World of Warships – Rainbow Glitter Farts

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No, the title isn’t clickbait. Well it is, it’s just not all clickbait.

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  1. I do like the Richelieu, but I’ll admit its an odd one. I like to kite with French BBs, since they have the speed for it, but that’s difficult to do in the Richy, so it needs to played differently.

    • i agree. french stuff is always somewhat different… a bit glas canony

    • Richelieu was my first T8 and I did not even grind it but I won it from containers with T7,T6&T5 so that was lucky , and I played few games on her I have my only solo warrior on that ship I earned that achivement in few first games on her , I did not even knew what solo warrior was , now 4 years later 22k battles in game I cant get secont solo warrion no matter what I do … I think I need to play Richelieu more 😉
      (BTW I would recomend Franch Battleship line for any new players , those are fast bbs , dont makee misstake going for US bbs )

  2. Just goes to show no matter how old you get, you will always be a child at heart. And sometimes in mind as well but let’s not worry about that.

  3. Make-A-Woosh-Foundation


    me: “oh what did the cat eat now…”

  4. I actually had a decent game in a Richie last night. Slightly more damage, slightly fewer kills, also had the CV “kill secured” by a cruiser. Survived as well, which doesn’t happen that often for me, but definitely not in this ship. I put it down to the enemy team always having something more interesting to shoot at and a great restraint at charging forward whilst yelling the Marseilles. I’m enjoying the french equivalent of sacrificing dissidents to the gulag but would point out that those aren’t overpenetrations – the shells penetrate just fine – they just do a gallic shrug and don’t explode as they’re on strike

    • “You are not worthy of my detonation, monsieur. I will instead pass through your hull while smoking an unfiltered Gauloises and smirking at you.”

  5. Change my mind? Challenge accepted. Jingles I would say the Richelieu is better than the Monarch and the Kansas. The Monarch is a damage pinata with anaemic guns and no super heal, and the Kansas is a tortoise with no shell and a reload measured in fortnights. At least the Richelieu is pretty good at bow-in tanking and is fast enough to reposition.

    • @Moritami Kamikara Despite you agreeing with me the logic of your argument is not compelling.

    • @chimpboy12345 If you can do that then you’re a better shot than me. Monarch AP has the worst pen of any tier 8 BB. It’s pretty good against cruisers since it overpens less than other BBs, but it just shatters against most BBs in my experience.

    • @anonymous person I’m not a better shot than anyone. I just stubbornly fire AP at things most people wouldn’t. Well, except fighting an angled vladivostok of course. I’m stubborn, but not stupid.

      If god wanted me to fire HE he would’ve made me a cruiser. 😉

    • @The Mighty Jingles don’t worry Jingles, so do most Americans…

    • @chimpboy12345 “Oh Suprise Butt sex”, Jingles favourite type lol

  6. I once ended up about 1.5 km face to face against a Jean Bart, while I was in my Richie as we both were coming around an island. Hilariously, he kept trying to rip open my superstructure, while I, with my first salvo, damaged one of his turrets. Then I damaged the other turret with my second salvo, and then destroyed both of his turrets with the 3rd salvo. I did this on purpose so I could turn on my engine boost and get to his side and just rip his citadel a few new holes.

    He was not happy about that chain of events, and made his displeasure VERY clear in chat.

    • Jean Bart guns are hilarious for knocking out.

      Had a ranked game yesterday where its me in JB vs 2 JBs and a yugamo.

      All I did was dodge torps and hit the guns, killed one JB, almost killed the other and tanked about 3 mil potential while doing it because they wanted superstructure hits and I was happy with breaking guns.

    • I had something like that happen to me while I was playing my Republique.. Was not fun having no turrets. xD Atleast I specced for secondaries and could still ram someone.

  7. I like the french BB line. Richie isn’t that bad but there were a lot of places in this battle where he should have switched to HE, and he’d of set fires and done more damage. Though my french BBs are set up for secondary builds, and that is the best way to play them, most as the battlecruisers that they are. At T9 they start acting more like BBs and I love my Republique.

    • They really don’t make good secondary ships though, most of their guns are so small they need IFHE to even deal any damage, and fires are not reliable for damage so without IFHE you are basically putting a lot of your ships damage on the chance you will get fires. Now at T6/7/9 they are very much shotguns so you basically need to get in close, but I still wouldn’t really say secondary builds are the way to go. Richelieu has 9 guns that can pen more than 17mm, Lyon only has 12 guns that can fire off each side, and they don’t exactly have a great pen or reload, and Normandie only has effectively 9 guns per side, with a stupidly slow reload. Alsace does get a fair few 100mm guns that fire off each side with a 3 second base reload, but they are still 100mm guns. Meaning try to rely on fires at 5% base fire chance, or cut that down to 2.5% with IFHE just to pen DDs and Battleship superstructure. Republique is really where the French can play around with secondary’s, but doing so you are wasting your great main guns, and you are still not going to do as well as a Ohio or Kurfurst/Preussen, and you won’t even come close to a Schlieffen.

      Not saying it can’t be fun, I used to have a secondary build for my main French Battleship captain before the commander rework, but moving away from it I’ve not seen any noticeable drop in damage output, if anything it’s gone up because I’m living longer, as my French captain now has a survival build.

      Also I do take issue with saying Alsace acts like a battleship, no it acts like a T6 dreadnaught at T9. Yes I hated that ship, no I didn’t get to play it before it got nerfed.

    • @Stephen White I’ve out brawled an FDG with my Alsace a couple of times, definately a wonderful ship.

  8. I know it doesn’t reflect well on me, but I like the ships with guns only on one end, cause I don’t have to make any decisions like “do I show some cheek to get my other gun(s) off?” It is simple point and click, and I like it.

  9. It has really Trolly guns, but remember it trolls the enemy half the time. Love the ship and do good in it. I don’t know why but I can’t play Jean Bart for the life of my.

  10. man, 3 seconds on the clock when that last torpedo hit. Not the closest game we’ve seen on this channel, but that’s pretty damn close.

  11. Cam’s Fishing Addiction

    7:30 in australia, just made dinner, nearly spat my dinner on my keyboard when you read his name out haha, cheers!

  12. 9:30 Jingles, pen damage, both AP and HE, can be healed by 50%. Only fire damage can potentially be healed 100%. Also, the protagonist did way less to planes than he could have, as he was not using the B-Hull (as evidenced by the low health pool).

  13. Jingles, both sides played well…..mostly. Fun to watch!

  14. “… sacrifice the required number of chickens to the ghost of Charles De Gaulle’s mistress.”

    There’s gotta be a crackin’ good story behind this rhetorical day trip into the weeds.

  15. Actually Jingles, the Richelieu CAN have a good AA, if you run B hull. He played with A hull. You can tell the difference by distinct lack of 40mm Bofors all aroud the ship and the turets amidships being 3x155mm instead of 2×2 100mm. Fully upgraded Richelieu will shred tier 6 aircrafts.

  16. I love hearing Jingles whine about aircraft carriers every single time he sees one… it brings joy to my heart.
    Especially as I play a LOT of carriers.

  17. “Put down the North Carolina for his second kill”
    Third, Uncle Jingles. Don’t ever change, it’s part of your charm

  18. “Go Go Gadget secondaries!” is the best Jingles line of the month for me.

  19. Enemy Helena should’ve kept sailing around Rainbow’s broadside instead of doubling back. If they got 6in AP shells into the broadside of Rainbow, the Helena could’ve easily chunked Rainbow down to nothing in seconds.

  20. One of my easier grinds was going up the French BB’s line, I did played a lot with the “Richie”, and I remember liking it a lot, I do like the battlecruiser style of gaming so, the entire french line, being fast and agile, fit me quite well… Also all those BC’s hiding in the battleship lines in other nations were also fun, including the premiun Scharnhorst, but not so much the british BC hms Hood, I just can´t get it to make it fun

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