World of Warships – Queen of the Potatoes

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When is a potato not a potato? When it’s a 43% win rating player like this putting in this kind of performance. It’s people playing like this who restore my faith in humanity.

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  1. Hey jingles I found out about your channel a couple weeks ago. Now I’m playing wows as well. And enjoying video you have made.

  2. i am ready for my next tour in the salt mines Jingles!! lol

  3. to every one says first be warned I Have A Blue Shell

  4. Imagine this. I thought I was the first. Guess the salt mines are more populous than I thought. 2 mins in and already 6 more miners before me.

  5. YES! Thanks Jingles! Crystal is a friend of mine and I’m the one who sent it in for her.

    She showed it to me initially and was all “is this a good game? I don’t know.”. My reaction was “Jingles. Right now”.

    iChase did this replay a week or so ago, and when he messaged me about it, he asked me what her winrate was.
    His reaction was something along the lines of “Good heavens! 43%?! I expected 55%, based on that performance!” and “GREAT SCOTT!” (or words to that effect) 😛

    • Is she a BB-only player? Cause if so then that explains her winrate lol. BBs getting absolutely shafted and throwing games simply by existing is the order of the day.

    • @carmastrikes i actually play a mix of all things, it simply took me 3 years to get the hang of the game properly

    • @crystal wisp second time I have seen this FDG replay (first was Chase) and it just gets better the more I watch it … nicely done!

    • @carmastrikes im BB and Cruiser player have 52.6% WR. My BBs survivability rate is 40% with avg dmg 69k, idk its low or not but i guess we should know that called “position”. If your position is good well i guess u can deal with lot of thing that we scared of and map awareness also know when we need to retreat

    • She’s really good! My comps to her!

  6. Did anyone else see Queen of the potato and think oh gawd here he goes picking on Rita again

  7. You don’t really respect the Nelson’s guns do you?
    You respect the fires they cause

  8. Jingles just confirmed that the Blyskawica is not a destroyer, despite what the symbol tries to tell you.

  9. I am the same kinda potato… I have been playing WoW since the very beginning, but I play just few hours a week. I am a “recreational” gamer… So, my stats are bad, I am not that experienced, and make bad decisions. I have only 2 Tier X ships, because that is what I was able “grind” with the amount of hours I played. The rules change faster than I can be used to them, and all of my favorite ships were power creeped into crappiness. But I play good enough that more than 50% of the game I am in the top 3.

  10. though unlikely, she definitely could’ve thrown the match by dying, her teammates had next to no health.

  11. Well, keep playing like this and that winrate isn’t going to be that low for long.

    Also, I use flux too 😀

  12. This match was featured by iChase last week. Took you long enough Jingles.

  13. i dont know my win rate. but the only byas i have is when i pick my french destroyer every time there is an aircraft carrier on the other team

  14. “unlucky with rng.” really? The times I’ve shot at broadside ships aiming at the waterline, hitting the bow, stern and superstructure, and just getting overpens, maybe some pens and no citadels at all beg to differ that this was bad rng.

    Sometimes it really makes you wonder what you’re doing wrong aiming wise. -.-

  15. ‘Last surviving Destroyer’
    Eeeerrrr Jingles, they still have 2 DDs, they’ve only lost a single ship….

  16. Excellent game, I wish I could play that well most matches.

    Also, damn, Jingles was right about the WR denying commenters. I didn’t think people would fall for it. WR is literally a tool that tells you how often you win, so arguing that you’re good but X always happens still doesn’t make you win any more often.

  17. Trying to shoo away flux pop up, only to realise it’s not mine.

  18. The Mighty Giggles At Sea
    Episode- Queen of the Potatoes
    Bravo Crystal!

  19. I wont really deny the winrate, but I wont count on someone’s winrate too much. It only takes in the account of winning and losing. And in my mind, there should be one that is more based on skill. I mean everyone can have a bad day. The RNG can screw you over. And frankly, I had seen some (Even myself at times in some operations) be able to do better then all the players in a match, and still lose. In fact I would say that this reply does show what I mean. She might had some really bad luck, day or RNG to give her the 43% winrate, but she did show here that she does know the game and does taking in account of all the different things in the match. I mean I wont say Im bad nor good in like World of Tanks, but even I can get caught with pants down and the hand in the cookie jar. A really good player cant pull out a win if he or she is alone against a large group of players.

    However I do want to say that her targeting to destroyers is good when it is needed. But I would had loved, something that is quite good in my opinion, if she had switched to HE. It had done some huge damage to the destroyers in that caliber of guns, and she will also lower the risk of getting over pen on the AP shells. But it depends if she feels like she knowing the ship well. I mean it might not had worked as well, and I know battleships with smaller caliber might be able to pull off with AP instead. Like Scharnhorst

  20. Jingles = King of the replay commentary potatoes. FFS man.

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