World of Warships – Quickdraw McGraw

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World of Warships: How fast is it possible to get the reload on the USS Austin?
Scandly01: Yes.

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  1. LETS GOOOOO JINGLES been watching for like a decade now and hopeful for another decade

  2. Well, you were not far off, Jingles! After some very quick calculations (and not counting for leap years) it turns out that’s about 53,04 years before the objective can be contested. Very good guess!

  3. Just did the math and it’s 53.05 years. So who knew jingles is actually a math genius. Or any kind of genius for that matter!

  4. It took 10 seconds for the Smolensk to die after he started shooting. And the time for shells to hit is 5 seconds. In other words, he killed a full HP Smolensk in 5 seconds.

  5. That smolensk experienced the firepower of not one ship, but the entire shipbuilding industry of texas.

  6. Lars van warendorp

    17:34 that was worth every second of it…. the whole second it took the smolensk to die…. 😂 😂 😂 😂

  7. 16:02 I wheezed out a “holy shit” and was immediately dying at the sheer awe and brutal firepower of a HELLA STACKED Austin, DAKA DAKA DAKAAAAAAA!

  8. Best opening of the year “given the demographics of my audience it’s not a problem, you all just act like children”😂😂😂😂❤❤❤ never change old man

  9. The crew on that poor Smolensk must have felt that the sky was falling on them as the guy shows that you COULD in fact, blot out the sky with 5in shells.

  10. I must have missed when the added the A-10 skill to the Austin. That’s not dakka, that’s Brrrrrrrrrrrrt!

  11. Crossingman18 Productions

    The smolensk understood how Alderan felt after being in detection range of the Death Star.

  12. Austin: Our shells will block out the sun

    Smolensk: Then we will fight in the… oh no I’m dead.

  13. Point of order: whoever caps the “key area” doesn’t win. They start accumulating points very quickly.

  14. “Hey! No full auto inside the building!”
    “That’s not full auto.”
    “It’s not?”
    “Naw, this is: 16:03”

  15. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t very cathartic to see a Smolensk get so vigorously violated. 🤣

  16. Even if the Austin survived, she’d have been scheduled for maintenance at port since all her main batteries were melted in that last barrage.

  17. 16:02 “Now, witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational battle station!”

  18. 53 hits on the Smolensk in 8 seconds , INSANE

  19. “You see that Smolensk?”
    “Yes Captain?”
    “I don’t want to anymore.”
    “Yes Captain.”

  20. It’s time for me to do the thing…

    Actually, Jingles, Venezia has no hydro! It was that Preussen’s hydro spotting him over the other side of the island.

    Amazing video as always, thank you!

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