World of Warships – Quit While You’re Ahead

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Some people just don’t know when to quit. Especially when they’re winning.

WOWS Modstation:

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Its that bloody boat game again! Yay!

  2. good timing, just made a cup of tea 🙂

  3. SabotSolvesEverything

    Nothing better than a break from the salt mines to watch a jingles video

  4. 19 minute Jingles video….18 minutes left to cook lunch…perfection!!

  5. What Victory at Sea texture pack is this?

  6. Admire Rear Admiral Jinggles perseverance in promoting the timer.. 🙂

  7. The Cleveland with Hydro being spotted but not spotting the enemy ship 🙂 maybe use it then???

  8. Where’s the Kraken Unleashed clip at the end of the replay? :/
    Oh, Jingles, you’re crap

  9. Kutuzov a radar cruiser. Right. I think jingles does this on purpose, say something stupidly incorrect about ships, game mechanics, etc every video to feed the viewers.
    Kutuzov = smoke, Chapa = radar.

    • i think he is just testing us to see if we pay attention or not 😛

    • also a montana ofc can overmatch ANY tier 10 cruisers bow armor…

    • The facepalms are extra strong this video

    • doedli  he can. most likely he commentates while watching on a smaller window than normal, and he probably doesn’t make notes of everything, which would explain why he thought some deepwater torps were normal torps from a Zao the other day, and manages to mistake one ship for another. I think it’s safe to say that if he commented while watching on a full screen like we do here on youtube, he wouldn’t make so many mistakes. Then again, it’s part of what makes Jingles who he is…

    • Focke Wulf – I remember that he has admitted this in a video long ago. He says he does it to rile people up.

      (Also that he has to view replays outside of full screen, so he can’t recognize vehicles sometimes. You didn’t hear it from me.)

  10. There’s nothing I enjoy more than watching a good brawl between two well equipped battleships

  11. Silent Assassin Gamer

    You see this game after game after game. Your team is winning so the majority of players decide to push into the enemy and die one after the other. It’s extremely frustrating.

  12. Kutuzov a radar cruiser? wotwot!

  13. Everybody is talking about Kutuzov, but is there someone who noticed that our Mighty Jingles called Yamato a Tirpitz at 9:35? Anyone? 😀

  14. The enemy score was 999 a split second before the shells hit. You weren’t kidding about skin of their teeth!

    • Yes and with 3 points per second and the Montana about to arrest their points from entering B it would have been maybe close 995? But in point of fact at that point they would have had until the end timer ran out.

    • So the Richelieu should indeed have backed off earlier and finished the cap of C. Ofc, several ships before that could have done “not what they did” and ensured their victory too.

    • Júlíus Þór Halldórsson

      Not only did you finally point out what I found painfully obvious and desperately needed saying, but you used the phrase “in point of fact” while doing it. I tip my proverbial hat to you, sir (or madam, as the case may be).

  15. whoever is controlling the camera in this replay is clearly having a stroke…

  16. I was Steels teammate Fawxy. This upload came out just after his Birthday, he’s going to be really stoked when he see’s this. He never thought Jingles would ever feature him

  17. an official mod pack? i dont understand…………………if this “mod pack” has been created by WG why dont they just add it in to the game via a patch?

  18. “The Kutuzov is, of course, a radar cruiser.”

    And remember, guys, poor Rita is learning how to play the game from Jingles. She wouldn’t know that he’s wrong here.. 0_0

  19. So . . . . Twice in one week, Jingles show teams losing because players weren’t smart enough to turn and run. Could I get a show of hands of how many players think this will change anyone’s play style? . . . . . . Searches for hands . . . . . . Searches some more . . . . Yes, likely nobody will learn anything from this. ;_; However, it is fun to see battles indicative of the actual frustrations of playing WoWs. Because Missouri loves company. 8^> (Yes Jingles, feel free to (ab)use that title of a Missouri replay.)

  20. * Yamato gets sunk*
    Jingles: And the enemy tirpitz goes down!

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