World of Warships – RANDOM teamwork FTW

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There is nothing a bit of teamwork and good play can’t beat.
Fighting for each other is how you win games, not fighting for yourself.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. first

  2. Props to your fans in the carrier and the stalingrad for supporting you

  3. problem is tha when carriers only help the team, they usually don’t stack too much dmg and come low on the scoreboard, which means less xp etc. WG would have to change the setup of the aircraft roles, eg. planes can go in attack mode against other planes instead of using a fighter consumable. (player takes direct control of planes and uses their guns to shoot down other planes)

  4. The Carlsson Life

    Venom really helped out, nice dude.

  5. Only a dead DD is good DD.

  6. アドミラルヒッパー


  7. Der auf alles Scheisser

    I am glad to see that flambass turned in to a good player under my tutelage. I taught you everything I could and now fly yourself my little eagle.

  8. Random Teamwork? What? What does random teamwork mean?

  9. The opening sigh has become Han’s intro music…

  10. what is that sound when someone subscribed ?

  11. Gotta appreciate the kill stealer on your team. You didn’t get much help with the Vanguard or Atago outside of the carrier. But you can see rounds come in on both the Vanguard and Atago when they are one shots trying to steal the kills.

  12. You smoked me in a CV yesterday! Ruined the paint on my Massachusetts. Disco_Inferno

  13. This game’s lineup perfectly illustrates why I stopped playing DDs altogether.
    Amazing job, of course, nonetheless! And the good guy carrier really saves your arse on multiple occasions.

  14. Flambass what would you recommend for a build on a Z-46/-52 for the captain and mods?

  15. “No way to tell which way the Atago is going” – has RL and unused hydro 😐

  16. really good play by the carrier!

  17. Robert Pettigrew

    I just can not get the run away and loose the game mentality of some players? Is it a hold over from WOT players where surviving made a difference in xp and repairs?

  18. what kills the planes at 10:21 ?

  19. Flambas, random teamwork videos are what I live for. Blow up your expectations before your first enemy pops up.

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