World of Warships – Raeders’ Raider

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I’m not even sure that Grand Admiral Erich Raeder should be getting credit for this ship but it makes a good title so I’m going with it.

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  1. Woo nothing like Jingles to end the night

  2. With my 10yrs of expertise in historical naval warfare, I can say that Scharnhorst is definitely a battlestar

  3. It was convoy PQ17 not PQ13. Never change Jingles

  4. Jingles: “It has certain limitations”
    Me: “And a man has got to know it’s limitations”

  5. An addendum to the Glorious and Courageous story, their conversion to carriers gave the Royal Navy four spare 15” twin turrets which were eventually fitted to the Royal Navy’s last battleship H.M.S. Vanguard.

  6. Look at the spray that Atlantic bow is creating. Art department on their A game as per usual

  7. Another great thing that I noticed about the Scharnhorst is that it actually uptiers surprisingly well. Why do I say so? The higher tiers tend to have a lot of large cruisers with big guns. In a higher tier game, you can actually use the Scharnhorst as such. It has guns big enough to punish cruisers, while also having the reload to consistently set fires. Besides, it also has enough range (and a spotter plane) for attacking ships at longer ranges. The only downside of course is that the guns aren’t quite as accurate, but well, it’s still a tier 7 battleship… it cannot have everything.

  8. Heh, the Scharnhorst practically made a circle around the entire map. Using mobility to its best. Well played.
    Love this ship as well.

  9. It’s the TOP FOUR on the winning team, not top two…

    I begin to think Jingles is doing these fails intentionally to get more comments 😂

  10. I appreciate the history lessons that you give during gameplay.

  11. Wow, just received this ship in a Super Container (literally 5 minutes ago) and then Jingles drops this video. First tier 7 premium as well, pretty good for a f2p

  12. Old boy coming through with the goods, keep up the good work!

  13. Another great video! Tks! I love the historic stories you include in the videos. It really sets you apart from just a regular WOW review.

  14. I just know everyone was rooting for a cool Flesh Wound torpedo run by the end.

  15. Love the history lessons by Jingles! Really interesting to listen to him 😀

    • Seems like it’s been a while – often a little bit of Jingly misinformation in them, but great backdrop to the battle being played. 🙂

  16. Man I missed these style of Jingles’ WoWs replays! Bravo Mr. Carlton! Bravo! May we have some more please?!

  17. Love this ship, only wish that they’d add the Azur Lane character to complete the set.

  18. always love the history lesson from professor jingles

  19. This video reminds me of Yuro’s guide to the Scharnhorst many moons ago. “It is a d-wagon with semi-auto rifle which is great for gunning down peasants while running away from the authority. AND YOU WILL RUN AWAY FROM THE AUTHORITY.”

  20. Always enjoy watching this ship. It’s such a beautiful ship

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