World Of Warships – Random Encounters #4 [H.A.N.D.L.E.D]

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Oh boi here we go again…
Enjoy 😉


  1. Ok ok your videos are classy and clean and I love that. Almost spit out my morming coffee with the new “dirty vid”… and touché I liked it!
    Was this game part of your 12 hours twitch stream?
    Please, keep them coming.

  2. ( º﹃º )

    I just-

    I don’t



  3. I really love MM ,probably after 2 am?
    Great video keep them coming ?????
    “You arrogant a-hole ”
    That’s love ????
    And by the way i think this is the best game ever, enjoyed and watched , and i have seen a lot of videos about this game

  4. Please please please send to jingles? Please

  5. Operational Tactics

    Great! Good gaming and fun video 🙂

  6. Don’t mess with the French
    Handled x6

  7. WTF… this enemy team ? a little lucky but well played too!

    Fiji is – if played correctly – by far one of the strongest ships in game. And one of my favorites…!

  8. No… this isnt real… please tell me this didnt happen!?? Fiji OP …Please nerf

  9. BIA World of Warships


  10. Thats how you Fiji.

  11. That was probably your best video yet 😀 Keep up the good work sir

  12. Well done! Greets from WGP2W.

  13. That was *A*W*E*S*O*M*E*! (please note the sparkles)

  14. #handled
    Robin knows da wae
    (slightly dissapointed that there is no slowmo Robin-voice going “Handled” :p)

  15. Next level shit dude!

  16. Just a bit disapointed u didnt kill them all tbh ????

  17. Jingles sent me here, well I have to say dude I’m subscribing right now

  18. song pls 🙂

  19. That was fucking great. And the editing is out of this world!

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