World of Warships Radar Radar Everywhere and DD Armor Changes

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There’s a lot of Radar in the World of Warships. A ton. It’s everywhere. DDs are also getting some armor plating. So goes the back and forth of which is getting nerfed harder. BBs or DDs. My solution? Don’t sweat the small stuff. Adjust your game, give it time and see where things take us. Rad. Right?

*Note. I have not eaten mushrooms.


  1. Geoff the Ironwolf

    BB players simply want to rule it all and anything that threatens their dominance they go apeshit. And Zoup they are actually LOWERING the armor, not increasing it. Which means far more overpens rather than 30% shots from BBs.

    However. This makes them far more vulnerable to each other and ESPECIALLY cruisers.

    So there is a trade off.

    • 16mm of armor can still bounce 229mm shells. It’s not hard at all to bounce RN cruiser AP while kiting away.

    • 21mm and 9mm isnt any different. 14.3 rule will say overpen to any BB shell for those numbers. It is a nerf to DD as now cruiser can spam AP better, actually doesnt change anything for BB.

  2. They are looking at an armour NERF for DDs. NOT more armour. The idea to stop BB AP shells from arming inside the ship.

    • Majestic Hotwings

      phillip Fleming on the flip side it also means that cruisers and hunter dds are getting a bit of a buff because their HE shells will have a harder time shattering

    • thegeneral123 I would have been happier If it was more so I could meme kill more dd’s across the map with my große Kurfürst or my Alabama
      Of course I am kidding, I am happy for some more challenge to the average bb player as also to me but I know I will regret saying this when I see a dd survive with 100hp at 5 km and send in my way torps before my secondaries finish him, getting both to the ocean floor

    • phillip Fleming

      That’s right but Ca’s have always been DD’s counter.

    • Great times for Akizuki and Harekaze. It’ll be nice to have 4 extra points normally devoted to IFHE into something else.

    • Mech Franka T. Lieu

      Typical War Gaming development ; a issue and an answer that’s only from a calculation point of view work, but not in real world as it will create even more problem .. so what about DD vs DD, and DD vs CA … its not like the armor only work against BB’s AP shell right. I think they should revise their AP penetration algorithm to reflect reality better instead of the pure mathematical model the have now.

  3. BB AP works only when the DD target is at an angle to you, at least, “consistently works”. It’s due to the round passing through enough armor to trigger the warhead. DD on DD action will likely end much faster when they do this – unless – they calculate damages based on what ship fired the round. Seems that has the potential to slow down the calculations, but time will tell.

    • The current unified 19mm of hull armor never mattered against the majority of HE rounds, which is what most DDs use against each other.

  4. But, but it is much more funnier to complain about things than to be patient! Jajaja

  5. poor dd get a buff… omg ….. cry bbs cry…. look at what dds where and force to deal with…. 10km 2nds… radar…. sonar… planes… ex wife players….. just miss the days to surprise a bb and play chicken …. so yes armor is a good thing… thank you Zoup for letting us know … dd players adapt and over come….. cause its what dds do…. keep posting and sinking ships

    • What buff? DD armor is being REDUCED, in order to increase battleship AP overpens. This also means that the IJN 100mm guns will NOT need IFHE  to totally trash other destroyers.

    • CynicallyObnoxious

      Dude the game is literal shit in the realm of pvp WG can make a game look good but other then that well

    • DD players whine for months on end and that’s about all they do.

    • IKnowMyWorldWars

      First off, there’s no need to be an asshole. Demeaning other players is just a being a prick. BBs are the punchingbags of the game. They spend most of their game on fire, flooding and detected. If they disappeared you’d have shit games every time. Second, I agree DDs deal with a lot but your trade off is that you get the opportunity to nuke just about everything in the damn game and dance around the map faster than anybody else. The meta will settle and dealing with the current amount of radar will subside. As is, I don’t think this is the solution for anybody. It shits on BBs and makes DDs weaker to cruisers. This doesn’t solve your problem of constantly being spotted — it will only make it worse if implemented as now they have even more incentive to hunt a DD because they have a greater chance to win a duel with their increased damage to DDs. Plus, if the BB has anything resembling a brain, which most do, you’re still going to be punished for the rush. Its just not the solution to help DDs out.

    • Amaresh Bhaskaran

      yes and my question is, what are your cruisers doing whilst this is happening, jerking off? @Praos

  6. if you think the game has too many radars now, just you wait for 7.6 …

    • Majestic Hotwings

      managarm1349 it’ll settle down after a little bit, everyone is gonna wanna try the new line. Once they do that then the spike of US CLs will level off and things will likely return to normal

  7. They want to REMOVE some armour from DDs to make sure BB caliber shell will always overpen. I’m software developer and this sounds like horrible hack rather then solution to problem. All cruiser caliber shells (including BB secondaries) would become much more effective against DDs but maybe buffing DDs health pools would help.

    • Jadu Nandana Das

      either buff the healthpool, or maybe ad a script that has ap shells from bbs auto over pen all dds, instead of disrupting the armor values, thus cruisers and other dds will be unaffected against other dds.

    • No, a horrible hack would be to add a special routine if target = DD and shell size > 300mm then always overpen, what they are doing is trying to change parameters within the current ruleset of the game to achieve the desired result while maintaining the consistency of the game as a whole, and this is perfectly fine. They will test these changes and get back to us about how it affected gameplay.
      The side effect of cruisers and secondaries being more effective against DDs is acceptable because that is their job; it is not the job of the BB to cause 3/4 of damage to a spotted DD in a single salvo, it’s job is to delete or severely damage cruisers.
      Another side effect which I see as positive is the Akizuki being able to damage all destroyers without IFHE, which I think it’s beyond time it happened already, it’s absolutely unacceptable that you need to invest 14 captain points (and not have the captain in retraining process) in a ship to be able to damage equal-tier opponents (don’t forget T8+ DDs can bow-in and be nearly immune to non-IFHE Aki) and still be competitive. This might be just in time for the line extension coming up.

    • 19*14.3=271mm
      Even with 21mm, it will overpen any BB shell.
      So 16mm will still give bounce check for 203mm cruiser gun, but not larger Russian or French ones.

  8. I like your opinion for the fact that it isn’t panicked. I think you’ve summarised the issues well, and I can’t disagree with what you’ve said.

  9. I’m not sure you understand what’s going on with DD armor changes. Take another look and make another video, I enjoy them.

  10. You’re lucky it is the way it is. If WG was honest, every WWII era US BB, CA & DD would have radar and radar controlled gunnery and would be so accurate compared to the other navy’s that it’d be nothing but US v US.

  11. I love how ppl cry about realism when WG had to increase the size of DDs back in Alpha as they where impossible to hit if at scale to actual life. If i remember correctly DDs are like 3x larger in game then they should be in real life. just imagine the BB rage if WG announced they where going to shrink DDs back to realistic scale, they would almost never be able to hit them from any range.

  12. I’m a battleship proponent and am naturally anti-destroyer in how I’d balance the game. However, if they introduce a class-specific rule where all destroyers are always over-penetrated by battleship calibre AP, I’d be fine with it. That’s how destroyer armor should react to large AP shells. Except the Khabarovsk, that thing should be screwed over hard by AP, but that’s the one and only exception. Just keep this armor thing in mind when the new Japanese 100mm armed machine gun destroyers come out.

  13. As a DD main the amount of radar sucks but its not game breaking. We are going to see all these new players rolling light cruisers like a heavy cruiser and they get shredded when they get spotted. Give it a few weeks and all the light cruiser hype will die down and people will go back to playing the ships they did before. The flood of radar will subside soon enough. It is nice to not have 6+ DDs per side anymore where a DD can actually do more than just knife fight with other DDs


  14. is it just me or does Zoup often give out incorrect info? lately all i see are people correcting his mistakes. hopefully Zoup puts more effort into giving us the right info.

  15. Yep, I agree. From closed beta to today there have been countless changes that some have greeted with hysterics all along the way.
    Whatever change happens, just adapt to it. It will be okay. No tears, no wailing, just adjust your gameplay accordingly. That’s real world warfare and life as well.
    There was a guy crying in game because I used radar to spot him in smoke because he said it was like cheating. Silly butthead.
    He probably has accused players of “cheating” when they shot at HIM from smoke. Don’t whine and cry, adapt your play and move on.

  16. Hell yeah. I’m the Des Moines drinking in his smoke! Good game and much appreciated team work Zoup!

  17. i will not chill. where is my jump to conclusions mat?

  18. the only thing I ever thought about radar was what if it wasn’t a constant spot option? Anyone play back before they changed the DD smoke? If you activated it above your maximum effective speed you kind of blipped in and out of detection. Disappeared, reappeared, so on and so on. Always wondered what would have happened if radar had been like that, simulate the sweep of the radar dish (I know it doesn’t really work like that but for sake of the game lol). Spot the DD for 2 or 3 seconds later he drops out for a second, reappears etc until the radar duration ended.

    • Actually someone brought up an interesting point earlier, make radar LOS. Not to attempt to add realism to an arcade game but to serve it’s original intent while giving DD’s a point of escape. Look at the cyclone mechanic, if a Red is spotted by your team it shows on your mini map but does not render to you until you are within the current spotting range. As to the reduction of DD armor from 19mm to 13mm, I would like to see how that goes. I have been testing a bit using Emile Bertin and even 203’s react differently to it.

  19. All the radar is kind of why I haven’t felt like playing much lately. It’s just annoying to deal with when even the most oblivious players you used to be able to punish for their lack of awareness have a cop-out. They’re handing that consumable out way too much.

  20. Radar is the cancer of this game.

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