World of Warships – Randoms // USS Ohio / “With RNG, all things are possible”

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World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. Slava still has the stupid “accuracy is best at long range” thing doesn’t it? Even though deadeye captain skill is gone.

    • Yes, though I don’t think it’s restricted to long range. Slava has superior accuracy, in exchange for losing the Kremlin’s survivability (the plating, deck, etc. are much thinner). It’s not a tanky ship – you are supposed to play it from the back.

      I don’t think this is good design – but it’s what WG did.

    • PointyHairedJedi

      Yeah, that’s true, I didn’t have that in mind when I was recording.

  2. Thomas Bernecky

    Nice Kraken HomieWidDaBoat, thanks Jedi. If I ever do get into Research Bureau, the Ohio is the ship I’d want. before that I should probably get my one of my captains’ skills above 16 though?

  3. another one bragging in game chat,
    that is really unnecessary IMHO
    Sure he did well,
    but patting yourself on the back seems a bit “Hey look at me”

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