World of Warships – Questionable PINK gameplay CARRY?

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Chat wanted to see Chung Mu. I haven’t played it in a long while and decided to give it a go. It didn’t take me long to be a part of a…accident xD

I turned pink and got called by my teammates for questionable gameplay.

Well…letss see how that turned out in the end.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Flambinolein, torps from the second line … a typical rookie mistake 😉

  2. 4:00 for the… accident :>

  3. And Flambino didn’t even apologize. Naughty naughty.

    • And he wasn’t really turning left, he just made a slight course correction. Funny how Flambass made the title “Questionable Pink”! Really?

    • Well would you look at you guys,questioning his deeds like it was a case of a….”questionable pink”.

    • Did you guys even watched? Dude was suiciding anyway going full potato against 2 t10bbs but heh potato’s gonna potat also he was turning left and then went full right and didnt even react so he prob wanted to go faster to port

  4. Was pretty clear there was a good chance that Gneisenau would come in the way of your torps…

    • I agree, careless torp drop. The rest of the game was great though

    • Would have served him well, if he had said sorry for his rookie mistake. Guess he didn´t feel the need for that 🙁

    • Usually if I see.smoke I dont turn my ship so my flank is exposed to the smoke, I slam it into reverse and wiggle my rudder +5° to -5° so as to minimize my profile, and to confuse the other play as to if I am turning. So both issue were rookie mistakes, we all make them.

    • Tbh, gneis was pretty dead anyway. And, given the situation he was, typing an apology would have gotten him sunk.

    • The Gneisenau’s best way to disengage was to peel off to the right at one point, and then instead chose to come closer to the FDG guns to the left. It makes little sense. Especially when a Kitakaze and Yugumo are around him waiting for him to turn left.

  5. lt was a gneissenau, ofc it was going to manouveur

  6. Loved that game!!! Even when he ate your torps! while watching i know he was gonna turn right lol great plays flambino

  7. Why didnt you have jingles voice activated?! 😀

  8. “Kind of team-damaged”? Yeah, that drop was all on you, Flambass. I can understand friendlies wandering in from a different part of the map to derp their way into a torpedo spread, especially when you warn them of said spread. But a drop like that, especially when it is that close to a friendly without warning them of torpedoes, is all on you. Enjoy your temporary pinkness.

    • Yeah I learned to never shoot torps from behind a friendly even if I assumed they would play correctly because we all know they will do dumb things like turn broadside to half an enemy team. Just don’t torp behind your team is the easy rule.

  9. Took move. But we’re all rooks once in a while.

  10. wow smh … U need one of those red “that was easy” buttons

  11. Left turn ? He was in full right turn when you released torps . Great game tho 😉 .

  12. Wow, that’s the worst blunder I’ve ever seen Flambass make.

  13. Like jingles said, once you fire torps, they are no one’s friends.

  14. Jimmiar Reltherford

    That ending was insane. Hell of a job, Flambass. Epic

  15. tbf, when Flambino dropped the first set of torps, the Gneis looked like he was either going parallel to them or slightly turning to port.

  16. love your tactics man. I try to use them when I can and some times I even make it look like I know what im doing. lol

  17. a cunning plan, torping you own friendly bb to lure the opposing fleet into a false sense of security. masterfully done

  18. I’m really surprised you didn’t at least offer an apology. Not cool, dude.

  19. lets be honest he was already fcuked from the enemy torps ahahahhahaa

  20. Second set of torps definitely was a mistake as his teammate clearly started turning right in between the launch of the first set and the second one.

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