge and who’ve never even met in real life; to actually stay in formation, let alone execute a coherent, briefed battle plan?

    • kinda both actually, if theyre not introducing real naval combat, they should have proper introduction. But still WG need to introduce it anyway, if they used real naval combat mechanics.

  16. That Guilio is like Marcus Williams with an easy play to make, doesn’t make it. It cost them the game, playoffs, and maybe superbowl. Sad times. lol

  17. Didn’t care for the QE

  18. thats like a game i had a few days ago where were 3 ships left on my team including myself and the enemy only had one bb left in play and i was running low on hp and the enemy bb had almost full health so what did i do i took my Missouri with its 5k hp and rammed a almost full health montana. ta da game winning ram

  19. Hey iChase. How does one send a video to you?
    Keep up the good work!

  20. Great game in the Liz, boy talk about huge blunders on the enemy team.  Only 323K credits, should have been more for that game.

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