World of Warships – Rage Comeback [Language]

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Pretty interesting game with a range of emotion that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X Soviet Moskva Replay – Discord Server


  1. Lol, no offense tho
    But seeing Notser on rage is funny af. 🤣

  2. Idk, I used to play yugumo agressive… with torp rld, always on caps… 16 torps into the cap = double strike on enemy dds 🙂

    • DeathssynProductions

      Radar makes that a lot harder, as well as t8-t10 players know how to tell when a DD is around even without spotting it now

  3. you call that rage? OMEGALUL

  4. Moskva is a Cruiser? Silly Notser, it’s a Battlecruiser. 😉

    And btw, quite rare to see you rage eh? XD

    And that Yuugumo playstyle remind me alot of OBT memory, where the radar menage didn’t come yet, causing DD to just go lone wolf flanking to get a perfect torp drop without any counter at all beside CV. 😛

  5. Slow Jap DD chasing CV in high tier. And these are the 45%wr-guys you depend on in ranked to spot and cap for your team. Haha, no thx.

    • I mean you don’t need to look it up. You can tell how good or bad a player is based off how they play, and where they position. It’s one of the reasons I think XVM serves no purpose(other than cheating to see things like which enemies have 6th sense) in WoT.

      As far as this, he my have a 45% overall, but that’s just because the first battles he played were really lucky. Basically every battle after his first 100 averages to 44% w/r.
      And his recent is 40% w/r.

      btw, he’s tomato at hell. 500 WTR.

      Or you can just look at the play he made and figure out on your own he’s a super-tomato without having to see stats.

    • @The Absolute – Ahahaha, i didn´t check it, i just guessed xD – I was too lazy to switch to US-server. But it´s no surprise to me that i was just 0.5% off.
      Well, you can tell someone´s WR by seeing that he has no clue what to do, ignores chat completely etc… it´s the usual things 🙂

    • well played sir. To be honest, I was shocked it was so high.

    • This kind of comment just pisses me off. Honestly. and I mean HONESTLY! 45% WR really doesn’t indicate much, let alone enough to judge if he is tactically sound and skillful enough to stack some kills.
      This kind of comment inside game chat does nothing more than distract the team, anger people throwing them off their game, and demoralizes teammates. I can easily see this guy bashing his teammates in chat if he’s supportive enough of trolling to post this P.O.S. comment on YouTube. I’m constantly fighting to calm down assholes trolling the team in chat during the early and middle phases of a battle because who the heck knows why they go off. We can win a match with 2 losses and some loser who died in the beginning is stat shaming people. It’s distracting and really means jack shit. Using statistics to belittle and bully people should really be a more serious offense ingame.

    • You can´t really distract a guy that has 45% after 4000 battles – he doesn´t care anyway. If someone gives a fuuk about the game at all, he will find ways to improve after a while. I have seen turds with 10k games and a personal rating of 200 (average rating is 1100).

      If you have someone in your neighborhood who constantly runs red lights and argues “who cares, i haven´t killed anyone yet” – would you say “oh, ok, no problem then”? No, i guess after a while you would wish to get this person off the public roads.

      I see some guys every now and then – and when i see him on my team i know we are down a man. The one Tirpitzplayer that always starts by reversing or the Fuso that really thinks slinging HE from 20km would change the outcome of the game.

      I am very cautios with statshaming. When someone plays like shiet after 200 games – no prob, he will learn. But when someone is a bad player AND ignorant after several thousand games – i have no mercy.

  6. As someone who played IJN dds first, that type of play style is complete ass, done by players who don’t know how to play the ships. It’s always sad when you see your stealth or hybrid dds run around or away from the caps instead of to the caps.
    (also i look up the dds stats and SMH bless their heart. I can’t even be mad at them i just feel sorry that they can’t learn how to play the game in ANY boat. ALL of their stats depress me.)

    • + Nicholas Lau Oh no, I do that all the time. That’s just smart DD play. But scenario given is at the start of the match against other DDs who are readily capable of annihilating you, with a carrier potentially spotting you. When that occurs nearly every match (beacuse we all wanted 5 DD metas mhm), it becomes a learned behavior that teaches IJN DD players that all you will get 99/100 for doing the right thing is instant death and bottom of the xp rankings.

      Also, smh got Kracken and 120k dmg done in my Akat mostly with my guns a week ago XD. Weak pop guns or not they can still do damage XD.

    • +TrungVN the Purpdonkey I never said this Yugumo capt was any good. He clearly doesn’t know how to properly ambush with torps, nor does he know when and how to push. But, I’m generalizing for all IJN DD ships (main line anyway). When you are nearly guaranteed to fail in the current meta and hit the bottom of the xp ladder and die in the beginning of every match beacuse of matchmaking or lack of team support, it becomes a learned behavior not to play the traditional DD role. You will nearly always be more successful holding flanks than capping.

      If you’ve ever played the Mutsucky (T5 Main line), you’ll really get my drift. That piece of hot steaming garbage literally has 2 guns. Not 2 turrets, 2 guns. If literally anything spots you, you’re dead. Torps are nice and have some range, but that’s about it. You will never be able to cap, nor fighting anything. I was chasing a carrier once, trying to stop him from getting off strikes on ally BBs. Only good way to hit a running ship (and something as speedy as a carrier) is with guns. So, there go my pop guns, blazing away. Got 3k damage done before I died. I was full health mind you, and I died to the carriers secondaries -_-. What kind of experience does that teach people how to play?

    • Marc T Did you not watch the game moron???? He had two or three bbs a Moskva and a Hindenburg with him…. how much more support do you pussy ass dd players need?

    • Marc T Having 5 DDs is good when you are in an IJN DD. Not that long ago 3 DDs per game was very rare, and maybe one of them is russian so they will definitely not cap. In that case, I almost feel obliged to go to cap even if it is disadvantageous for me.

      The only time I find success playing like the yugumo did was in my kamikaze. Only at that tier you can ignore caps and kill the enemy faster than they get capture points. That definitely will not work in higher tiers.

    • Said like a true Sir, bravo!

  7. Not everyone is as good as you, plenty are trying to learn and some never will.

    • That DD’s stats are abysmal. Glad he’s having fun – but it’s selfish fun.

    • Gianluca Cartosso

      Spotting is a gameplay principle that a normal person should be able to learn and apply in game much before than having a tier nine ship. No excuses.

    • if he was tier 4, your point would be valid. but at tier 9 you should have learned what your job as a DD is. if you still haven’t figured it out by then, you’re a god damn idiot. there are no excuses for such a stupid play like that yugumo did.

    • Hello?? Its a tier 10 game. U are expected to know how to play

    • Sicklehead Sorry, but you’re wrong … sort of. Not wrong that the Yugomo was crappy. But wrong to expect that everyone is going to be a good, smart player. Sadly, there are a lot of casual players who don’t give a crap, who only want to fight few battles, shoot stuff, and that’s it. They don’t care about winning or smart tactics or whatever. Honestly, I always hope that such players are NOT in DDs, because what teams need DDs to do can’t be done by this sort of casual player. Better off if the casual player is in a BB and wants to shoot stuff, because as long as they’re not total sit at max range retards, you can leverage their shoot stuff attitude to get stuff done. But DDs require smarter players who are willing to contend for caps at the right time (assuming they’re not in certain Russian DDs), spot for their team, and so on. The foolish casual player will just do stupid shit like this Yugo player that doesn’t help the team, or the other type of foolish DD player who yolo’s into cap to try to take it, and ends up in a duel to the death with an enemy DD or worse, gets wrecked by a half dozen enemy ships, and they then spend the next few minutes bitching about a lack of support … when they rushed into that cap so quickly that their team didn’t even have TIME to get up to support if they even wanted to do so.

  8. Leonard Collins

    Typical random game for IJN DD.

    “Ima go spot, and cap if I can.”

    “Oh crap, gunboat DD! C’mon team, kill this guy!”



    (Focused by six enemy ships and dies.)

    Team: “God, our DDs suck.”

    • Well you don’t know where the radar ships are since the DD is the one in front spotting

    • Not in this game though lol

    • It’s a mutual action. DDs push and cap, and teammates should be in adequate position to provide support. Teamwork’s the name of the game.

    • Phearal Stormrage

      I’m primarily a DD player, and I experience this issue almost every match. I go in to an objective not expecting support, but happy in those instances where I do. Still, that DD should have seen he had plenty of support and just didn’t act accordingly.

    • None of the ever tried to cap or SPOT!

  9. To be fair, IJN dds have taken it in the neck balance-wise. They never had guns, and they never had speed, and they never had AA. All they had for defense was low detection and smoke. That has been taken away. Smoke has been rendered useless, and the low detection is now the vehicle of self destruction. If you try to use that low detection to get in close and do your job, you are signing your own death warrant when nearly EVERY SINGLE SHIP has radar or hydro, and you are too close (and too slow) to escape. If you smoke to avoid aircraft or spotting, you are still dead because the minute the enemy sees smoke they radar. If Notser wants to play in an environment where ships like his Moskva are in every game, he’s gonna have to learn to do more of his own spotting and capping. It would have been suicide for the Yogumo to attempt the cap at the start. The old method of the DD getting in early and spotting and hiding in smoke on the cap is obsolete. Get used to it, or give dds radar countermeasures.

    • Only four tier X ships and six tier IX ships have radar. But the problem is those ships are among the more popular ones. I do get your point though

    • Niko Clesceri Hydro, esp on a DD with relatively low detection (Z52) creates the same problem. If you are close enough to detect him, he has almost a guaranteed kill on you once he activates unless you have support to discourage him. He can outshoot you and is faster, so there’s no going it toe to toe, and no disengaging, and if HE has support your death will be near instantaneous.

    • I wonder if the ijn line might be a little bit more valuable if they had a reload time of 5 or 4 seconds then what it has now. I doubt it still will be able to be a gunboat but it will give it some defense maybe.

    • Charles ball yes but you said every ship has radar all I was saying is the very few ships actually have it but your point still stands

  10. Not that I’m trying to defend that DD’s behaviour but I understand it perfectly. I loved IJN DD’s from tier 1 to 7 but I’m so tired of trying to cap/spot, being radared and seeing enemy DD and 2 cruisers shooting me while my flank picks one BB each to exchange shots at 20 km…

    • That Yugumo had support that DD drivers dream about, he’s just not good enough to realize it

    • He sure did. BUT. How many times as the backup not been any backup at all? How do you know when you will be supported or not? Will there be a time where you just don’t bother any more?

    • @benny well then you can play it more conservatively if you don’t trust your support. that still is no reason to stay as far away as possible and creep around the map border! why do people always have to think in extremes? BBs only know “sit in the back and snipe” or “yolo in”. DDs only know “rush cap (although I have no idea what’s infront of me)” or “creep around the border and try to get behind them”. You see that in the comments (and of course in the game) all the fuckin time. and this is why those people suck so hard at this game. because they don’t understand how to play inbetween those extremes.

      btw: you have a chat. you can ask the people before going in if they will support you. if they don’t answer, you play more carefully. like I said: more carefully. you don’t hump the border and ignore your job.

    • I agree. Although we were not talking about playing at the border were we? Here is me thinking its about approaching the caps and how the “support” usually isn’t and how that *may* influence how people play the game. If you are going to shift the goalposts to suit your argument then there is nothing more I can say to add to meaningful discussion.

    • well i was talking about the play of the yugumo and to me it sounded like you were somewhat defending his play, hence my reply. so yes, we are talking about cap approach vs. playing on the map border, aren’t we?
      yes, I sure know that feel when you have 5 ships behind you, and all of them don’t care about shooting at the DD you spotted, but I honestly don’t see how that has any connection to the play of that yugumo. Even if you expect little support, you still gotta play the objective. and that’s why i wrote my initial reply. Woody wrote “Not that I’m trying to defend that DD’s behaviour but I understand it perfectly […]” and I think that’s bullshit. that yugumo player is so extremely stupid and selfish, it has nothing to do with expecting no support or fear of getting radared or whatever. that player just doesn’t give a fuck about his role and just tries to land some torps. he is not thinking once about if he has support or not or what is infornt of him in and around the cap.

  11. Torsten Nordmann

    DoggyDaddy (the Yugumo-Player) has about 1700 games and terrible stats, although he has several Tier 10 ships already and a ton of premium ships. Money doesn’t buy skill. He’s a goldnoob and you see a lot of them. I would have raged equally!

    • Torsten Nordmann

      I disagree. WoWs is a teamgame, you can’t deny that. It has certain mechanics and if you ignore them, it won’t work. And this has nothing to do with elitism, but I expect at least a bit self-reflection from someone. It’s really not that hard. Ignorance is a bane!

    • I do not deny that this is a teamgame.
      But there will always be weaker player in any kind of game, especially if they are free to play, because they provide the opportunity to jump into the lategame without the “grind/training” a lot of the better players had to do.

      Did he play bad? Yes, absolutely! Did he actively attack any friendlies? No! I’m not defending his play, I’m accepting it. A good player in my eyes needs to realize this, and needs to deal with these “wildcards”, because they always be there, no matter what you do. Maybe because this is a teamgame and you do not have control over all aspects of it.

      In a “perfect” world, all player you play with and against have the same skill level. But to be honest, this would be a lot less fun to me. I enjoy the rush, when defeating a player who is technically better then I, or even carry a game because I’m outplaying several weaker players (on both teams).

      And since we are talking about average, these weaker players on your team are as often also present on the enemy team, which balances things out to a degree.

      Now we could argue about this for days on how to prevent this, but I’ve learned to accept and deal with this and I since then I have a lot more fun with the game.

    • Torsten Nordmann

      of course there will be different levels of players. That’s totally fine. And yes, there will always be “Goldnoobs” who skip the grind as natually WG wants to earn money. What I don’t understand are players, who have over 1000 (and far more) games without the slightest improvement. That’s a shame!

    • Well, we don’t know how bad he was when he started 😉 My point is that you do not have any control over them and you can spare yourself the stress and a lot of sanity by accepting this. 🙂 Players like these will always exists, so you either rage over them or accept them as part of the game.

    • Torsten Nordmann

      You are right, but sometimes I just can’t hold on myself 😉

  12. The sad thing is that frustrating battles like this make the WoWs experience so bad, that even a super unicum play in the next battle can’t make up for it. That makes a lot of days more frustration than fun.
    *Almost all other online games manage to separate players by skill.* Why does WG fail so hard on that?

  13. I wouldn’t care being pink for shooting and killing that Yugumo…

    • Yes, when I was in this battle, I also had the strong impulse to delete our useless yugumo. I told him to spot and cap C many times but he just sailed around the edge of the map and chased the Musashi.

    • Silent_Assassin_Gamer

      Khalil Barrios, I was thinking the same thing lol

    • i wouldn’t of hesitated! i would’ve pulled the trigger on him after he decided to ignore your 2nd request to spot when he was sailing up past C! i feel so sorry for his dog!!!

  14. I get your frustration but watching the video I’m left wondering if the DD is trying to get north past the smoke that DDs always drop on the cap points in order to see the ships behind the smoke.  It’s something I have done also but I push much faster to get behind them.  The Yugumo was almost there in the back field but ran into the Moskva which might of got him on radar which is why he turned back south.

  15. Not to defend the play of the IJN DD, but after so many games of trying to play the cap in my IJN DD’s and getting NO SUPPORT WHAT-SO-EVER I can understand not playing the cap and trying to get some damage, to get some XP, so the game isn’t a total waste of cammo and flags. I would much rather play the cap with back-up, but way to many people think backing up a DD means fire support from 15km+ away.

  16. Herastheblackwolf

    i know that feeling…

  17. Notser I do agree people are potatoes a lot, but you’re saying why doesn’t that destroy go towards cap because of all that support he has but you guys are sitting 10 km away from the cap. which means any enemies he spots in the cap would probably be 15 km plus away from you, that’s not supporting the Destroyer. So if that yugamo would have spotted that pan-Asian Destroyer before you moved up like you did you would have been 15 km out. You couldn’t even kill off the pan-Asian Destroyer with your strong team back there. And turns out there’s a Fletcher nearby as well for the enemy so that yugamo probably would of died. You can’t expect a destroyer to go towards a cap if its allies are not going towards it as well. Like I said when you first started complaining you which were the closest one to the cap for the all the ship’s minus the Destroyer you were about 10 km from the cap. Which would put you about 15 km from that enemy Destroyer. You couldn’t kill him when he was 11 km so how would you be able to save the yugamo. If you look at the other side at A. You had two Destroyers go towards the cap while they’re back up we’re about 10 kilometers away. You lost a destroyer over there because the enemy team pushed up to support their Destroyers. You should really really watch the replay but look at the A cap. You had destroyers trying to cap and spot but they were getting zero support.

    • that’s why when u play yugumo, u or any dd for that matter u shud not over commit to any action.. u shud always be ready to run. So ideally that yug could hav headed towards the cap and spot the dds before he would be spotted. and by then he is supposed to be heading out of the cap the way he came in and make sure that the team mates are hitting him by calling enemy dds out and if they smoked up then there was radar to help.. U always need to hav exit strategy.. in ranked battle things are more worse than this.

  18. Yes the CA/CL are not as durable as BB, but compared to DD? They just much stronger.
    Recently WG had added more and more radar ship (and the US CL that coming soon). Even most Minotaur in SEA started to bring FXXKING radar!
    Those all make a unfriendly game experience to DD.( NO BBabies, shut your mouth up) (And for those BB that devastate radar ships, thank you)
    Except the Pan Asian DD lines, they get very good stats at tier 9-10.
    If you look close at the stats of ranked battle, you would see most T1 players play BB(Yamato, to be particular), and then the next is CA.
    Only a few players are able to get T1 mainly in DD, and those DD who get T1 is mostly Yue Yang.
    If you tell that Yugumo to fight Chun Mu, she would just die.
    Considered that not all DD players are good at dog fight, especially IJN DD players,
    I think to go around the spot C is a reasonable choice for her situation.
    What’s worth? The almost only big ship she can reach is a FXXKNIG radar ship, she just couldn’t do anything.
    That’s why I fully specialized my guns on Shima, at least I can fight some DD players that are not good in dog fight.
    But again, the DD usually is the first sunken ship in a battle (If no CA was devastate by BB), and they don’t have a good game experience.
    The things become even funny that BB don’t even have to switch to HE shell, they can hard damage a DD even with AP shells.

    (For those who think DD is nasty, dirty and op, go look at the stats, who get the lowest avg dmg and lowest avg survival? )
    (I am a CA player btw, just to tell you guys I am not defending DD just because I am a DD player)
    (Yes I enjoy raep lolibotes, but lolibote abuse is too often now )

    • What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having to read your post. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  19. Notser channeling his inner flamu, I see.

  20. Ярік Львів

    Hey, I`m [RNG] UkrainianOfficer in your team.

    *Best regards!*

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