World Of Warships – Random Acts Of Ownage #10 – British Cruisers Special

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Hi there! I know, I know, what the hell have I been doing these last few weeks… Well, I’ve been working on some big projects, and took a break from Youtube, BUT I’m back, and I have a surprise for you right here, so enjoy the tenth iteration of the Random Acts Of Ownage serie, this time featuring the Royal Navy Cruisers!


  1. Sweet mother of Frank hes alive

  2. 24 minutes…really? I have to go to work in 10

  3. awesome video and editing, got me laughing all the way through. Keep up the awesome work!

  4. Glad to see you back, mate. Top quality as always. I laughed so hard that I spat bagel all over my desk o_0

  5. I love how you…handled..all of that.

  6. BIA World of Warships

    Robin!!! Glad to have you back, always ready to watch at a moment notice!

  7. Akshay Manjarekar

    This compilation was probably the best one yet!! I love the RN cruisers and it’s good to see you wrecking face in them like no tomorrow!! Great video as always!!

  8. Saw you last night in the triple khaba division 🙂

  9. a man once said that the only thing that can kill a tank is another tank. But in world of warships the only thing can kill a British light cruiser is another British light cruiser.

  10. RNGesus man, he gives and he takes

  11. ExceptionalEthan

    Yessss more like this please! It was perfectly balanced between funny and epic moments, keep up the good work

  12. Handled

    how many games have you played to create all this? there has been about 10-15 games into the video, there must be at least 50 guess, maybe more? i just always fail playing cruisers and can’t imagine that every game is as awesome as this szenes show^^ i.e. u got the flags right in he beginning once, i guess there are a few lowdmg rounds too?
    do you maybe have some tipps? just what is a good angle? 30° 60° 74.9735°?

  13. Welcome back, but but but f@king wooow man, that intro,

  14. OldSchool Gaming

    Another great video Bud! How long did this one take to make? Just curious!

  15. TeamAmickRocketry

    ALWAYS FUNNY and ENTERTAINING!!! Greatness!!! 😀

  16. Do not sing again. Please.


  17. LOL James Blunt style ownage XD

  18. AH I had a question, what’s the music when the minotaur plays ? This is awesome !

  19. Good video, could have been great but it’s about the cancer boats.

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