World of Warships – Ramming Speed!

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Ramming speed – A reference from Ben-Hur (1959), as the galley captain urged the slaves to row their fastest. When he did, the galley drummer increased tempo, and the soundtrack intensified. If it’s good enough for Ben Hur, it’s good enough for us!

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  1. *_The galley slaves row hard, not knowing their fate_*

  2. as soon as i saw the title i knew it was gonna be good

  3. I hear Rita in the background in the beginning this time! I hope everyone has a nice day, and happy gaming to everyone.

  4. Finally!! First in this time to enjoy Jingles content before anyone else! Looking forward to get another Captain Jingles to put on my Hood, he’ll go well with his twin on my HMS Warspite.

  5. “This is getting out of hand! Now, there are two of them”

  6. oh mighty one a lesser minion has misplaced the latest elite video into the tank playlist

  7. SouthTexasPrepper

    Everytime I hear the phrase “Ramming Speed,” I think of the movie “Ben Hur” (1959). Great Movie!!!!

  8. “Prepare for ramming speed!”
    “No no no ramming speed to slow! Yes were going to have to go right to….Ludicrous Speed!”

    • @Tracytron a play on a scene in spaceballs where they parodize star wars lightspeed. Best scene in the movie btw is the one where big helmet realizes he is surrounded by assholes ( as in a family name lol ). This is closely followed by “I am your fathers brothers cousins former roomate”….yes they went there, the entire movie went to that place^^

      Edit; also one of the few movie uploads to youtube that haven’t been purged yet ironically. Probably because you need to be in on mel brooks to even know about it so the search algortim don’t exactly see it come up.

    • @Solus The payoff for the “father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate.” is the follow up; “What does that make us? – Absolutely nothing. Which is what you are about to become.”. It actually ends up kind of badass(for this movie’s standards).

      Anyway, awesome movie.

    • Evilmike42 Ah ok, thanks! ^^


    • @Kemal Kautsar raspery jam there is only one man who would dare to do such a thing to me..( or was it strawberry? kind of forgot )

  9. Since i have a Captain Jingles, my life has changed. I’ve had a pay rise, i’ve been accepted to the Lions club, and women in lust throw themselves at me in the streets (elsewhere too).

  10. My jingles is aboard HMS Vanguard. A questionable captain on a questionable premium a match made in heaven!

  11. A single flood in wows legends is equal to 3 fires. There’s an achievement on Xbox the called overflow, destroy a enemy ship with flooding that is more than 50% health. You can do that on a single flood

  12. I really don’t get the concept “I don’t like coop so coop battles are useless and should be cancelled”.
    You don’t like them, you don’t play them. Period. Another example of people putting their mouth in others things.

    And just to be clear, I play coop only when I’m having problems knocking out some mission and time Is running short.

  13. I have played 3 Random Battles, all of which was spent stressed and berated for lack of knowing the maps, the strats and the Expectations. While I was only berated by one person, the offender went as far as to try to add me to steam and continue there. I SMH, decided that perhaps, I should just enjoy my co-op time. Keep in mind, I also have optic neuritis, and am partially blind in my right eye, the blind spot occupies the minimap. still love the gameplay. Cheers Lads n Lasses. /Salute Jingles.

    • Unfortunately toxic players who take games way to seriously are a part of multiplayer games today, continue having fun and if you try again I wish you good luck 🍀🤞

    • Kinda the same with me i used to play both WOT and WOWS,
      even tho they have mechanical problems within the game
      which made me stop playing it wasnt the only reason i stopped.
      the insults and berating so vile/mean/evil/cruel/toxic it should be considered a toxic waste dump,
      is what made me stop. and that fact this came from a “high status streamer in the wows community and his chat”
      is just the cherry on top. even tho im sure he didnt mean anything bad by the “advise” he gave.
      he just came across as mean, disrespectful, arrogant and not understanding towards ppl who isnt in the same skill bracket as him.
      and for anyone curious enough to who that is.
      Since i am the way i am i dont give two shits about Naming and Shaming.
      its Flambass.

    • Yeah whenever someone says anything remotely annoying in chats, even if its not directed at me I just block them. Dont care what they have to say, its just distracting me from the game.

    • You should try to see if there is a mod to change the minimap place and replace the chat by the map.

  14. when you were talking about the bots at low tier, you forgot the primary contender: SEA. This server (which i am unfortunate enough to have to play on) has the smallest server population and it’s known in WoT as that one server that has the bots
    also another major reason as to why people play coop battles is (especially in SEA) the low server population simply means it takes far too long to find a match in a regular battle

  15. So you’re telling me that Spitfires fly over your house on a regular basis? 14:10

  16. Oh my god! I put you on the Exeter 🙈
    Still “jolly good show” and a “slim chance we might actualy win this…” 🤣

  17. Sounds like jingles only plays coop battle

  18. Thanks for explanation on colon. I feel colonized now. Back to salt mine.

  19. Sorry Jingles, you’re captain of my Goliath and you’re constantly informing me that I’ve sunk an allied submarine!

  20. i’m buying a computer just so that i can get wows so that i can get the mighty jingle captain

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