World of Warships – Quick Cut: Tier X Premium American Cruiser USS Puerto Rico

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I seem to keep stumbling into games in Tier X Premium American Cruiser USS Puerto Rico where I’m afforded the opportunity to showcase how tanky the ship is because the rest of my team can’t manage to stay alive more than a few minutes. This game on North is no exception, as I finally succumb to a narrow loss with 2.9 million potential damage.

In an effort to keep a better flow of content coming, I’m going to pretty up some of my more interesting Twitch games from a given week and share them on the channel. It kind of goes against my innate need to have a good-looking finished product, but I’m going to try this and see what you guys think. Please let me know in the comments. These are much faster to produce than my normal stuff, but are a little less polished.



  1. Great game Raptor! Just letting you know, the audio is a bit behind the video. Totally not to be that guy in the comments, just thought you’d rather know than not know.

    • Yeah, these last few had some kind of weird issue when I rendered them. They play fine on Twitch. They play fine when I download them. Only when I render them do they de-sync, and I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary vice the dozens of others that don’t have this problem. I got nuthin’.

  2. You REALLY like this ship, I guess. 😀

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