World of Warships- Rage Quit

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After a few….interesting rounds,the gamer got to me, but it gets to all us eventually :p

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  1. When RNGesus hates you and calling your team mates potatoes is an insult to French fries everywhere…yeah, we’ve all been there. I usually end up with a hangover next day.

  2. Heres the thing. I understand rage etc, I rage too. But you arent a great player, youre infact not even a good player. I do like you and I watch all your videos so dont take this the wrong way but youre doing so so many bad plays.
    If you are outnumbered and youre being focused, DONT FIRE, go dark, run away and heal up. The Gneisneau game you should not have kept firing, you should not have pushed in outnumbered and alone. The british DDs have insane fire chances on their guns.
    The first Missouri game you shouldve retreated to the left and kept firing and their broadsides. When you started losing hp you shouldve gone dark and run away and heal up and regroup with the rest of your team. The GK game you pushed the Zao out, you shouldve stayed in A and fired at people pushing your team on the other side.
    The last Missouri game you played horrificly. Dont ever ever ever go after a DD alone in a BB, not even in a Missouri. Yes your team all went potato to one side, but you shouldve joined them and pushed that flank fast. You had no chance on your own.
    Also, in BBs SHOOT HE ON DDs!!! You cant pen DDs with AP itll just overpen and do way less damage than HE will. plus with HE you can take out their engine and steering and torptubes.
    And stop playing the GK, the ship is horrible, its easely the worst T10 BB in the game. But its easy to play but doesnt teach you anything.

    • Ivan TheTerrrible

      Good comment there buddy, couldn’t said it better myself. Yes his gamestyle is at best questionable, lot (and i mean LOT) of room for improvement. All of those stuff you’ve mentioned before, are crucial to have at least decent game (especially now in this new meta).

    • Upon your last comment, I’ve only got Monty, yammy and GK and I find yammy the worst of the 3, easily set alight, guns over pen or pen with no damage constantly…the amount of broadside hits to British cruisers and I get rewarded with 1k damage… least with gk I find the guns nicer, nicer secondaries etc, its preference imo

    • +callum millward Its because youre playing Yamato wrong. Yamato is one of if not the best T10 BB in the game.
      The problem with the GK is that its a meme ship. It has a lot of hp but it has a gigantic detectionrange and the ship is MASSIVE. So it easely eats full pen salvos for 20k+ even from the front. It is so extremely situational, especially when playing solo and its impossible to not get focused down because you cant hide anywhere.

  3. How to get set on fire less with battleships:
    Step 1: Fire prevention skill p

    • +callum millward 90% of the time when you’re being burned to death it’s you who made the misplay. I can always point out a mistake I made if my ship dies from a lot of fires. I have to say that the only real ship without good counterplay would be conqueror, but you can damage him a lot as well (with pretty much every ship type) so focussing him to death is the best option.

    • +Mart tbh I never have a problem with conq, all the ways I find are further out then yammy players are Haha and yeah they are easy to kill, and I like being upfront in most of my ships, I hate being one behind the rest or island camping, just how i am, i shouldnt really but I like secondary built ships etc

    • +callum millward So what? if you enjoy something why should you feel bad about it? Or am I mistunderstanding what you’re trying to say now? ;P

    • +Mart might have been how I answered your if you’re being burned to death reply etc, I meant as in if I’m under he spam, it’s most likely because I’m up front, so I’m in range of dds etc, but in the gk or yammy etc it’s hard to get out of it without turning full broadside and taking torps or cits etc, yeah if I’m being burned to death it most likely is a slight miss play but not always, especially in games where every ship if bbs that shouldnt be firing HE are firing HE etc, imo they should nerf the fire chance or buff the armour slightly to reduce because what’s the point in damage control when you get an instant 3-6 fires straight after using it..then another 3 once the fire time has ended etc…

    • +callum millward I think what you’re describing has more to do with timing your push right than with fires being overpowered. You should never push if there’s a torpedo threat or when there are ships with a lot of firepower you can’t hurt (DM, Worcester, mino etc). I don’t think fires are too strong. But my main point is if you time your push / positioning right fires won’t be an issue (most of the time). Like everything else in the game there are ways to deal with the problem.

  4. This is every game for me lol, welcome to my WOWS world!!!!

  5. You’ve really gotta stop lining the upper decks of your ships with kerosene bottles and matches 😉

  6. Christopher Jonasson

    Basics of survivabililty (-15% fire duration and flooding duration)
    Fire prevention (-10% to risk of fire and max 3 fires)
    India Yankee (-20% fire duration)
    India Delta (20 % to HP recovered by repair party)
    November Foxtrot (-5% to repair party reload)
    Juliet Yankee Bissotwo (-20% flood duration)
    All these and premium consumables for the shorter cooldowns.. nothing else to do, too many flamers out there

    There is the High Alert (-10% to damage con cooldown) but it will mean giving up something else and I dont value it as much as the others since I always keep my damage con for 3 fires or floodings

  7. i feel you… i have the same problems with trash teams, since the end of the 11th Ranked season. And btw Fire Prevention is a great commander skill. It not only lowers the fire change by -10%, but also creates fewer sections where the ship can get fires (from 4 to 3).

  8. btw try playing on asia server, you will rage quit a lot

  9. 13:00 14:12 One of those moments that makes you want to give up German battleships

  10. This montage sums up playing my Kronstadt…..but I do love it…the ship that is, not the ragefury..

  11. I had a horrible grind with Gniesenau, I might have survived 10 battles. Besides my Bismarck, the Konig was my best ship

    • I had a hard time with Gneis too, but I started playing the game on the German line. After about a year, I got Scharn in a Santa box and had an absolute blast playing it. Only thing is that I just couldn’t do that much damage to battleships. I was all like “I wish I had a Scharn with battleship gun- GNEISENAU! Bought it again, and it’s permanently in my port. Great ship, love the speed, reload, and AA.

  12. Superiority Corp.

    That was some of the most fires I have ever seen on a BB. At least it was fun to watch the world burn 😮

  13. Every single battleship I play, except for the manual secondary types, have the ‘tank build’. All the firefighting modules and captain skills, even on the German ships. Sure, accuracy sucks in my main line, but I can afford to let fires burn all the way, and can get away with 2. 30 second burn time, and I make sure to equip the ‘+20% heal’ flag.

  14. even the most skillful players have days like that

  15. At 1:17, I was like that in my GK. Got set on fire so much. But one game in my Yamato, I had only 80k dmg done due to bad dispersion, and I WAS RAGING SOOO HARD when I got SET ON FIRE BY EVERY HE SHELL that hit a different subsection of my ship. Game lasted 10 MINUTES AND I GOT SET ON FIRE 15 TIMES EVEN WITH FIRE PREVENTION!!! I TOOK 100K DMG FROM FIRES AND ONLY 12K FROM RAW HE DMG!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! JUST ANOTHER NORMAL DAY IN WORLD OF WARSHIPS!!!

  16. Rahulaanchal Gupta

    Well looks like I’m not the only one who was fucked by HE yesterday everytime.. I dont normally shoot HE, but I was forced to after I got 5 consecutive non damage pens on a broadside JB in the gneiasenau

  17. AHAHAH so I am not the only one who lose his temper while playing ? that noise after Missouri game was the poor mouse slammed on the desk 🙂 ??

  18. Actually, a friend of mine has the Großer Kurfürst and he says that German BB’s are the first to catch fire…
    He thinks it’s because the devs don’t like Germany and that German ships will always be the most nerfed ships in-game…

  19. When a destroyer firing 4.7 inch shells does more damage in fires than a battleship does wit 16 inch shells, you know the game is terminally broken.
    Fascinating to watch, this game has zero to do with real naval warfare.

  20. This is THE most underpowered t7 in game gnisenaeu

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