World of warships – Radar Minotaur

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  1. 《—New guy is here.. jingles sent me

  2. Was expecting it to be a 30 sec clip of Flamb slowing to smoke, radaring instead, and getting nuked. Was not disappointed with the alternative.

  3. I guess, we’re colonizing on sight!


  4. John Chucky Tomlinson

    Nice how you, launch torps, and turn away with confidence they will hit the MARC!! and they usually do….🚢

    • They will hit, cause its so hard to turn the rudder, or chance the speed time to time. Specially when you are in giant battleship.

  5. what is the song in the background at 6:10 in? sounds lovely <3

  6. turn the music down.

  7. … bb down middle?

  8. Flambass goldfish mode engaged. Realises mistake. Swears. Sighs. Swears again. Puts man pants on . Flambass carry mode engaged. 😉

  9. Are you saying you normally don’t play radar Minotaur? *TRIGGERED*

  10. sneaky radar … whre’s aerroon? 😛

  11. What song started playing at 04:15 ?

  12. only uses radar twice, is it worth ?

  13. did’t know a minotaur could be the new Royal Navy DD haha

  14. What is all the fuss about? My T10 cruiser, Zao, also don’t have smoke and I also did 120 K!
    And you made this work??? Seriously?????
    Did you like sell your soul or something to have a game like this?
    Just curious…
    Please keep them coming 🙂

  15. 5:35 I just got auto translation by youtube “yeah i dont think that montana actually landed a single fucking hit on that Hidden Burger” 😂😂😂😂
    it is super weird 😂😂

  16. TheCompulsiveWinner

    What is the song at 7:44 before you skipped it?

  17. Nice to see you forget to swap out RADAR for smoke. I have done that on my Chung MU a couple times. LOL

  18. Flambass how r u doing this that u have numbers on the minimap ?

    • There is a mini wheel on top of the minimap, hold left CTRL and when your mouse appears click on it and you will have options 😉

  19. Everytime I see flambass in Meanotaur I hear some silent whisper… “Die Flambass, die Flambass, die.”

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