World Of Warships – Random Acts Of Ownage #11 – German Warships Special [Episode 2]

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The wait was long and unbearable… the editing was a pain in the arse… but these 32 mins your life, I promise I will not waste!
This is RAoO#11, edition, Episode 2.


  1. Great stuff as always

  2. getting more savage Robin

  3. god damn i love your vids, pls never stop making them

  4. Best WOWs vids on YouTube.

  5. Kiệt Trịnh Tuấn

    Holy shit the series are back. Great video Robin!

  6. detonation, best thing ever, I get reckt so often, that I have 300 games of not detonating stored in deto flags, = money spent, I now run them EVERY GAME

  7. Great stuff (2) 😀 Long time no see, my friend.

  8. yuro 2.0? 😀

  9. BIA World of Warships

    A few comments:

    1. Nice to see you again 😀
    2. What kind of hax do you have to get that dispersion on the Scharn? The amount of citadels was amazing
    3. That Khebab kill to end it was totally legit 😀
    4. Thanks again for the shout out in your last video; our sub count jumped up and we got a few of your fellows to check out stuff out. I can only be eternally grateful for that.
    5. Nice video 😀


  10. Wasn’t Hindeburg patched to be near impossible to detonate these days?

  11. Kolopomo Kolopomo

    Sims ftw

  12. Lews Therin Talamon

    (Nothing happens here, I just don’t have time to watch all 30min)

  13. great as usual,hope your job is ok .how bout some French cruisers when you get time ,welcome back

  14. Niceeeeeeeeeeeeee

  15. …announces he will be reducing his efforts followed immediately by the best WOWs video of 2017!

  16. Great editing man, would have been better if the text was German flag coloured instead of yellow XD

  17. Oh, German ships, they are SO beautiful!

  18. Great entertaining video with wonderful editing. Thx dude!

  19. Your videos never stop being funny

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