World of Warships – Rain on Your Parade

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When I get a from the reigning champions of the King of the Sea tournament, I tend sit up and pay attention…

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Hello from the damn salt mines Jinglaling

  2. TeaCan Dave 🙂

  3. Monkey D. Luffy?!

    What’s the Future Pirate King doing in World of Warships?! ??

  4. Damn [RAIN] calling in support from a god in the form of a cyclone. Bliddy hackers

  5. I have noticed Dave hasnt made an apperence in an video lately im wondering what happend to him

  6. Holy shit, I didn’t realize his name t33kanne (teekanne) means teapot, I thought it’s just some catchy punk name while watching KoTS, and I speak German

  7. Hmmm…sure I’ve seen that thumbnail before

  8. 341 motherf*king damage
    can i have you babies?

  9. John Halazonetis

    Actually, Jingles….

    T33kanne comes from the German word Teekanne, (very) roughly pronounced TAY-can-ay.

    It means ‘teapot’. As a Brit, I thought you’d appreciate a teapot.


    • Arthedain TheDarkbringer

      In Finnish, Teapot is “Teekannu”. Very similar as well.

    • That is not how a a german would pronounce “Teekanne” o.o

    • [muffled shotgun reload sound in the distance]

      But yes, as a German, thiswould probably the best we can imagine on how you would pronunce the word using ‘English’ syllables.

      On the other hand: Jingles, you mentioned Google translate. You could just have let it read the word out loud for you. This works for many languages. The only problem is to find the right one…

    • Jingles hates tea and drinks only coffee…

    • Rene Kaminski Actually if you imagine a northern-german (aka Fisch-Kopp) saying that with a very heavy accent it sounds like that 😀

  10. Initially calls the Hindenberg near B cap a Richelieu. Oh Jingles…XD

  11. 11:38 Best moment of this video

  12. 14:40
    I don’t know, Jingles, that doesn’t look like a Richeliu to me. It looks more…. I dunno… German?

  13. Kind of sad that the Yueyang went down without doing much of anything – I don’t think any of the pan-Asian destroyers have had a real showing on your channel yet.

  14. N1 T33kanne and DLuffy. Really enjoyable game to watch. Ofc also thx to Jingles commentary. 😉

  15. Saw this yesterday but without the commentary….totally missed that it was sent in from a RAIN clan member. That explains a lot of things. The power of good platoonmates can/will win matches. What an awesome game. Nice flamu meme! Congrats to RAIN clan on winning this years KOS tournament in dominating fashion.

  16. The Hindi was polite because he sunk a member of his own clan…

  17. Jingles is available for childrens parties? Wonder what his act is?
    “Ok children now divide yourself into shifts…I mean groups.”
    “Great. Now the first shif…group into the mine…into the funhouse!”

  18. Hey Jingles, thank you very much for the kind words in the beginning and for the amazing commenting. I was not expecting a video that quick. It was a good game indeed.

  19. I guess being champions gives you the ability to carry both hydro and def AA on Hindy xD

  20. Jingles, you have comedic gold here. @16:40 you make the joke about multiple 16″ packages in the air. You also have the joke about going full brown alert. Since the Montana is a US ship and the United Parcel Service (UPS) was founded before WWII (in 1907) and should have been around for this particular conflict, you should start using their old slogan from a few years back, “What can brown do for you.” It’s almost as good as Aquafina’s “Full of sp**k” ad slogan way back when.

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